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nice, very nice11/17/2011 11:27:43 PM

Pros: pretty darn quiet for amount of air it's moving, I have 2 on the front panel of my xclio nighthawk color and the fans I hear are xclio' ambient temp for the entire case is running 23c with the case maxed out but before changing the stock panel fans to these I ran 34c so a nice change that equates to better air movement

Cons: none really, it does what it does and so I can't complain

Overall Review: the mounting bracket could be slimmer, the stock xclio's fit with room to spare against my corsair h50 but these are rubbing, there is room for the design to be slimmed down and still get great airflow so I hope the manufacturer is paying attention because I would like more of these fans, also how about a 256 color version of this fan :-)

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Woiuld buy again11/5/2011 3:13:11 AM

Pros: Upgrading from the 890fxa-gd70 to this. I can't complain because as always MSI has given me a solid product to work with. Its very nice for overclocking, runs at decent temps...I'm idle at 27C and 36C under load with a 960T processor and corsair H50 cooler...Very Nice indeed. Nice change-up to all SataIII ports instead of fooling around with 6 main ports and a 7th crammed in on the board. Lots of software to accompany the board if your into that sort of thing. Everything is running smooth and fast. I overclock manually but the option to use the Genie is a plus

Cons: USB3.0 port is very nice as well, however wouldve been better if I could've just plugged in my front ports to the board vs running them to the back and plugging into an adaptor that plugs to the board MSI==yeah I know your reading. Bios is a mess---Why the change, do we really need to point and click, after all its a bios and have we gotten that lazy that we need to point and click to set the bios

Overall Review: MSI - fix the bios, how long do we have to wait before the bios is right the first time around, I'd would've fired the programmer long ago that's wrting this mess of a bios for these high end boards that's for sure ( but hey it's only the company reputation that's on the line )!! - catch up with competitors and make it so my 2133 memory which the boards have supported since the 890fxa can be done through the ratio setting in the bios vs waiting for AMD to catch up with their memory controller (how hard can it be, that's why you pay your programmers isn't it) and build an adaptor for front side USB3.0 that can plug-in to my pci-e x1 slot so my cables can stay routed inside the box

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good stuff11/5/2011 3:12:57 AM

Pros: does it I've used yet, a little went a very long ways. Feels silky to the touch spread kinda stiff but covered well. Temps are very good. Using a msi 990fxa-gd80 board and AMD 960T processor w corsair H50 cooler and hitting 36C under medium load 27C idle

Cons: non can't complain

Overall Review: no other thoughts it's just a grease

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awesome!!!!!!!5/2/2011 8:16:04 PM

Pros: sleek, well built, stylish and does the job and does it good. I couldn't be happier. It defaults to 1333 but you have to set your bios to get higher speeds. I still haven't gotten to the 2133 yet but that's my fault not the memory's...the x.m.p support shows it capable of it but my MSI 890fxa-gd70 only gives me a ratio of 1:4 which puts my memory at 1600 and I just haven't gotten the overclocking figured out yet to achieve 2133. I bought 2 4mb kits and not a hickup yet. I'd buy this stuff all day long and highly recommend it even though I haven't gotten to the advertised 2133 it's not because the memory won't do it, it's because the user hasn't put enough time into getting it there. Of all the HyperX modules I've bought for builds and my own machines, this is by far my favorite. It times well and runs my machine smooth and fast....took me from a firebird to a vette with a swap of memory..even if I never see the 2133 the fact is this stuff runs circles around the 1333 I did have!

Cons: none, I'm perfectly happy and content with this memory..thanks Kingston for another great product

Overall Review: My Build: NZXT M59 Mid Gaming Tower Kingwin Lazer 1000watt PSU MSI 890FXA-GD70 Motherboard 8GB Kingston HyperX Grey 2133 w/ memory cooler AMD Phenom IIx2 555BE unlocked to x4 clocked to 4.3 Corsair H50 Cooler Onboard LAN Onboard Optical Sound MSI Radeon 5870x2 crossfire - outstanding Lite-On iHAS424 DVD-RW Corsair Force120 SSD Seagate 500GB Secondary Drive Case Maxed Out in Blue LED Fans Additions coming: True Liquid Cooling 2x MSI Radeon 5870 Video Cards for 4-way crossfire AMD 960T Processor Found some in Europe OEM Lite-On Blue-Ray Burner OCZ RevoDrive PCI-E SSD 120GB Asus Xonar Essence ST 24Bit 192KHz Sound Card Custom Interior Powder Coat in Pearl White to set it off

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great value / great memory3/24/2011 11:36:01 PM

Pros: I bought this memory for a budget build, I always stick with kingston unless a customer requests differently. I prefer HyperX over regular memory but this stuff is great. It has far exceeded my expectations. It's rated at 667MHz but I forgot this fact and set the bios for 800MHz upon doing the build and it's ran at that speed since with no hickups or glitches. Everything about my experience with this memory has been a pro :-)

Cons: NONE!!!!!

Overall Review: I love my Kingston products, I've converted more my share of people to Kingston and I know system builders all have their favorites, but I have to persist that Kingston is worth every penny, I've never had a bad stick to date in over 12 years of building. I know that for the most part Kingston costs more than others but you can get great deals from Newegg if you keep watch and that's when I stock up but even when they aren't having sales on Kingston I don't hesitate to spend the money because I know it's backed by quality.

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honestly??3/24/2011 9:50:04 PM

Pros: it does it's job as a case, roomy but plain, nice looking case once complete meaning with the side panel window the system I put into it looks nice

Cons: really not enough ventalation for a high end system, I have a P4, maxed out on fans and a high end processor fan on the P4 for my daughter and the air coming out of the exhaust fan is extremely warm in comparison to the other P4 systems using different cases for my other 2 kids. Exterior case parts are loose fitting, I constantly have to fight with the 5 1/4 bay covers falling out, only they don't fall outwards but rather inwards meaning taking off the side panel to retrieve them and put them back in ever so carefully so they don't fall in right away again. My experience with this case considering it comes from what I consider a great manufactuer of computer parts keeps me from trying other cases from them. It just doesn't give me a feeling of quality when I deal with this case :-(

Overall Review: I ordered a red case, box was marked red but got an orange one upon opening. Front panel was cracked and I/O component was not in place, took cover off, put I/O component back in but mounts were broken so my daughter has to be careful plugging in USB devices not to push it back out again, I fixed the crack with some super glue and you can't notice the crack. Box was crushed when received and I had a bad feeling something would be wrong but didn't expect not only broken parts but orange vs. red like ordered. I would have RMA'd this had my daughter not been in such a hurry to get her first system and she doesn't mind the wrong color and cracked front panel and I/O problem. I changed the fans all to purple LED's for her and it looks great with the orange panel and really makes the interior parts pop and considering building more systems using purple LED fans

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The Best :-)2/21/2011 2:27:21 PM

Pros: I've been building for 12 years, A+ certified, blah blah blah, I've been loyal to MSI for 12 years, built servers on desktop boards that have taken 1 million uniques a month with no hickups and so forth, when I decided to buy this board for my own system I had high expectations and this board exceeded those expectations. It's an overclockers dream, it's fast, it's stable, it supports every am3 there is, it has more than enough onboard hookups than you need and then they send along a pci slot high speed usb port with 2 more hookups and a pci firewire hookup as well. If you want the best of the best when it comes to a gaming board or for benching overclocks don't waste your money on a name, buy this board, in 12 years MSI has never let me down, I've never had a board returned to me from a customer. The people on this review board that complain about MSI, I really have to question what is going on, maybe they are overvolting the board and then blaming MSI when they screw up.

Cons: not one single con

Overall Review: to finish my above statement, I think alot of people think they know what they are doing but really don't because if in 12 years using nothing but MSI I haven't had a customer complaint or return that says alot and if MSI had as many bad boards as people claim on this review board they wouldn't be able to afford to stay in business with the amount of RMA's it would take to keep up so that says something to. MSI is a solid company, they sell a solid product designed by competent engineers. I bet you all didn't know either that all these companies have their boards built by Foxconn did you. The engineers design the boards and send the blueprints to Foxconn and have them built. I didn't know this either until recently when I was watching a tech video and they made this point. But back to my main point, unless the board actually goes up in smoke then most likely it's something other than the board causing the problem and proper trouble shooting would save alot of RMA's

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a great board1/26/2011 6:27:06 PM

Pros: its a great board, I don't know what other people's problems are with MSI boards but I've been using nothing but MSI for 10 years now for all my own builds and customer builds. I've yet to have a customer return a dead board or have one of my own die. I've never gotten a doa board either. I've even used plain jane desktop boards to run web servers doing graphic intensive serving up to 100,000 uniques per week with no troubles. This board is great for a mid range htpc build, I running one now as a test board for unlocking processors and it's been great for that. I have absolutely no fear of building a customer build with MSI boards and giving them a 3 year warranty to boot which means for 2 years of that warranty it's out of my own pocket if a board dies but I've never had to do that yet. Don't be afraid of this board people, the onboard video is a good chip, mid level, great for movies, internet tv, dvd's, blu-ray and some decent gaming on lower settings.

Cons: None, other than it could use a couple more fan headers

Overall Review: I bought this from Newegg as an open box so apparently somebody wasn't happy with their board or thought it was dead and rma'd it and I got a nice price break to buy it. It runs great and pushing a 2.8GHz kuma currently at 3.2GHz. A pointer though as I see some people had video troubles, with ATI when you update drivers you have to unistall the old package completely, drivers, Catalyst Control Center and ATI catalyst install manager and restart then install the new driver package if you don't want any bugs or problems whcih I'm sure most of you know but there are less technical knowlegeable people who read this stuff and may not know this so just some friendly advice is all. MSI rules and all I use :-)

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my little race car1/25/2011 2:54:54 PM

Pros: This is one fast chip. I'm using a MSI 785GT-E63 board, Kingston DDR2 1066 T1 Hyperx Mem, Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev2 processor fan, 1.5 volts, and hitting 4.2GHz stable and on top of that I flashed the bios back to the original release bios which gave me EC Firmware option and set to special and ACC to auto and unlocked the 2 xtra cores. Now I didn't buy from Newegg this time but that was because opportunity knocked, I was bored and wanted a project, so instead of waiting on shipping I bought from a competitor, however, this now will have me buying more of these from newegg. I did have it at 4.3 for awhile but prime95 crashed it after about 20 minutes of running on the prime number server. I've ordered a Xigmatek all in one liquid cooling system which I hope will fix the crashing at higher clocks. I would recommend this processor to anyone looking to buy from newegg.

Cons: not a single con....way to go AMD....and please don't start making it harder on us to unlock cores...there are people like me that are buying processors not because I need them but because it's the challenge of which batch and stepping will unlock from various chips....that's good for the pocket book on your part and fun for us enthusiasts, not saying to make every processor with extra cores to unlock, just don't change the current routine...thrill of the hunt type thing

Overall Review: I do this purely as a hobby, I'm a 100% disabled veteran who needs something to do so I started buying different processors of all classes and building a database of batches and steppings for which processors unlocked and which didn't. At some point it will be large enough and well enough built to put out on a website for others to use so they can enjoy the hunt of finding the processors that unlock and no it's not board specific, as long as you have a 710 - 850 southbridge and ACC on your board you have the chance to unlock cores. I generally buy 2 or 3 processors a month to play with, I pass them down to friends and family when I'm done or do a build and sell a machine to fund more purchases. Some people fish, others hunt, I unlock and overclock :-)

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Excellent Board A++1/22/2011 7:16:01 PM

Pros: 4 GIG DDR2 667 memory but because this board allows me to overclock via the CPU FSB Frequency I run kingston hyperx 800MHz with 4-4-4-12 timings and a Prescott 3.0EGHz P4 processor and I'm hitting 3.45 with very little effort. Board allows you to up the Dram Voltage in increments and the 5v by low medium high or very high settings just make sure you get the latest bios....I ordered 2 of these boards a week apart, 1 had an older bios on it and it was difficult to overclock and set timings but the one with the latest bios was a piece of cake. I use these boards because I love P4's for one, socket 478's are cheeeeeap to buy if you know where to shop, I pd all of 12.99 for my prescott and 14.99 for a 3GHz Northwood which overclocks just a tad better for some reason, add the fact that it supports the latest in the HD5000 series Radeons and the 400 series Nvidia's and you can't ask for more...also can jumper set the FSB on the board. Great way to keep a great processor in service

Cons: none that I can think of

Overall Review: My kids don't need much, they mostly social website and game and of the games they play the P4 handles it just fine....Got a HD5770 Hawk on one and a Cyclone GTS450 Fermi on the other and the hawk is 60FPS in WOW and the Fermi is 40-50FPS so I wouldn't say there is much bottlenecking if any going on and Dirt2 which says to use a dual core runs just fine..attribute it to the hyperthreading simulating a second core is why I'm pretty sure but if you want or need a cheap way to keep your kids happy or for a htpc setup, etc, this board gives you plenty to work with....I built 2 basically high end P4 machines with modern memory and video for what 1 dual core would have cost don't always need the biggest and the baddest on the block to get the job done, just the right tools and even though it only supports 4gig of ddr2 667 I use 800MHz because of the CPU FSB overclocking and once I got it set I'm just shy of actually running the memory at the 800MHz it's designed for anyways :-)

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Its a case1/19/2011 9:28:13 PM

Pros: what can I say, its a case, it does what it's meant to do, plenty of room for a matx, a full size board might get tight, plenty of room for a hd5770 radeon which is a plus but I personally like a case with a little more class to the look but this was used to move my boy's system over to from a basic cheapy and he loves it, plenty of cooling with room for 5 fans and venting for the bottom mount psu...I can't complain, just not facy enough for me to use on a htpc setup but if quality plain jane is what your after thumbs up....5 eggs because it's all that was advertised, no tool mounting as well, all in all a good case.

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: I'd buy again if a customer wanted a budget build with a bit of style over the cheapy cases that are available

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a little beast1/19/2011 7:55:40 PM

Pros: does everything and then some. overclocked to 3.4 with a simple voltage adjustment to 1.4 a little leary of running my voltage that high but it seems to like it, price is right considering my intel e6600 I can't push past 3.3 without problems no matter what I try...all in all a great processor at a great price...I bought 3 of these and all overclock well except wont do more than 3.1 but it's out of a new stepping batch JAARB AA

Cons: cant get the xtra cores to unlock of the 3 two are of the new stepping JAARB AA whether this is a refurb code or a new batch stepping I can't verify yet but these 2 were harder to overclock, the JAAA AA went to 3.4 with a simple voltage guess is they are refurbs that AMD cut the cores to keep us from unlocking cores and the JAAA AA does want to unlock but blue screens as soon as it enters windows..I get a hardware change error message during boot and to install my windows 7 disk

Overall Review: I can't complain, I knew going into this was a 50/50 chance on cores, bought these for budget builds anyways and just hoped one would unlock...2 go to 3.2 with very lttle effort, and the older stepping, 3.4 with some more juice so again no complaints and very happy with the price, service and delivery other than I think newegg needs to crack down on UPS a bit....3 days ground means 3 days ground not 5 or 6 like its been..seems once they leave newegg UPS does what it wants which reflects upon newegg for not following up on their choice of carrier!! :-(

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handy little tool1/18/2011 11:10:02 PM

Pros: was free with kingston hyperx order, got 3 total, I needed one as I hosed a bios flash on one of my radeons and needed a bootable flash drive to fix it, took all of 5 secs after setting up this little drive to boot and adding proper tools to it to fix the bios. Everyone should have one of these around just in case

Cons: none

Overall Review: thanks newegg and kingston for the free flash drive

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Love It1/8/2011 3:58:47 AM

Pros: Easy installation of all parts, plenty of room = great cooling not to mention 5 fans plus ventalation for the bottom mounted PSU, cable routing and tie downs = neat, clean build and with the blue led fans, smoked side window, and exterior blue led light bar it fits in nicely with my home theater setup - will be buying more of these for my customer builds for sure

Cons: ummm doesn't include the NZXT LED fan controller with the case :-)

Overall Review: love it, love it, love it, way to go NZXT

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its a winner11/10/2010 11:25:50 AM

Pros: everything about this board to me personally is a pro, socket 478 processors with modern technology wrapped around it. Nice to see a manufacturer that hasn't forgotten that some of us still like to play with our 478 processors. Works like a charm, easy setup, clean layout, looks nice in a clear panel case. I recommend this board for anyone that is looking to keep a socket 478 in use but need or want the ability to do modern upgrades

Cons: haven't found a con yet other than I guess I wish there were more bios features for playing with aside from the little bit you get from the Northbridge settings, maybe biostar could do something about that with a bios flash to open this board up to its full potential. Knowing there is more under the hood than I'm getting access to is frustrating

Overall Review: this all started because I have 3 kids that needed systems but really don't do much more than facebook all day one of them games quite heavy. Because of that I decided to use the P4's laying around, just needed a board that would let me do ddr2 and pcie for video if I was going to build them. Took a leap on this board and glad I did, kid's are thrilled to have their own systems and I regained use of my system. The kid of mine that likes to game says he'd rather game on the system I just built him instead of his xbox 360 now.

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