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Excellent Game9/11/2014 4:39:30 PM

Pros: I still love AC Brotherhood the best but AC4 really was incredibly well done. The story line and settings are fantastic. You live the life of a pirate properly and travel from island to island with many missions for lots of gameplay hours. As with all the AC series, you are getting actual historical accuracy and I read an article in Smithsonian Magazine where one of the top experts on the pirate age and Blackbeard consulted on this game. The missions are fun and very challenging and you have a variety of them from naval missions to assassinations to main storyline missions. The underwater missions are very frustrating but really cool.

Cons: The legendary ships are way too hard and I only got one of them using a cheat I saw on youtube. There was a real lack of community challenges for a while and you need them to gain certain items in the captains cabin. Occasionally some glitching and the game froze. You can get out of some faults by fast traveling to another location.

Overall Review: I can't believe there are so few reviews for this game. I guess everyone is busy playing it. I would suggest upgrading your ship with wartime features (not sails and ornate wheels) before you go too far into the story progress. Also there are a lot of tricks to do in order to get 100% synchronization so I would look up on Youtube for those.

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It's Different12/19/2012 12:56:58 AM

Pros: The strengths in my opinion are the new scenery and new things that you can do like the active block and notice of impending strike. The scenery is beautiful at times and a nice change from the European setup. Climbing through trees and using the rope dart are neat. The snowy terrain is interesting but also a pain to run through.

Cons: The story is pretty boring and I can't get into it. It just doesn't flow too well and you aren't too eager to find out what is next. I found myself hitting the "skip cinematic" a lot throughout it. The puzzles are interesting but still don't compare to AC2 or AC Brotherhood. You also can't really call in all of the assassin's at once which I really liked in the last 3 versions. You can just whistle and they will "help you". I also miss the elaborate assassin's shrine adventures that you had to get with AC2 and Brotherhood. Plus you can't really build yourself up in this game with armor or added features, just maps. Also they keep changing Desmond's looks to match the assassin and that is just stupid. In this one he looks like some weird animal with big ears and nose and this lanky awkward posture.

Overall Review: I have to strongly disagree with the other reviewer that says this is better than AC2 or Brotherhood. It is still worthy of buying or at least renting because AC is a fun interface. If you have never played the AC series before then definitely buy AC2 and Brotherhood. Brotherhood is by far the best that this series has ever offered.

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Worth Buying11/30/2011 4:36:14 PM

Pros: This is a great game that really grows on you. I played this and then went back to play the original Assassin's Creed and Assassin's 2 was much better. There are a lot of missions to complete, the graphics are great and the story is a real good one. You have a nice selection of weapons and the fight scenes are fun. There are puzzles in various parts of the game that are fun too.

Cons: The story scenes are quite drawn out and really take up a significant amount of time. There is an out for that though, you just need to play without the story which is an option. The story is pretty cool though so if you have time and patience then I would play in story mode. The controls are pretty difficult to work and that can be maddening at times when you have to get away or climb a building. There is no real dedicated jump button so you have to hit two buttons to jump (R1 and X) which can be a pain.

Overall Review: Definitely a vast improvement from its predecessor Assassin's 1. Make sure to get all of the viewpoints, feathers, missions, statuettes, puzzles in each city. There are cheats to find them using a web search and if you don't do that you could take weeks to get everything.

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Good buy6/3/2011 10:49:47 PM

Pros: Not much to this one but don't be fooled by the simplicity of the product. A monitor stand should be sturdy and wide enough and adjustable to the height that you want it. I bought this stand on another site but my review applies. It is sturdy, looks attractive, is wide enough to fit my 24 inch LCD monitor. It comes with a few adjustable legs which get it to the height that I need it. The stand souls are rubber which don't scratch your desktop. Plus $22 is a good price.

Cons: None. This works very well for its simple purpose of raising your monitor more in-line with eye level and easing the strain on your eyes and back. Ergonomics.

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The INK might be a deal breaker5/21/2011 1:51:29 AM

Pros: Wow only $80 on Newegg? I could have saved $30 if I had waited a few months. I bought this on another online site and have been using it for about 4 months. The pros are. - Wireless is great and easy to setup. - The scanner is great and easy to use with a either an SD card slot or an USB that you can scan directly to which is great. - It looks really nice and slick. - The photos and quality is real good.

Cons: Okay here are the cons and the big one the cost of INK. This printer eats ink at an incredible rate. I used it for light to moderate use and the ink supply lasted me about a month. I don't know where HP gets their statistics on how many documents it can print, but I only printed up about 11 DVD labels and 3 or 4 regular pages and the thing ran out of ink. The ink is also between $50 and $100 depending on the quantity of the cartridge that you are getting. There is a regular 564 cartridge and a 564XL cartridge that cost almost double but supposedly holds twice the amount. Every time you print, the printer goes into a mode where it cleans its printhead and that wastes ink. I would not recommend this printer based on the ink use. I really wanted to love this printer but so much ink so quickly.

Overall Review: I figured out how to refill the ink cartridges with replacement ink that I bought online. I can refill my cartridges 5 times at 1/10th the cost that HP charges for its cartridges, what's up with that? I don't know how long the printer will allow me to use replacement ink and HP will claim that you void your warranty when you don't use official HP ink cartridges. I would not recommend this printer because of the ink use and cost. You will spend 5 or 6 times the cost of the printer in ink a year. It is a real shame because I have an older HP that I can print a whole year with heavy use without using up all of the ink.

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Might Want To Test It Out First12/28/2010 2:04:44 AM

Pros: It is nice looking and has a bunch of features like night shooting.

Cons: The pictures seem blurry for a 12 Meg camera and it is either a fault in the design or the unit I have is bad. The camera doesn't seem to be able to focus anything over 6 or so feet. So if you take a close-up picture of someone they will usually turn out very crisp but the background is very blurry. If they move back further then they will get blurrier as well.

Overall Review: I have owned about 4 or 5 Canons in the past and have always loved their features and picture quality. This came as a surprise to me because I am not happy at all. I am hoping that it is just something wrong with the camera and not the design. I have read other poor reviews for this camera though so I am not sure. Beware.

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It's hot hot hot11/5/2009 4:14:25 PM

Pros: Displays something for a few minutes.

Cons: I installed this card in the PCI slot of my Gigabyte motherboard and the system would not launch windows. It just would keep rebooting. Probably a problem with the BIOS. Even if it was working, the card gets extremely hot doing just basic display. There is no fan and the heat sink isn't that big.

Overall Review: I returned this card and got a MSI GeForce with a big fat heat sink on it and it is doing a pretty good job.

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Good for direct connect not older KVM11/5/2009 4:10:20 PM

Pros: It was pretty cheap and newegg delivers it pretty fast. It works well so far for direct hookup to desktop computer.

Cons: I have an older KVM switch setup and it only partially works with it. It is a wireless keyboard and mouse run through a KVM between two computers. The keyboard works but the mouse doesn't. You also have to plug both mouse and keyboard in to make the keyboard work. Using the keyboard connection that is working and plugging an extra USB mouse in to use the mouse.

Overall Review: Reading the reviews here, this product probably works well for newer KVM switches. Mine is about 7 years old. It is a good idea since for some reason some motherboards do not come with a PS/2 port for keyboard and mouse.

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Never found out how it performed8/18/2007 10:46:17 PM

Pros: None. Maybe it functioned well if I was shipped a working unit.

Cons: Received this item and it wouldn't charge or respond. Sent it back and got another that did the same thing. Jabra customer support says probably because this is item only has 18 -24 months shelf life and I was shipped an older unit.

Overall Review: I don't know if it was some freak event but this doesn't seem like a high quality item if I received two broken ones. Maybe you will have better luck.

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