Fantastic card4/1/2014 7:51:19 AM

Pros: It does exactly what I need it to do, no cutting out, decent speed, etc

Cons: Honestly, none that I can think of.

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Can take a hit9/19/2013 7:48:53 AM

Pros: So after only owning my case for a couple hours, I went to move it into my basement and dropped it on its corner. The case to a hit like a champ. The only damage was the back part of the side panel where the screws go in and one of the little plastic corner pieces. The corner piece broke off but was super easy to fix and the side panel took all of the force on the screw holes, so the dents are not even visible. After fixing up the little plastic foot piece, there is no sign of visible damage. I'm sure this thing could get hit by a train and just shrug it off. The case looks stunning and is absolutely HUGE. With (i think) 7 internal 3.5 bays and 5 front bays, I don't know what to do with them all.

Cons: The case doesn't look QUITE as nice as the pictures, but it is still absolutely beautiful. Also it's a tad bit difficult to carry due to it's size. I recommend not taking it out of the box until you are in the room you want it in. Also, while the ports on the top seem like a good idea, they wouldn't work well if you wanted to put it inside of a desk shelf. But then again, why would you want to conceal this case? I docked one egg because the front panel feels a little cheap . This is normal though since I am not willing to give a 5/5 rating unless I think something is almost flawless. Also, the front panel was missing a screw inside which made me wonder if this was from NZXT or from Ikea.

Overall Review: Overall, I would definitely recommend this case to anyone looking for a nice appealing look to their machine. While there were a few drawbacks to the case, they never could outweigh the overall look and feel of this case. ALSO READ THIS IF YOU PLAN ON ADDING FANS! The big fan slots are not a true 200mm but are rather 193mm or somewhere in that ball park. If you are looking to buy proper fitting 200mm fans, get the FS 200RB, FN 200RB or the FS 200LED. Avoid the FZ series unless it is for a different case.

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