Great Monitor, Poor Features4/13/2013 8:00:51 AM

Pros: I did a lot of searching before purchasing this monitor, comparing several "similar" products. In the end, I spent the extra money (unfortunately elsewhere since I had a $1500 gift card there) and purchased the SB970. Both for video editing AND gaming (I would not call myself an extreme gamer by any stretch), the image quality, color spectrum and lighting are better than my Samsung 60" 240mhz television downstairs that I /was/ so proud of before. I found myself considering bringing my xbox into my office (which would force some up-conversion as I believe the xbox caps at 1080p resolution) -- ultimately deciding against it for productivity reasons. As others have said, don't expect to use the HDMI connection and realize this devices full potential. A shielded DVI cable is optimal, I found the included cable insufficient and purchased an AMC cable that fixed up some of the sharpness issues I was having. My W3000H Flatron from LG, the third one finally busted so taking my warranty-provided gift card, I grabbed this and from the 30" to the 27" and screen to screen I am very pleased by this purchase.

Cons: My biggest complaint? Heck, my only complaint is the lack of Vesa compatibility. I've got "future tubing" installed in my office and it is configured like a telepresence room with two lower quality monitors mounted in Portait mode beside what used to be the W3000H. I now have to rethink my whole office monitor setup. While I expect and in this case am provided with a great deal of customizability even though this item is hand tuned before distribution, I would have preferred to see this item lose some of the features in the base and offer similar mounting solutions as the 850D (concealed power bar and cable management, or in my case, concealed bar and simple feeding of the cables into the concealed routing tube in my walls. It is going to be weird having this monitor 26" from my face instead of a comfortable 32". When talking large monitors, especially at the WQHD level with screen display verging on the so-high-quality-its-downright-tiny, the lack of flexibility in this department is off putting.

Overall Review: I love this monitor, and working from home I have time to play around with some setups, but I think the oversight listed in the cons section is significant. I would recommend this product to others in the market, provided they make an informed decision, and I would have bought from NewEgg if I could have. This review is for the quality of the monitor alone.

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From old-school to new school, without missing a beat...4/4/2010 1:08:26 PM

Pros: Growing up, I always had access to my father's old Canon, and eventually got a Nikon one year for Christmas with a few lenses, TF and the like. After college and being 'independent' the best I could afford was little point and shoot cameras which were light on features that I had been accustomed to, but ... priorities after all! Not being a pro, from all the research I have done, the 7d rivals and absconds with many of the benefits of the 5d at close to half the price. Apparently Canon released this camera due to some very competitive offerings from Nikon, and we are all the beneficiaries of this competition. A 'semi-pro' quality camera, certainly over-capable of snapping shots of a rambunctious 2 year old and newborn, family, friends, and just casual nature shots. If I haven't been clear enough I know I will own this camera for at least 10 years, if not more.

Cons: I cannot list any, other than that my memory for manual shooting and camera technical use has waned in the Point and Shoot era to my disappointment, not at all the fault of Canon's. It is a bit overwhelming stepping into this beast and trying to remember all the old nuances of photography. Provided EF-S lens is somewhat noisy, but takes fantastic shots.

Overall Review: Moving from the fully manual cameras to the P-A-S variety made me forget the actual technical nature of the camera F-Stop, ISO and the like. If you intend to use this as simply a point and shoot, don't buy this, you're paying for features you will not use. I'd recommend a Rebel for that maybe, or the 20D at most. For the average consumer spending this kind of coin on a camera, please don't skimp on your Compact Flash card or lenses. It will be tempting to buy the cheapest CF card and a lens with maybe 300mm range on it. Don't bottleneck your camera with slow write speeds and stodgy focusing/soft-focus on range lenses. Think of it like an investment, and buy one high-quality lens per year or whatever your budget will allow. That being said, this kit is great, the lens will be the first thing I replace.

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Worth Every Penny1/12/2010 6:37:47 AM

Pros: Having built a dozen or so PCs from relatively high-end ($150+) chassis at this point, this is bar far the most thorough and well-thought-out piece to date. VIRTUAL UNBOXING * Packed in styrofoam (as we all know, many cases arrive beaten and bruised. Not this one!) * Internal components (screws, tie downs, etc.) secured to drive-bay area. * All 'included' fans come with rubber pads (I bought some replacement fans and /extra/ fans as the case can accomodate more, but Corsair clearly figured that the cost of including the rubber dampeners was well worth it. * Easy mobo install * Cable management was a cinch * Excellent Customer support - Was unsure about what heatsink to order, had a response within an hour and got the Thermaltake Extreme * Of course SSD bay for my Corsair SSD's is amazing. * Quiet and Classy

Cons: * HDD Cage is tough to negotiate (non-SSD) *

Overall Review: This case is not /expensive/ as others have said. With the interior being all black (matching the exterior) to all the 'little things' corsair did and included to make this case top-of-the-line have got to be taken into account. Though they did not provide additional fans, they provided mounting hardware for the HDD-Bay add-on fan. Corsair just thought of everything with this case, and at roughly $300, I am ecstatic about this new build.

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