All you need... in a box.9/30/2015 12:41:33 AM

Pros: All around fantastic setup. I'm pretty blown away with how great this case is. The hard drive bay setup is art. For this price, you are getting a fantastic deal. I read some reviews that said it was a little difficult to setup, but if you've built a computer before, this will not challenge you. It felt like Christmas morning putting a computer together in this case. I could go on and on, honestly, but just buy it. They did their research when they built this case, and they did it well.

Cons: The only con I could potentially see is that this case can be a little snug for larger graphics cards. I had an Asus R9 285 that just barely fit in there because of the external drive bay. If you're not using that drive bay (which I wasn't)... then it's no problem at all to remove it. Then you can fit anything in there that you want.

Overall Review: I've never written a review for anything in my life, because I always feel like everyone experiences/perceives things differently... but I took the time to write one for this case, so hopefully that means something to you.

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