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BEWARE: The product images lie12/29/2019 2:30:28 PM

Pros: Couldn't use it, so can't tell.

Cons: Be aware that the product images showing the 2nd joint in flexing downward are a lie. Their own spec sheet shows only 180 degree rotation, not the ability to adjust the arm angle. Unfortunately, that's why I bought this. As far as I can tell from the instructions you CANNOT adjust the vertical height of the arms at any place other than the mounting pole. That makes it impossible to have 2 monitors equally side-by-side (since they can't mount at the same point). For additional reference, with a wall behind the desk I mounted this to I could the monitor no closer than 14" from the back of the desk (so over a foot of empty space behind); and mounting an arm at the very bottom of the pole I could get a monitor no closer than 12.5" from the desk to the middle of the VESA mount. That is, unless you have 20" of space to either side of were you want you monitor to use the arms fully stretched from the side (which I didn't have).

Overall Review: The only real way to use this product seems to be the way they have it shown in the diagram. With 2 monitors stacked one over the other, both coming forward from the pole. That would push the monitors about 22" forward from the mounting pole, and I have no idea who would want their monitors right in their face. Unless you have a REALLY deep desk.

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Good small case8/4/2011 5:34:29 PM

Pros: - Looks good - Relatively small - Fantastic air flow - Well built and designed (with limitations, see below)

Cons: - The large fan is pretty loud - Cannot use DIMMs with heat spreaders (there is a work-around, see below) - There is VERY little space between the DVD/Blu-Ray drive and power supply - You are supposed to be able to mount a 2.5" drive to the very bottom of the case, but I could not figure out how. It looks like there may be some extra parts that I did not get. - Per the above, the instructions could be better.

Overall Review: This is the first micro-ATX system I have built, so I'm used to larger cases. But I have to say, this is a very good little case if you are willing to deal with it's quirks. If you use RAM with no heat spreaders, you can fit 3 3.5 HD's in the internal case, and either a floppy or another 3.5 HD. If you want to use 16GB of high-speed memory w/ spreaders like I did, you can leave out the internal HD case, and buy a Silverstone 5.25 to 3.5 converter (that also lets you install two 2.5" SSD's in the same bay). This leaves the front fan completely unobstructed and gives great air flow. I'm running an ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z MB, 16GB Corsiar Vengeance RAM, 2 2TB 3.5" HD's, 128GB SSD, an Core i7 2600K, EVGA 560Ti 2GB video card, and an inexpensive CoolerMaster Vortex Plus CPU cooler. And because of the great airflow I average 24-26C at idle and was around 38C or less when playing WoW at the highest settings. It's VERY important with this case that you get a modular power supply.

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Looks nice, horrible design7/28/2011 11:53:13 PM

Pros: - Looks - Light weight

Cons: Oh, there are so many things wrong. All of them are attributable to an utter lack of thought and design: - The single biggest issue is that the top fan is so close to the motherboard, that if the CPU power cord has a top latch, you CANNOT connect the CPU power cable if the top fan is installed. For reference, I was trying to use a Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z. Another 1/8th to 1/4 of an inch more height would have taken care of this easily. - Similarly, if the motherboard is installed, it's extremely difficult to get a power supply in or out. I could only get mine in because it was modular and I was able to remove all the cables. If you can't, you're out of luck. The reason for this is that the bottom left catch for the side panel protrudes in so much that you unable to move the PSU towards the opening, but the mobo is so close you can't move it up either. **** Continued, see below.

Overall Review: - The design that the upper hard drive cage connects to means that there is a 1/4" drop not far behind the upper front fan. This completely prevents you from installing a radiator for water cooling. And the bottom cage does not move all, also preventing radiator use. - The bottom air vent below the PSU is about 1.5" too far towards the middle (lengthwise) of the case. This means the bottom intake for my Seasonic PSU was partially blocked. - Despite the documents with the case, there is NO cable management hooks. And it's a TIGHT case. - The orientation of the SATA plugs and their proximity to the power plug on the back of the lower HD case means you can't use the "L" connectors that are coming standard with most mobo's now. - No removable mobo tray. ------------ All in all, this is the single-worst designed case I have ever come across when it comes to actually fitting your components in it. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

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Just what I needed12/24/2009 11:19:39 AM

Pros: * Very Quiet * Good airflow

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: I bought 2 of these, one to push air out the back of case, and one as a replacement fan for a Zalman CNPS-10X CPU cooler. The CPU fan averages around 1100-1200 RPM and I have to stick my ear into the case to hear it. The rear fan runs slower, and I have to get within a couple of inches to hear it at all. If the CPU fan cranks up, you can hear it, but the fan is so efficient with the Zalman cooler than it rarely has to speed up for more than a few moments unless I'm running a really intense app. Great fans. I highly recommend them if you have PWM connectors on your MB.

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Don't buy it!12/18/2008 6:45:15 PM

Pros: 1) Both keyboard and mouse feel great in your hand. 2) Nice depth on the key downstroke.. feels very comfortable when typing 3) No cords

Cons: 1) Keyboard "loses" it's connection or turns itself inactive all the time. 2) Mouse is a bit sensative, but you can adjust that in the software

Overall Review: The experience with this keyboard has been so bad that I'm almost certainly going back to a corded keyboard. The keyboard will frequently just stop registering keystrokes. You can bound on it.. hit the same button over and whatever you want.. it's just not going to send that keystroke to your computer. The keyboard also seems to interpret any continuous pressing of a key as something haven fallen on the keyboard and stops registering the keystroke. This is a massive inconvenience in games like WoW or anything else where you use the keyboard to move around. This was my first wireless keyboard and if this is a common experience, it's not worth trying to have one.

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