Good RAM, Worked right off the bat, XMP recognized.7/11/2020 1:06:21 PM

Pros: -Good RAM -Worked right away -Clean design -XMP recognized, took overclock profile with no issues.

Cons: -none

Overall Review: Would recommend.

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Good Value Case, Clean Design7/11/2020 1:03:07 PM

Pros: -Good Value -Solid construction -good cable management options -tooless hard drive enclosures -fit full size gtx 1070 gpu with plenty of room. -RBG setup

Cons: -The RBG remote does not work at all. I'm not sure if it's the remote that's broken, or that the infrared sensor is too hidden. I've tried with multiple batteries still no go. They pre-attatch the sensor behind the front panel and you can't get to it. -front panel is non removable, can't access front fans or ir sensor if they need to be changed. -if you want to control the lights, it does come rigged to use the reset switch as a control for the lights; this works to cycle them, or turn them off, but you lose your reset switch as a reset switch

Overall Review: Overall, I would recommend. Would have given 4.5 stars due to rbg issue, but for now gave them benefit of the doubt. If the case fails for some reason overtime, will update accordingly. -I was in a small hurry when I bought this case, and didn't realize it doesn't have top fans either, though that part is removable, and it does give you the option to add them. -I'm using a cooler master, masterair ma410p on the cpu, and it barely fit, with maybe 1-2 mm clearance. Most fans would probably fit, but double check if yours is on the larger size, you may have an issue. -case says full atx, and it is; it fits atx and micro, but it's on the smaller size for full atx, which could be a pro or a con in your case, and doesn't take e-atx like many "full atx" cases. It's almost like a "mid tower +," or a "full atx minus," if there were such a thing. -would have liked top fans, working rbg remote -would like "small lip" on rear edge of side panels, like many cases have, to help you open them for servicing.

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Great, except for top fan!7/10/2020 12:58:48 PM

Pros: Nice design, Sturdy, Plenty of room to work, some modular components, easy thumb screws, well ventilated. Overall I do like the case. However, seen cons...

Cons: Case has been used 8-14 hours per day for 7 months, and the large top fan is already starting to intermittently wobble, make noise, and fail. Of course I can change it out, but I feel 7 months is too soon for this type of failure. Why make a nice case, just to use cheap fans? So we have buy more fans? The fans were regularly air dusted also to maintain optimal performance. I feel like I should get at least 3-5 years out of fan. Longer lifespan fans please.

Overall Review: TLDR: Great case, questionable quality fan. Would have been 5 eggs except for fan. Edit: years later and the top fan never actually failed. Once every few months or so it would make noise, and then go away after a few minutes, but it ended up running strong. I finally had to trade out case for other reasons or I would continue to use this. Had they still manufactured it when I needed another case, I would have bought another. Idk why they stopped making it, it's still one of the best cases out there.

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Recieved a Lemon7/10/2020 12:53:24 PM

Pros: Would have been a 4 or 5 (see cons) Good size, cable management, fans, so on.

Cons: I bought this November of last year and was saving it for a build. Got around to the build this week, and turns out it was a lemon. The motherboard back panel was warped and popping in and out like mason jar lid. The case had been stored in a controlled environment, and it clearly wasn't heat warping, but rather fabrication error from the factory. It wasn't too bad, so I decided to try and go ahead with the build, but when I got to installing the video cards, there is a 2 mm gap between the cards and the back plate mounts. It just won't let everything align properly. Not to mention it's putting torque on the motherboard.

Overall Review: If you get a non lemon, I'm sure It's great, but would not recommend due to quality control issues I had. Edit: I was able to contact Rosewill, and they offered a full refund with rma. So that speaks well for honoring their warranty and for their customer service.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear William, We're truly sorry that the THOR V2 is broken. We know it’s frustrating to order something that doesn’t work as expected. The THOR V2 still within its 3-year manufacturer warranty, you could contact us to claim the warranty with your order invoice with following information. At the same time, we will pass this problem to our QC teams for improvement. We do care about your feedback and will continue improving our products in future. Technical Support: RMA & Warranty service: Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 8AM - 5PM (PST) Monday – Friday Rosewill Customer Care
Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
Still works years later.7/10/2020 12:50:19 PM

Pros: Multi functions, decent prints and scans, ink cost is low, maintenance cycle helps keep it working, still working years later.

Cons: Uses ink slightly faster than other printers, never gets near the number of pages printed by cartridge standards, maintenance cycle buns through ink. It also has slightly higher than average paper feed issues, where you need to pull out the bin and push it back in, or keep the paper topped off in order to feed.

Overall Review: Yes, this is a good all in one home printer if you find one in good shape used, or sitting new in a box somewhere.

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Initial Review7/7/2020 9:47:14 PM

Pros: This an initial review written on first day of ownership. -Looks great, bright colors, sleek design. -While not fully mechanical, the keys do have a mechanical, typewriter feel, are responsive, and have comfortable ergonomic shaping.

Cons: -the only thing I wish was different is the delete button. It's standard size instead of the large size I'm used to.

Overall Review: Overall, it's great so far, as long as the quality lasts this should stay the same. -also, not a con, but I wish it came with a front wrist rest and that I cold raise the back up even more than the riser provided.

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Another solid product by ADATA7/5/2020 12:11:11 PM

Pros: Good price point, large size at launch, USB 3, ADATA product. Have had great experiences with ADATA products throughout the years, and this is no different. Nice USB drive.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Yep, what you see is what you get.

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Solid RAM7/5/2020 12:06:48 PM

Pros: High speed at time of launch, xmp profiles compatible, heat fins, high capacity at launch. No errors years later, still strong.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Yes, this has been perfect RAM, met all it's specs, and did everything it was supposed to do.

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Great Card7/5/2020 11:57:55 AM

Pros: This card was ahead of the curve when it came out. Originally a great price point and performance. Still held value, years later. Nice design too. The high quality and craftsmanship is evident also.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Yes, these are still solid if you find one in good shape used or at a good price.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI graphics card! If you would like further technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
Stopped working after 3 uses5/6/2019 7:16:16 PM

Pros: Seemed normal at first, did what it was supposed to.

Cons: Broke after only 3 uses. Spins up and light on, but no longer registered by device manager, hard drive manager, or bios.

Overall Review: Bought in Nov of 2017. Added maybe 300GB or so of files. Updated files twice during 2018. Hard drive was kept stored in desk drawer, never even carried around. Pulled out drive other day to update backup files, and nothing. Spins up and light on, but no longer registered by device manager, hard drive manager, or bios. Tried on another PC and with another USB-b cable, nothing. Technically, it is under warrantee, but that's useless, as I'm not sending a busted hard drive full of all my information to get serviced/replaced. So basically, it's a $75 dollar paperweight that I got to use 3 times.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi will b., We are sorry to hear your experience with the WD My Passport Portable External Hard Drive and thank you for bringing this to our attention. There could be few causes due to which the drive is not functioning such as partition of the drive may have corrupted or the drive itself may have failed. "Windows or macOS Cannot Find My Drive": It is best to perform quick test and complete drive test to determine the overall health of the drive using WD Drive Utilities. We recommend avoiding USB hubs and therefore, connect the drive directly via USB 3.0 port to the computer. You can refer the link mentioned below to perform diagnostics using WD Drive Utilities. "Setting up and using WD Security and WD Drive Utilities": If the test is inconclusive and you are past their return policy, you can create an RMA through WD and replace the drive under warranty. "How to get an RMA to replace a defective product, or obtain a power supply or USB cable for a WD product": Western Digital, a data storage device manufacturer, understands keeping customer’s data secure is of paramount importance. Please know that when a drive is received at our facility under RMA, it is put through a rigorous testing process for analysis. During this process, all data on the drive is completely erased, and therefore irrecoverable. "What Happens to the Data on the Drive Sent in for an RMA and can it be Retrieved": We would like to follow-up with you to help discover the root of your hard drive’s abnormal behavior to provide a positive resolution to your experience. Please contact us via phone or email from the link mentioned below with reference to Newegg review. We'd be happy to help you. Please contact us at: Phone:
Stopped Working Properly after 3 weeks3/26/2015 11:34:27 PM

Pros: Nice behind head design, Decent Sound for Price

Cons: After 3 weeks of use, 1-3 hours a day while dancing, they all of a sudden just cut out after 30 minutes of use. They start randomly disconnecting from PC, and don't seem to be holding a charge. No warning beeps as it says in manual, they just turn off. You need to charge for 20 minutes or so before they even have enough power to turn back on.

Overall Review: Thought they were great 5 egg value item until recent issue. Guess I'll see if I can pursue warrantee :(

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