Loved bikes for the 5 or 6 times we rode.. BUT hit usage block, NOW fixed THANK YOU AOSTIRMOTOR4/8/2021 9:25:08 PM

Pros: Fun to drive on the beach when no one is around... They are FAST... Never take it off the ECO mode.. . Got it up to 26mph on beach on a cold unconjested Florida morning.

Cons: Power switch on on the batteries on both bikes went bad.. EDIT (seller made good and sent parts to fix) SEE PICTURE: POWER SWITCH ON AND NO VOLTAGE ...... Bad switchesLittle too powerful, asked AOSTIRMOTOR how to turn down power on controller...AOSTIRMOTOR said to lower to ECO mode (I was on ECO mode, but STILL too powerful on ECO mode while riding in town around people.. I now just turn off power while in conjested area) (Why have 5 levels when you only use first level)

Overall Review: Bikes are very fun to drive on the open roads, trails and Beach.. The bikes are NOW fixed, After winter time in Florida and the Beach riding, Next, summer up north, I am looking forward to a long trek on the "Great Allegheny Passage" rail 2 trail, to see how long I can milk the batteries to last on a 50 mile day long jaunt...

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Save Ur money7/25/2014 8:43:55 AM

Pros: Was cheap, undamaged in shipment, inside of tin can.

Cons: NOT hi-def. ..Very red tint pictures...too small of print on instructions.. Maybe I got bad unit?? Was not expecting that much, but did not even get that..

Overall Review: Save your money, complete waste of time I can't get back

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