Awesome gaming capable mini-ITX case. Get it now - you won't regret.1/11/2016 6:47:41 AM

Pros: - This case can handle any graphics card load you can throw at it, even with the single fan. I re-purposed an R9-280X and paired that with an i5-4690K CPU, and temps are fine. The GPU gets a fresh supply of air from the bottom of the case, and with the vented top, the CPU stays cool as well. Add in a 2nd fan on top, and it runs even better. - Very high quality, awesome design, compact form factor, looks simply awesome. - This case actually has about .75" room behind the motherboard to hide cables. So cable management can't be beat for a case as small as this. I ended up with a completely clean looking install even without a modular PSU. - Rotated motherboard allows for a mid-sized CPU cooler. Take a close look at CPU cooler heights when designing your system. I'd highly recommend the Noctua NH-D9L as a perfect CPU cooler for this case.

Cons: - Lian-Li missed one (as Lian-Li cases always seem to have a single fatal flaw) with the placement of the front panel controls. If they had placed the controls vertically along either side of the front panel, you could fit an entire 1" longer GPU. As it is, the front panel connectors are exactly where the GPU extends to, shortening the usable GPU space inside the case. I decided to risk it and try the 11.2" Gigabyte R9-280X GPU (.7" longer than spec'd for this case) because I had one laying around not being used. I ended up having to trim up the cooler frame of the Gigabyte R9-280X to fit, but it managed to fit. As long as you stay within the case spec'd 10.6" GPU length, you're fine. I'm not docking any stars because GPUs in spec will fit. It's just that Lian-Li had the opportunity to turn this into a case that could handle any GPU on the market and they missed it. - Advertised for water cooling. I wouldn't bother with a 2x120MM cooler on top - the PSU exhausts out the top, so you'd be pushing hot air through the front part of the RAD. I think water cooling is realistically limited to a 120mm rad hooked on the back-side. But then you'll be restricting airflow through the case. This is a much better Air-cooled case. The Noctua NH-D9L is perfect for this case, and looks awesome with the large window. - I wish Lian-Li had allowed the PSU to be mounted with either the PSU fan facing forward or back (it can only be facing forward). I would have elected it to be facing backward just to allow the cables to be coming out of the PSU on the back-side of the case, which would have made cable management much easier.

Overall Review: - PSUs are not as limited as other reviewers are saying. I re-purposed a Corsair CX-600M (which is 150MM non-modular). The Corsair even has the power plug rotated in the direction specified in the case manual as "not compatible", but it is still compatible. I just means the extender cord has to make a tight turn to get plugged into the PSU, but it's not overly cramped and it works fine. Not sure why Lian-Li put that as a hard restriction in the manual. - Bottom line is that I was able to use the full-size CX600M with no problems. It took some work with cable management, but with the 3/4" space behind the motherboard, I ended up with an extremely clean build and no visible extra cables. So, a modular PSU is recommended, but not necessary for this case. Overall, this is the best overall case design to come out of Lian-Li since the PC-Q25 (which I also own). I keep a close eye on Lian-Li designs, and they have been somewhat lacking over the last year. Hopefully this PC-Q10 is a sign that they're back!

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Awesome Budget uATX Case10/2/2015 4:40:09 PM

Pros: - Low profile 14.37" Height, very compact design - Clean design, looks better than price - Packed full of functionality - Awesome cooling - Liquid cooling AIO capable

Cons: - Cable management will be a challenge, but it's doable - Old style top mounted PSU that exhausts hot air out of the case (but it's been fine for me for ~3 years) - Included fans are low quality (but that's expected of a budget case) - Slightly flimsy design (but consistent with price)

Overall Review: I have owned this case for close to 3 years now. When I first purchased, I was looking at this or the Silverstone TJ08 or this case. I was restricted by height (<15") and these two fit the bill. The TJ08 was $100 and this one was $50 at that time. I purchased this one, thinking it would be temporary.... Here I am almost 3 years later. In this case, I am running: - 125W AMD CPU Overclocked - 120MM AIO Cooler. Contrary to what other reviewers indicated below, you can run an AIO here in multiple places. I have had my LQ-510 in the front and in the real fan positions. In the real position, you need to turn it upside down, but it has still kept my overclocked Phenom CPU cool for 3 years just fine. - 3.5" card reader in the external 3.5" bay - Blu-Ray burner in the top 5.25 bay - SSD - 2x3.5" HDDs - Overclocked R9-280X (During the LiteCoin bubble, I mined in this case four 4 months without any cooling issues) - 600W PSU Try to find a uATX case today that can pack that much stuff in such a small package at this price. Cable management will be tough. I fed all of the power cables through a very tight to a cavity that exists on the right side of the 5.25" Bays down to the 3.5" Bay. From there, I fed all cables to their location on the Motherboard or drives and bundled up the rest with cable ties. It was a challenge, but the end result is a VERY clean interior with no disruption to airflow. The fans it came with are cheap and make more noise than needed. They are fine, but I upgraded to Noctua fans. When I was mining with the R9 280X, I installed 2 120mm fans on the side panel. The lower one was intake and the upper one exhaust. Cooling is not a problem at all. In summary, this case has been well worth the $$. I am looking to upgrade, and I am having a tough time finding a replacement - it's been that good.

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Good Budget Monitor - but Speakers are Useless1/28/2014 8:25:37 AM

Pros: - Height, swivel, and rotation adjustment - Best price for a fully adjustable 1440p monitor - Easy to use controls - easy to switch between inputs - Lots of included cables!

Cons: - Speakers are completely useless. Another reviewer compared the speakers to placing ear-buds on the desk, and he's absolutely correct. Do not buy expecting to be able to even use the speakers. - I'm not a display expert, so I'm not really able to comment on the quality of the display. Colors, brightness and contrast all look good to me. There is probably just a little bit of bleeding in the lower left corner that's noticeable with very dark backgrounds.

Overall Review: I read the reviews going in, but I thought I'd at least be able to get by for a while until I bought a better speaker system. I was looking for a 1440p monitor with height adjustment, and this least expensive one available with or without the speakers, so I still would buy this regardless. But after receiving the product, I'm still docking just for the fact that they try to market this as a monitor with speakers. They really just do not work. They could have added decent speakers (like on the Asus monitors) for a few $$ more and still would be at a similar price point compared to other options, or they could have just gotten rid of the speakers and lowered the cost just a little bit more. Overall, I'm enjoying 1440p productivity and gaming! But now I need a bigger GPU - hmm......

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10.25" Max VGA Length - Decent Budget Case, but there are better options.8/14/2013 5:30:07 AM

Pros: Good budget case with many features and plenty of room for the build. Good cable routing options. Plenty of room behind the motherboard for routing. Tool-less design probably not the highest quality but it works. Good cooling options with plenty of room for CLC coolers on top. Overall decent quality and good looks.

Cons: A few things. (1) Only one fan included. It's not apparent from the pictures, but it's something I noticed in the specs before purchase, so I'm not knocking an egg off for this. Others should be aware that you'll want to purchase at least one additional fan - so figure that into your case price. Also, wish the front fan mount was >120mm to allow better intake cooling - there is certainly room. (2) The front cover is difficult to remove (4 difficult to reach hidden screws), which you need to remove to install the front fan. (3) Finally, and this was almost a FAIL for us, the specs don't indicate the maximum graphics card length for this case (neither on Newegg nor on manufacturer website). So, I took a chance based on the overall case length. Our 10.5" 7970 almost did not fit. It's butting up against the HDD cage, which is riveted in. Really, 10.25" is the max card length you'll be safe with (or less if power connectors are in the rear). We have the 10.5" 7970 crammed in there pretty tight, but it's working.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We thank you for your feedback. We'll continue to work on some of the flaws you've mentioned on your feedback and continue to make quality products. Thank you for choosing Raidmax. -Raidmax Support Team
Decent Budget Board6/6/2013 6:31:13 AM

Pros: Cheapest 125W AM3+ Board I could find; No problems with initial install, Was able to Overclock no problems once I figured out the archaic Bios.

Cons: Finicky behavior swapping boot devices in and out, sometimes fails to recognize boot device, cheesy MSI styling, Terrible add-on Software, MSI Add-ons (OC Genie, Winki, 2.2 TB Infinity) are terribly designed, confusing and useless.

Overall Review: There is some confusion in the ratings as to whether or not this supports a 125W CPU. This is running my Phenom II X4 965 Overclocked at 4.0 Ghz for 6 months with no problems. It seems that others are having problems with the newer 125W FX CPUs. Used this board for a budget gaming build with Phenom II x4 965 OEM Edition and Powercolor HD 7850 2GB. I would give it a 3 for functionality, but because of the entry level price, I think it deserves a 4. I was able to install with no problems. Easily achieved a 4.0 GHz overclock on the Phenom II. Also was able to get a great overclock on the Powercolor 7850. However, now that I am messing around with boot devices, upgrading my system drive, trying to clone to a new HDD and SSD combo, the board is showing its finicky side. It is hit or miss whether it recognizes a new boot device. If I switch boot devices, I have to disconnect all other devices, boot up with the new device, shut down, reconnect my other devices and then boot back up again. MSI add-on software and features are basically junk. Not sure why they even bother spending money on development of that stuff. Bios works but is archaic and confusing. Bottom line is that this works for what I wanted it for. It's a decent value for the money. If you're into cheesy add-ons, they may be of some value to you. My own preference is I will probably not buy MSI boards going forward. I'd prefer to spend just a few more dollars and get something with a little better quality and less of the cheese factor.

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Exactly what we wanted!1/27/2013 5:56:04 PM

Pros: Beautiful high-end styled case, quiet, straight-forward build. Runs cool, fits large graphics card with some modification. This looks great in the media cabinet. Ventilation keeps CPU/GPU cool with stock cooling (and I have the PC in a fairly closed-in space in the media cabinet).

Cons: Like others have noted, had trouble fitting the fan with my graphics card with 6-pin connector on top of the card (see note below). Also, only 2 cable ties meant I had to supply a few of my own.

Overall Review: NOTE on GPU Power Connector: Others have noted this as well, but I was able to get it to fit by removing the extra ducting piece from the bottom of the fan. This is an additional piece that Silverstone adds onto the bottom of the fan case that screws right off (no hack-saw necessary). Once this was done, I had to crimp down some on the power connector wiring to force as much of a 90 degree angle as possible, and after that, the fan fit on just fine. (I also ordered a "90 degree" six pin extension connector off of e-bay, but all they did was what I had already done, arrange and crimp on the wiring to make it lie as flat as possible against the connector - so anyone else with this problem, don't bother ordering these "90 degree" extensions, because they're not). Was able to put this together in one night in just a few hours with my 11 year old son. 90 degree SATA connectors are only required for 2.5" drives. We had just one 3.5", so that was not needed. This was a first-time father/son Christmas build used for HTPC and Gaming in our living room. It looks great and runs quiet! - Intel I3 3220 w/Stock cooler - EVGA SuperClocked 02G-P4-2662-KR GeForce GTX 660 2GB GPU - ASUS P8H77 Motherboard - Seagate Barracuda ST31000524AS 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s - CORSAIR XMS 8GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 - SAMSUNG Internal Slim 8x DVD Writer SATA (Required Slimline SATA to SATA with LP4 Power Cable Adapter)

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