Nice controller, clean, Adapter plug completely corroded and not usable7/12/2017 8:41:08 AM

Pros: Nice controller, clean, buttons are tight and react well. Connects quickly to console. I am mostly pleased had the adapter plug not been corroded. Good deal. Arrive with in a week and even included new AA batteries. Nice touch.

Cons: Adapter plug arrived completely corroded and not usable. You can plug the headset mic directly to the 3.5mm plug, however, the problem here is you cannot plug the volume control adapter. This allows you to adjust the balance between chat volume and game volume. Makes it difficult to hear chat over game sound or vise-versa . The adapter also has the very important mute button which allows you to politely mute your cough/sneeze instead of blasting into someones ear. More importantly, allows one to mute the embarrassing "wife-aggro" before it enters the party chat. This is a must have.

Overall Review: The controller is pretty and the buttons work well. I will post later on the outcome of the replacement of the corroded plug.

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