Devil is in the details... Here's why I picked this board **updated**2/5/2017 7:40:56 PM

Pros: The cheapest Z270 STRIX board you can find (as cheap as PRIME Z270-A).

Cons: The cheapest Z270 STRIX board you can find (Asus has to cut corners somewhere).

Overall Review: Ok here's the serious pros & cons list. Note that I just received it and haven't installed it yet, so I can only go from a feature perspective. It's more a comparison with Asus' other Z270 boards (but I am sure other brands are good too). + Cheapest STRIX branded ATX board, that should assure certain level of quality and OC functionalities. - Less blings than Z270F and Z270E. Even less than PRIME Z270-A perhaps. I haven't assembled it yet, but it looks like Asus Aura is MIA on this board. Guess this is a plus for light-haters instead. + But you probably will still have some cool lights on this board. Guess this is a minus for light-haters then. - Only comes with 2 SATA cables, while other ones have 3 to 4. - No Q-connector. That would save a lot of hassle when connecting system panel connections. + Still comes with SLI bridge. - No on-board WIFI. * Different SATA ports placement, being 4+2 instead of 3x2 like others. Hard to tell if it's good or bad now. - Has 3 PCIe x1 ports instead of 4. But the missing one is right below the top PCIe x16 port, which most of us would have a double-slot video card anyway and blocking it. However, this yields the biggest advantage of this board that... +++ Your second M.2 slot (PCIe x4 mode only) will not eat away your 5th and 6th SATA port. This alone pretty much sealed the deal for me. Check the Asus product sites yourself to see it (bottom of specification page). I guess that's where that missing PCIe port's lanes are used for instead. * For USB3.1 ports, it has 2 type-A instead of 1 type-A and 1 type-C. To me it's a plus, but maybe some people will want that type-C port. ++ In addition to the four USB 3.0 and two USB 3.1 ports, this one also has two more USB 2.0 ports. With them I won't waste the 3.0 ports for things like mouse and keyboard. This is another big plus for me. - For the onboard (Intel on-chip) video, while it has DVI and HDMI port like others, it doesn't have DisplayPort. + Its onboard soundchip has better specs than my Sound Blaster Z, with 120db SNR and 32-bit output vs Z's 116db SNR and 24-bit output... * ... But it's still an onboard sound. Don't know if it will actually sound better than my Sound Blaster Z, guess we'll have to leave it to some audiophile to find out. All in all, deducted an egg for lacking some features, but for this price point, the 2 extra USB 2.0 ports and how the second M.2 slot won't sacrifice SATA port 5 and 6, making this the Z270 board to get (from Asus at least). ***Updates after installing it...*** - Nope, no Asus Aura on this board. Even its ROG "eye" on the chipset cover/heatsink doesn't have light. The only extra bling light is the one around the sound component in the back. If you put the machine under the desk, chances are your videocard would block it anyway. + Stable overclocking. I clocked my 7700k with Noctua NH-U12S to 4.8Ghz without issues (only stress testing for 2 hours however). The board automatically jacked up the voltage to 1.3+ volts however, despite the fact that I left the physical voltage lock jumper in its place. Odd. + Has a "5Ghz" OC preset profile ready in UEFI for those who are adventurous enough. I managed clocked to 5Ghz by incrementing the multiplier, stress tested for 20-30 minutes and it was fine. The voltage got a bit too scary for me when the board automatically set it to 1.4+ volts, and so I rolled back. (7700k max operating voltage is 1.52 volts on paper as far as I know). Availability of this profile is not exclusive to just this board, however. --- Boneheaded placement of the SupremeFX chip (or its shield cover) that could block your PCIe card installation on the bottom-most x4 slot, if the card has extra circuit board area near the back plate. To give examples, I couldn't install my Sound Blaster Z on this slot, and I highly doubt cards like OCZ RD400 could be installed, either. Look at pictures of these PCIe boards, then look at the picture of placement of SupremeFX chip on the board close to the last x4 slot, then you probably will see what I am trying to say. If it wasn't a 4-egg, it definitely is now. Note that it looks like this problem is also on other STRIX and maybe PRIME boards as well. + Some nifty software. I find AI Suite 3 useful to keep an eye on OC and control fan speed, and RamCache II because I have more RAM than what I know what to do with. Works straight out of box with 7700k, 960 EVO, and G.Skill Ripjaws V (F4-3000C15D-16GVKB).

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Flawed; but still great3/20/2011 11:09:29 PM

Pros: - Single player campaign is pretty polished, as far as I've seen so far. Glad that CA didn't screw that up this time. - Surprisingly colorful. - A lot of minor factions for you to whack. - The amount of lands to be captured is surprisingly huge. I remember the original Shogun had around 20 only? This is actually comparable to the more recent Total War titles. - This limited edition has the bonus Hattori clan. I am pretty sure Valve/Steam will release it later as a DLC anyway, but at least we early birds got it for $40 instead of full $50 for regular edition. There is also the extra historical battle, which personally I don't really care. - It's Total War. You know what you are getting.

Cons: - Shipped with anti-aliasing disabled. Not that much of a biggie actually. In fact, it is better this way instead of unstable AA. Was it Medieval 2 that had this issue? - What you have heard is true... Online multiplay is shipped busted. The online avatar play matchmaking works, but flanky, as sometimes it cannot match, with only restarting of the game as the remedy. Traditional online game search and join mechanism is pretty much broken (I have yet to see it work). Same can be said about online campaign. I am not much of an online play person, but CA/Sega has done so much right about this online play (in term of design), that I am getting pulled more into online multiplay instead of solely single player campaign. It's unfortunate that it is unplayable at version 1. However, I'd be surprised if they do not patch it within weeks. - Some minor bugs here and there that are not significant enough for me to recall.

Overall Review: - Machine info: i7 920 stock clock, 9GB DDR1333 triple channel RAM, and 2 GTX 260 core 216 on SLI. It runs pretty smooth with everything maxed out, except unit size (more personal choice since I am used to "large"), and hardware shadow. Game dropped to a slow crawl when I enabled that. I guess it's a video card architecture or generation feature. - A BIG MINUS ONE EGG for the broken online multiplay. If you do only single player, it's polished enough at version 1. If you are heavy on online play, this may be a minus two or three eggs for you. Again, CA/Sega should patch it soon, so it should be an obsolete issue in times. - I like how it is shipped as a mail instead as a package. Less hassle for me to pick it up. Don't know if credit goes to UPS or Newegg

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Cool... perhaps cold?12/8/2008 12:16:47 AM

Pros: Aluminum build is lighter than copper. Mine does come with the socket-1366 bracket, in case some of you are wondering. No backplate to mess with. Easier to install in comparison from my other socket-775 fans install, or I have more strength now, or I have more experience now. Runs pretty silent at low speed.

Cons: You have to apply the included thermal paste yourself. Aluminum has weaker heat dissipation than copper, according to some. Huge, but does fit into my system (see spec below). Took a while to figure out which way the air goes in and out. At lowest speed it may makes some noises (easily fixed by turn up the speed a bit, which doesn't really change the fan speed by much, but apply more voltage to the fan?). At high speed it gets loud.

Overall Review: Spec: i7 920, Asus P6T Deluxe, Antec 900 plus one additional side fan, 3 DDR3 RAM sticks, and a GTX 260 card. And yes, this CPU fan & heatsink does fit with all these (yes, even with the side fan). I didn't install the stock Intel fan & heatsink in the first place so I can't compare. However, at idle SpeedFan reports CPU 25 C, and system 30 C. At load (how about right after Crysis, ETQW, UT3, MoH Airborne all at 1080p with every detail on high or higher?) SpeedFan reports CPU at 30's C. Unless SpeedFan goofs up, I think even my body temperature is higher than that. Note that I didn't clock it (for now?), and the fan speed is at low. Perhaps it's Antec 900, but I think the air coming out is actually colder than my room temp (low 60 F). I feel very tempted to clock the living **** out of my i7 now... MUST... NOT... FRY... THE... CHIP...

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Not as I feared11/9/2008 5:56:07 PM

Pros: Comes with a lot of stuff: extra ear plugs, cleaning brush, and a very, very sturdy carrying case. For acoustic or music with a LOT of different sounds/effects, it sounds ridiculously well.

Cons: Its bass is indeed quite weak compares to others, as others mentioned. Heck, My EP 635 (630 with neckstrap) has way better bass than it. The price could be cheaper too. I also wish the wires could be more sturdy; they are a bit too thin for my taste.

Overall Review: I guess, to decide if this is for you, there are 3 questions: (1) Do you love overall sound at near 100% presentation over how good the bass is? (2) Can you tell the difference between lossless and compressed music, and also between CBR 320kbps (or equivalent VBR) and weak CBR 128kbps music? (3) Do you have musics that have enough level of sounds and ambient that can exploit this earphones very, very well? If you answer all 3 questions "yes", this is for you. I have problems with decent earphones' heavy bass, it actually hurts my ears, so its weak bass actually fits me well. In regard of how good this earphone set is at delivering near perfect audio: I have a song that reaches very high pitches, and when I tried this earphone set with that song, I became truly aware of it, as the song's high pitches were completely not hindered by the earphones, and for the first time ever my ears immediately hurt because of the high pitches through a earphone or speaker set!

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Almost perfect2/20/2008 7:50:05 PM

Pros: It's so light, it's more like a pebble than a stone; sounds great like your typical Creative products; finally not using batteries!

Cons: The included earbud is utter trash (see below); there could be more present EQ; you can't see jack on its LED display under sunlight; reaction to interaction is a bit laggy, but no big deal.

Overall Review: I had a Zen Nano Plus 1GB before, so I am mainly comparing it to that, since both are Creative and Zen series. And, please believe me when I said its earbud is trash; I found earbuds that usually came with Creative MP3 players very decent (MUVO, Zen Nano Plus), but this one is waaayyyy inferior. I listened to 320kbps CBR mp3's, so the difference is really hard to miss. If you have older Creative earbuds or other earbuds/headphones, please use those; I used my old one from Zen Nano Plus, and it sounds far better now. I would give a 4.5 if I could. The player itself, though, is awesome.

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4/24/2007 4:50:10 PM

Pros: It's 256-bit; the cheapest 7800/7900 you can find for AGP; GDDR3; takes only one slot; has rebate to subsidize the price; prolongs the life of your old computer with an extra year or two for gaming.

Cons: It is AGP => more pricy for less performance =(, but what can we do when we are stuck with an AGP slot? rebate takes time; its monster size (see other thoughts)

Overall Review: Upgraded from XFX 5900 to this card. Huge improvement is a given. I don't think I need to spam more about how great some current games run on it. I thought no card can surpass the size of my old 5900; I was wrong. This card is even longer. It almost blocks the power cord for my harddrive. Good thing its width is narrower, so I can still stick with the SATA power cord instead of the molex one. Although my computer is 4 years old, its P4 3GHz Northwood is still one of the best among the single-core, and 2 gig of dual channel DDR400 memory and P4P500 Deluxe make it still a quite good computer. With the addition of this card, it should do well for another year or two for gaming. After all, multithreading programming is hard, and I doubt it will be that common in 2 years. (Only major game that really makes use all those extra cores now is Supreme Commander)

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4/20/2006 7:39:57 PM

Pros: I wrote a review about it already. It should be right below this one.

Cons: None. Forget about what I said in the review below.

Overall Review: Hi. I am the one who wrote the review below. I found out how to config nero so it will burn the whole image onto the disc. My bad. And, as result, I raise the rating to 5-star this time.

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4/19/2006 8:30:18 PM

Pros: It burns the way it should do. Fast and quiet. Lightscribe works as well.

Cons: Not really a con, but lightscribe doesn't really work the way I thought it should...

Overall Review: I thought lightscribe will allow me to write a whole image onto the disc... It ends up that you only have a space of thin ring on the disc to do lightscribe. In other words, this drive's lightscribe ability only allows you to write words on the disc (title, artist, etc.). The allowed lightscribe space will not be large enough for you to write an image onto the disc. I know that some drives with lightscribe technology can write a whole image onto the disc. Unless I am too dumb to config it in Nero or other software, this drive is not able to do that. It can only write to a space of a thin ring. So... is this misleading advertisement? Your call. And keep this in mind. (If I am wrong, someone please post another review and say I am wrong. Thanks.)

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PSU also blew8/31/2005 5:57:49 PM

Comments: I bought this case for my brother's new computer about two months ago. Like many people, its PSU blew yesterday. Good thing it didn't screw up other components. It does look cool, but there seems to be some gaps between the body and the side covers that no matter how hard you press the covers, they will still be there. Everything else is fine so far.

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