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WD TV6/12/2009 3:44:25 PM

Pros: I think this device is fantastic. I have used it to play almost every file type, and have had zero problems. Others who complain about the lack of audio on mkv files must not have a home theater system. Menu system is crisp and easy to understand, device is simple to use even with minimal tech understanding. I have used both HDMI and analog output on both HD and regular tvs and both were very good, crisp pictures. Only time I have noticed a lower quality picture is on my 50" plasma while watching files which have been compressed too much, which is to be expected. On a regular SD tv, the lower quality was barely noticeable. Others have complained about load time from an attached drive, I have found this to be a non issue also, if you plug in a new drive it takes a minute or two to scan, but after that there is minimal load time, even when the drive is removed. I have recommended this product to several other techie type friends who have also been equally impressed. Great product.

Cons: There is a music shuffle option, but this feature could be improved upon. I think setting up playlists would help this situation rather than just playing the entire music collection, something I have not taken the time to do. Remote is small and rather unimpressive, I have been using my Harmony universal remote with supports this device which makes things easier anyway. There can be a lag in commands during fast forward rewind, but it is no worse than on my DVR. Lack of built in networking, but alternate firmware looks to fix that problem.

Overall Review: Having waited and researched for quite some time to buy a device to play my digital media on my tv, I am extremely happy with my purchase. Definitely beats the xbox or playing .divx files through my dvd player. Device is very portable and quite amazing in its feature and simplicity for an item priced so affordably. Great job WD, keep up the support and updated firmware.

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