An excellent headset for the price.5/19/2019 7:05:22 PM

Pros: Very comfortable even after hours of use. Feel well made; sturdy Sound very good (AFTER you install the iCue software) Dolby Virtual 7.1 is VERY accurate and impressive

Cons: Might be a little big for some people. I have them adjusted as short as they can and they fit perfectly. Cord could be a couple feet longer, but not a big deal.

Overall Review: You must install the iCue software for the headset to function properly! At first I couldn't get the USB dongle to show up and initially once I did the sound quality/volume was horrible. After installing the iCue software (which you may already have), it unlocks all the options of the headset as well as some better drivers for the dongle. The difference in sound quality is night and day.

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Awesome Case4/21/2015 11:52:03 AM

Pros: -Sturdy -Awesome Airflow -Plenty of Space

Cons: -Heavy (Not really a con if you don't constantly move your comp around

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Everyone is right12/7/2014 6:58:54 AM

Pros: I bought this after many recommendations from friends and internet gurus alike to replace a Hyper N520 I had cooling my 4690k. My temps dropped 6-10c Overall and idles at 29c. At 4.5ghz 1.27v Its showing load temps of no more than 79c after 15 minutes. An amazing air cooler!

Cons: -Doesn't include a second matching fan, but that's not really a big deal. They at least give you the hardware =p. Quite frankly I only saw maybe a 2-3c Difference when I added a second fan, but i quess every bit helps =)/

Overall Review: I really wish I had gotten this cooler back when everyone told me too. I could only safely reach 4,2ghz (i5-4690k) on the Hyper N520 Temp wise. With the Evo, I can now safely hit 4.5ghz at a slightly lower temp than the N520's 4.2 OC....

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Best HDD around right now, all things considered12/7/2014 6:49:52 AM

Pros: Fast, Single Platter Drive Quiet Extremely affordable for the space and performance!

Cons: None at all!

Overall Review: I bought this one for my Dad's computer to replace an aging Barracuda 8mb Cache 250GB so that + a fresh Win7 install made a huge difference. I've had one in my rig as my Games drive for almost a year now with no problems at all. Really a great deal on a great drive. This drive does not include screws or cables, hence BARE DRIVE. Since most people have extra cables or are replacing the drive anyways its not really a big deal.

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Perfect fan for what I needed =)10/27/2013 3:15:02 PM

Pros: -BRIGHT Red. I wanted bright, since it's mostly enclosed and it delivers. -Pretty quiet. -Good airflow/DB ratio

Cons: Doesn't smell like cherries.

Overall Review: I used this to replace the stock fan in an Original Xbox. The OEM fan is just so loud and I figured this would be a nice upgrade. Stock is a Delta 70mm. You need to do some cutting on the HD tray to make it fit and a little off the corners on the bottom of them fan, but then it fits nice and snug. Projects a nice red glow from the back while producing half the noise =).

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Awesome Idea10/24/2013 11:21:26 AM

Pros: -Easily Reset BIOS without fiddling with Jumpers and taking you case apart. -Pretty sturdy and looks nice -Long Cables

Cons: -Long Cables ;)

Overall Review: I was kind of hesitant to do a review on this, as it was the last one Newegg had and apparently is discontinued. I did a quick search and couldn't seem to find them anywhere else, so I kind of feel like I'm telling you how awesome this thing is... that you'll never have...

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First time using Arctic Silver 510/22/2013 6:28:25 AM

Pros: -Did drop my temps by about 3C compared to the paste that came with my Cooler Master N520 -Free Shipping

Cons: -None, i guess

Overall Review: I bought this to try to get the temps down even more on my QX6700. It was running at ~75C Core OC'ed (3Ghz @ 333 FSB) and now it runs at ~71/72C per core under load in Prime. Maybe it will get a LITTLE better after it "cures" (200 hours) but it's not like it made as big of a difference as everyone says it does, maybe if you're replacing old dried paste or the previous paste wasn't put on right. I used the Line method for both pastes. Overall for $9 though I'm happy I bought it since any decrease in temps is a plus. *Apparently you can't put A-S-5 together because it resembles another word lol. Changing title...*

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Works great10/19/2013 8:22:59 AM

Pros: Effective cooler Relatively cheap Nice strong brackets and screws.

Cons: 3-Pin Fan Can be noisy (read other thoughts)

Overall Review: I bought this and 2 Blade Master 92MM fans (they are 4 pin) and a 4 pin PWM cable (silverstone). I wanted a 4 pin setup and the blade master fan push more air anyways. This works great, but at full speed can be loud. I believe the stock fans would probably be quieter, but I never tried them, so I wouldn't know. It would be nice if this came with 4 pin fans from the start.

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Works great10/17/2013 6:01:08 PM

Pros: -Perfect length for what I needed (CPU fans). Being a 4 Pin I'd imagine this is what most people get it for. -Very well built and look nice with the sleeve. -Extra TACH pin removed on second line

Cons: None. This is exactly what I wanted

Overall Review: I bought two cooler master blade master 92MM fans to replace the stock ones so I needed a 4 pin Y cable. Some of them dont have the extra TACH wire removed and this can cause problems as both fans are trying to send speeds at the same time. The ones that do have the pin removed don't have this nice sleeve, so this was win win.

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Awesome fans10/17/2013 5:57:22 PM

Pros: Blow A LOT of air. Quite below 1800-2000 RPMS

Cons: Pretty loud at full speed but not enough to take an Egg off.

Overall Review: I bought these to replace the two fans on a Cooler Master N520 as an upgrade (4pin and better CFM). While they work great keeping my QX6700 cool, they can be kind of noisy at full blast. I'm OK with that, but these might be better as case fans if your worried about noise.

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Quite & Cheap6/14/2013 7:01:24 PM

Pros: Quite Cheap Comes w/ Screws

Cons: Low Airflow

Overall Review: Theses are good fans for the price. Don't think that just because it's a 140mm fan that it moves tons of air; it doesn't. But it does work and it does it quietly. They work for what I need.

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Very good headset6/2/2013 8:57:38 AM

Pros: Very comfortable. Good cord length and the volume control is in the perfect spot. Good sound quality.

Cons: Not really a con, but the mic fits REALLY snugly into the port. Kind of tight.

Overall Review: I'm glad I bought these. I was looking at a few logitechs (most of my peripherals) but decided on these based on reviews and simplicity (I'd rather utilize my 3.5mm jacks then use another USB slot.) I didn't want virtual surround from two speakers, just a good stereo headset w/ mic. This is what they were advertised as and so far work excellent. I'm glad I bought these.

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So far so good5/27/2013 5:06:21 PM

Pros: Great price. Perfect set to max out my 790i Ultra. Good looking.

Cons: None

Overall Review: This replaced a set of Patriot 2x2GB and so far has worked great. I normally run it linked with my QX6700 with 1066 FSB. 7-7-7-21 and can be set lower. This is a great set of ram.

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