Good buy6/29/2021 9:03:20 AM

Pros: - Decent Battery life - Very powerful compared to other 11.6' laptops. Probably better than a lot of 12-13" laptops - Passively cooled, if you can believe it.

Cons: - You'll likely damage or destroy it if you are not super careful when upgrading the storage. - Screen isn't the best. Its not dim like some say, however colors are very washed out. - Can get a little hot to the touch, though the cpu is in no danger of overheating

Overall Review: Power consumption is pretty good, I can watch around 45 minutes of FHD video and only drain about 10%. I have another 11.6" laptop that has a N5000 cpu and the i5-10210Y absolutely destroys it in the performance metric. It is passively cooled which is amazing, however the underside near the back of the unit can get a bit hot during moderate use. Maxing out the cpu can make the entire underside scorching, but the cpu temps never get dangerous. The screen is the only major disappointment. Other have complained that it is dim, but I disagree. Maybe if you used it in full sun, but who does that? No, the real problem is color gamut and washed out visual. Everything looks kind of bleached. However for such a small powerful laptop, that is ok.

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