Ridiculously quiet, excellent value.9/10/2015 12:19:59 PM

Pros: Plenty of power! Running several hard drives, an i7 4790 and 2x GF GTX 650's with zero hiccups or power issues. SUPER QUIET.

Cons: Plugs are maybe a little too tight? But honestly, how often are you going to plug/unplug things from your PSU?

Overall Review: Ths is powering my Workhorse PC with an i7-4790, 16GB ram, MSI Z97, 16GB Ripjaws, 2x GTX 650s, and 4 widescreen LCDs. The only issue I've had with this rig is the flaky USB 3.0 ports on the Rosewill RedBone U3 case.

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Very nice case... with some issues.9/10/2015 11:02:32 AM

Pros: Very well constructed, love the powedercoating inside and black/red is a very nice look for MSI black/red motherboards. Monster fans inside, but SUPER QUITE. love it!

Cons: Can't fit a 212 EVO inside. USB 3 ports on front started getting flaky as hell after 2 months. Typically, USB3 HDD plugs in, shows up in OS, then drops and comes back repeatedly. Real pain in the rear, and now only one 3.0 port on the front is trustworthy at all

Overall Review: Intel i7-4690 MSI Z97 Gaming 5 mobo GSkill ripjaws 16GB (ZERO issues here) Rosewill HIVE 650S (ZERO issues here running below GPUs) 2x MSI GeForce GTX 650 (refurbs, cheap, great bang for buck for workhorse PC running 4x LCDs)

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