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Brings front USB 3 to an older case1/7/2018 8:51:52 AM

Pros: If you are replacing the motherboard in an older PC with front USB 2.0 ports, this will allow you to connect fast USB 3.0 external drives without reaching behind your case. The ports feel sturdy and the connector is long enough to reach the USB 3 header on my motherboard.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Complaints about compatibility and speed might be misplaced. The electronics are all on your motherboard. This just wires the ports to the front of your case.

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Great price and feature set for a uATX Ryzen build1/7/2018 8:46:35 AM

Pros: Four DDR4 slots Plenty of USB 3 ports One USB C port Supports two M.2 SSDs (one SATA, one PCIe)

Cons: It took awhile to find memory on the QVL that NewEgg stocked

Overall Review: If you're installing a Ryzen CPU, you'll need to remove the plastic heatsink retainers on the board. Refer to the manual. There are just four SATA ports (including the M.2), but for most micro-ATX builds, this shouldn't be a limitation.

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AMD is competitive again!1/7/2018 8:37:01 AM

Pros: This CPU is roughly three times faster than my old Athlon X4 640 at raw photo processing. With 6 cores / 12 threads, it rips through multithreaded jobs amazingly well for its price point. 65W TDP.

Cons: Intel's chips are a bit faster in single-threaded performance.

Overall Review: Good bang for the buck, but if you want more performance, the Ryzen 7 offers 33% more cores for 50% more dollars.

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Silent, good for workstation and HTPC builds1/7/2018 8:26:29 AM

Pros: Silent. Low power (30W TDP). Much better than integrated graphics.

Cons: Needed to get an adapter to connect to my DVI monitor.

Overall Review: This card is fine for light gaming, but if games are important to you, you should step up to a GTX 1050 or higher. I paired this with a Ryzen 5 1600 in a PC used for photo and video processing. Once desktop Ryzen APUs materialize, the value proposition of this card will probably disappear.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI product! If you ever require technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
Works with Ryzen 5 1600 / ASRock AB350M Pro41/7/2018 8:16:58 AM

Pros: Works with finicky Ryzen rigs.

Cons: What looks like heat spreaders in the picture are actually just ... stickers.

Overall Review: I spent a fair amount of time searching Newegg for memory modules listed in the motherboard manual's compatibility chart (that were in stock and not horrifically overpriced). This was the best choice.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Hi Jeremy Thank you for your G.Skill purchase and review. Great to hear this memory kit works well with your AMD Ryzen system. The G.Skill Fortis series memory is optimized for AMD CPUs, so you can expect the best compatibility and performance. This memory kit is ultra low Voltage, so even with overclocking they can operate at a low temperature where heat is not a concern. We apologize if the images appear to have heat spreaders. Even so, this memory model is a great value for the price and performance you get. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you for choosing GSKILL Quality and customer service are our top priorities. To check or report a technical problem, please visit the Official G.Skill Technical Forum: Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email:
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It's Windows.1/7/2018 8:11:23 AM

Pros: Quick and convenient installation. Good hardware support. Features. Windows store.

Cons: Animated ads plastered all over the Start menu.

Overall Review: A packaging failure left me worried for a moment. I opened the little book and saw an empty spot where the USB drive should have been. Fortunately, upon disassembling the cardboard, I found the USB key was hiding, not missing.

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2/19/2012 9:07:29 PM

Pros: Got this one for an HTPC. It's quiet and reliable.

Cons: None to speak of. Although it's not a 7200RPM drive, it still outperforms older, smaller 7200RPM drives due to its high data density.

Overall Review: I was fortunate to buy this one before the floods in Thailand; I paid half what it's going for now.

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Fast and convenient, when it works2/19/2012 8:59:23 PM

Pros: - Convenient to have internal card reader ports - Fast I/O - Extra front USB port is nice too

Cons: - Sometimes when I plug in an SD card, the reader turns itself off, and will not work again without power-cycling the whole computer. (You can't unplug and replug the card reader since it's internal...) - Use caution when inserting CF cards; it's easy to accidentally bend pins (I destroyed another Rosewill reader this way). It'd be better if the socket were a little deeper, to "guide" the card to the proper pin alignment. - The unnecessary blue power LED is insanely bright.

Overall Review: - Requires an unused motherboard USB header. If you have a newer machine, you probably have one or more. - The bottom row of slots are upside-down. Not really an issue when you get used to it, but something to watch for. (It allows Rosewill to save some costs mounting slots on both sides of the same PCB.)

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Are you able to try another USB header to see if the issue still happens? It sounds like the motherboard may be cutting power to the header to conserve power. Also, are you able to try the unit in another system to see if it does the same thing? If you are still having issues after that, please contact the Rosewill support team either via phone at 800-575-9885 or via email at Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
Efficient and reasonably fast2/2/2012 1:10:53 PM

Pros: The best performance you'll find at this price point, period. Great improvement over integrated video. Low power requirement. Factory-overclocked GDDR5 memory gives this specific card an edge over other GT 240s. Fan is silent at idle. Plays Portal 2 maxed out at 1080p without breaking a sweat.

Cons: Fan emits a high-pitched whine at higher speeds, although this hasn't usually been noticeable over game sounds. Designs with large dual-slot coolers are usually better in this department (at the expense of the adjacent slot, of course).

Overall Review: My card had some minor dents and scratches on the fan shroud. Nothing too surprising for a refurb.

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Good sound, slightly buggy2/2/2012 8:14:21 AM

Pros: I got these for my work computer. My old 3.5mm-jack headphones shorted out and took the onboard sound with them. I was very happy to see I could replace both with a single inexpensive item, and get a mic for conference calls too. They're comfortable and they sound great. I was surprised to see the volume buttons work with Microsoft Intellitype OSD (they do the same thing my keyboard volume buttons do).

Cons: It is *extremely* loud out of the box. I had to put the volume all the way down to 1%. There is a software fix for this (see "Other thoughts"), but it's annoying to have to install another useless tray icon program. This would be perfect 5/5 were it not for this issue. Also, the other reviews aren't kidding about the eyeball-searing power LED. I plan to cover it with electrical tape.

Overall Review: Rosewill's driver installs a tray icon program that can fix the sound issue: in the Main Setting tab, bottom right corner, click the chunky speaker-looking icon next to Output Device and drag the sliders down until the volume is reasonable. A downside of *this* is that Rosewill's drivers *break* compatibility with Intellitype. Can't have both.

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It just works1/30/2012 2:35:56 PM

Pros: Inexpensive, reliable

Cons: None to speak of

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Keeps up with my Canon 60D10/9/2011 7:55:36 AM

Pros: Big, fast, and cheap. Enough said.

Cons: None I can think of.

Overall Review: Haven't thoroughly benchmarked it, but don't have a need to - it doesn't constrain HD video recording on my EOS 60D

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It works8/24/2011 10:31:44 AM

Pros: Inexpensive, PCIe x1 interface. Reliable connection.

Cons: Never seen it close to 300Mbps, even in the same room as my wireless-N router. 30-50Mbps is typical.

Overall Review: Works out of the box with Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty).

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Solid, feature-packed board8/22/2011 7:52:22 AM

Pros: Good performance, great features for the price

Cons: Would have preferred one more PCI-e slot

Overall Review: Worked well in my Karmic-based MythTV box

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Stable and quiet8/22/2011 7:47:54 AM

Pros: Quiet. Stable voltages. Sheathed cables.

Cons: None that I can think of.

Overall Review: I nearly forgot I installed this. That's high praise for a power supply.

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It works8/22/2011 7:45:46 AM

Pros: It works. Excellent price/performance ratio. Passed a full memtest86+ cycle with no issues. Never had any trouble with G.Skill RAM.

Cons: None.

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Good picture, but laggy6/29/2011 9:03:22 PM

Pros: Surprisingly good color rendition and uniformity for this price range. Excellent analog signal lock, if you're using VGA.

Cons: High input lag (~32ms behind a CRT, both VGA and DVI) makes this monitor unsuitable for gaming.

Overall Review: The stand is a little wobbly, but it's not likely to tip or anything.

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Unbeatable bang for the buck11/4/2010 6:23:51 PM

Pros: Four 3GHz CPU cores = lots of horsepower for little $, especially for multithreaded apps such as video processing

Cons: None

Overall Review: It's not competitive with the Intel Core i7, but it costs about a third as much (and fits cheaper motherboards too). Nothing else in this price category comes close.

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Perfect fit in Dell Studio 1735 laptop3/11/2010 5:19:46 AM

Pros: It works. Tons of supported formats. Faster than my old TSST drive. Quiet operation (once the disc is loaded).

Cons: A bit noisy loading/unloading. Some slippage when loading.

Overall Review: I got this drive to replace the failed TSST drive that came with my Dell Studio 1735 laptop. It's half the price of the Dell replacement part. I ordered it not knowing whether it'd fit, but fortunately, it does. You have to remove the plastic bezel, of course. There's enough clearance between the drive and the edge of the case that the eject button (which isn't present on Dell's drive) isn't spoiled.

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Silent performer12/27/2009 8:57:11 PM

Pros: *Very* quiet--I can't hear it at all over my case and CPU fans. (It's the fourth thing I've bought advertised with a "silent" fan, and the first one that actually delivered on that promise. Hopefully it _stays_ silent.) Good performance for a casual gamer. Low power consumption--no auxiliary power needed. HDMI and video acceleration make it an excellent choice for an HTPC.

Cons: Large-ish heatsink blocks the adjacent slot. (The card itself is quite short, however, and will fit in a compact case.) Memory is clocked lower than normal (800/1600 DDR vs. the nominal 900/1800 DDR for a 1GB 4670); I was able to overclock the memory to that speed without trouble, however.

Overall Review: It's in the same performance category as the GeForce 9600 GSO, but with a smaller package and much less noise and heat. Can't go wrong. It may, however, be worthwhile to step up to a Radeon HD 4850 or GeForce GTS 240 with GDDR5 if your budget allows.

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Fast and reliable12/24/2009 8:55:44 PM

Pros: Competitively priced, run at normal voltage (1.5V), no memtest86+ errors in the ones I've bought

Cons: None

Overall Review: I have two of these in an Athlon II X4 620 build

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Surprisingly good 3D performance12/24/2009 8:46:53 PM

Pros: Great feature set, including HDMI with sound. Can drive dual monitors. The integrated Radeon HD 4200 (with 128MB DDR3 sideport memory soldered onto the motherboard) outperforms every other integrated solution I've seen; it even pwns the discrete GeForce 6600 card in my previous machine. Windows 7 Experience Index rating = 4.6; 3DMark2001 > 13,000; 3DMark06 > 2,000. Also, if graphics performance isn't important to you, you can configure the IGP to use the sideport memory exclusively, not sharing system memory at all!

Cons: Only 2 memory slots. Price went up after I bought it. Manual isn't terribly easy to read

Overall Review: A dumb advertising sticker over the RAM slots left sticky gunk behind that was hard to clean off. Not worth docking an egg over this, but it's annoying.

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Loud.12/24/2009 8:35:48 PM

Pros: It's a fan. Free shipping when I bought it means it's not any more expensive than the cheapest models.

Cons: Cord is short. Not "silent" by any stretch--it's got a serious whine to it. No way it's 25dbA.

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Fast!12/14/2009 9:05:50 PM

Pros: It's fast. Transfer rates exceeding 17MB/sec for SD; 3x faster than the flaky old Sabrent reader it replaced. It also matches the color of my case.

Cons: SD slot is upside-down (this is not uncommon). CF slot seems a little finicky; the cards don't slide in as easily as my old reader. Screw holes didn't quite line up right. Worthless blue power LED that's always on.

Overall Review: I took the front cover off, put electrical tape over the blue LED, and replaced the front cover; now the power LED isn't an issue anymore.

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Cheap route to AM3+DDR312/5/2009 9:58:51 AM

Pros: Inexpensive, works

Cons: Previous generation of HyperTransport and PCI Express. No DVI. IDE connector is hard to get to right next to the power connector. Since it's smaller than a typical uATX board, the front edge of the board isn't well supported (there are only two rows of screws).

Overall Review: Had I done my homework, I would have opted for a 785G board instead, but this works.

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