I got greedy5/21/2020 1:03:48 PM

Pros: Cheap, reliable, fast, no rgb, I’ll never have to worry about running out of ram

Cons: Doesn’t run at 3600 with 4 sticks on my system.

Overall Review: This ram is pretty great. Price to performance is excellent. I bought 4 sticks (because it’s so cheap!) thinking I could run all of them at max spec, but other pieces of my system wouldn’t let it run properly. The DOCP (ASUS xmp) wouldn’t run for all 4 sticks, but I could run all 4 at 3200 stably. I bet there was a way to make it work at 3600, but I’m pretty new to pc building. So now I’m just running two sticks (32GB total) at 3733 MHz with tighter timings. I’ve hit 4000 with these but it’s not stable at all haha. Enjoy! ASUS X570-P, Ryzen 3700x, XFX RawII 5700xt

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The perfect monitor for me.1/13/2020 2:42:07 PM

Pros: This monitor literally checks every single category I was looking for in a monitor. -Refresh: 144hz Freesync -Resolution: 1440p -Response: 1ms -Size: 27" It does everything I want it to and it's way cheaper than any other monitor I could find with the specs I wanted. I didn't think it was going to be this good.

Cons: The two things that could be nitpicked about is the size of the bezel and the brightness. I've seen brighter monitors, but this one is more than perfect for me. I currently have the backlight set around 75%. The bezel could be annoying if you have two monitors for gaming, but that's a non issue for me.

Overall Review: Specs cpu: R7 3700x gpu: XFX Raw II 5700 xt mobo: Asus Prime X570-P mem: 64Gb 3600MHz Oloy (I got a stupid good deal ok?) Storage: 1Tb Samsung 970 Evo Before getting this monitor my monitor was a 1080p 75 hz, and it was my biggest bottleneck. This monitor really matches up well with my equipment. And doesn't bottleneck the system at all, I love it.

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