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Not a smart switch8/5/2020 10:47:26 PM

Pros: - All 3 switches I bought and chained together work flawlessly without any issues at all. - Plug and play - Produces only a small amount of heat despite the constant traffic flow and where I have them located (semi-sealed wooden box) - Small form factor - Still able to get my max 200/100MB/s internet connection through it with 0 - 1 ms Ping, so there's no issues there either.

Cons: - Smart switches have a web interface or an app to adjust settings... these do not have that option. Therefore, it's false advertising.

Overall Review: Overall, aside from it not being a real "smart" switch, I'd still buy more of these again if / when the time comes I need more, and I do recommend this one over the other options as this one is cheap enough from a respectable brand. The only way I would recommend against it is if you're looking for a real smart switch with actual features you can adjust / disable / enable, etc.

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Perfect so far5/29/2020 4:11:58 PM

Overall Review: I bought 2 of these and I've transferred 2TB from an old drive to one of these 4TB drives, then mirrored to the 2nd one for redundancy totaling just under 4TB of transferred data so far. Drives did need to be manually activated through Windows disk management, then partitioned and formatted.

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Great enclosure for the price5/29/2020 4:04:40 PM

Pros: - Nice speeds... at least for my HDD, never tested SSD speeds. - Rubber cushions are a very nice touch, just needs to be modified to work correctly. - I appreciate the tiny blue indicator light, just wish it was a little more noticeable and on the vent side. - USB type-C is nice, so thanks for that. (I hate it when it's type-B) - Momentary switch / power button which is nice, though it'd be nicer if it was latching or rocker switch. - Solid plastic construction, perfectly happy with it considering the metal enclosures cost way too much.

Cons: - Rubber needs to be chopped up on the side where it plugs into the sata / power connections in order to get a reliable connection with the port. Clearly an overlooked flaw. I would suggest making sure the enclosure works well before voiding the warranty like that though. Egg docked for that. - For some reason, Windows 7 would not work with brand new drives using the enclosures while using Windows disk management. It wouldn't allow me to activate the drives and partition / format them. I had to install the drives through normal sata ports, partition them, then re-insert them into the enclosures and they worked fine afterwards. I don't know if this is typical for external drive enclosures, but thought it would be worth mentioning as it made things rather inconvenient.

Overall Review: I bought 2 of these (so far), both needed the rubbers modified to work reliably. I transferred 2TB of data to the first one, then mirrored with the 2nd one for redundancy for a total of 4TB of data transfer. No issues so far, but the USB connectors got really hot towards the end of the transfer... not entirely sure why other than maybe it wasn't enough contact with the port? I wouldn't blame the enclosure or brand though as that's another company that designed the USB ports / adapters to a specific standard.

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4th time buying this board1/6/2020 9:51:15 AM

Pros: - It's a great board for the price, a solid 4 out of 5 eggs - It has the standard modern Asus bios you would expect, which works pretty well for a bios. - Provides average overclocking potential without the heavy price tag. - I always love seeing 6 sata ports and 4 ram slots on a board.

Cons: - 1 board had to be RMA'd because of somewhat faulty LAN / USB ports... but stuff like that could happen with any board, so I don't hold it against them. - Had a weird bios update with this newest board where it just did the bios update and then hung there in black screen for half an hour before I forced shutdown and it would not boot up properly for several attempts until it finally started working perfectly again and no issues since. Weirdest bios update issue I've ever seen. But the board works great so far, so who knows why it did that. - Aside from those 2 random issues, my only minor complaint is the orange light on the board... why orange? I thought AMD standards was red. Also, the PCI-E light is bright and pointless. I don't know why it exists.

Overall Review: I keep buying / recommending this motherboard because it really is a pretty good motherboard for the price and works with so many builds. ppl generally don't need full size ATX boards anymore. The only reason I give it 4 out of 5 eggs is because of the issues I've gotten with them so far.

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EVGA always impresses me1/6/2020 9:24:54 AM

Pros: - For something priced affordably, the quality standards are still really good, it puts other PSU manufacturers to shame. - The fan turns on (or ramps up in speed) only when it gets hot enough to need it (though I kind of wish it had an override switch for cheap cases that have poor airflow to force that airflow) - Sleeved all black cables - Nice presentation inside the case, doesn't stand out as an ugly thing like most PSUs do.

Cons: - Doesn't come with the PSU tester or fancy packaging you would get with 80+ gold certified EVGA PSUs, but that's easily expected

Overall Review: Definitely worth the purchase. I've bought several EVGA bronze PSUs (as well as gold), and EVGA has never disappointed me so far. I don't even consider other PSU manufacturers anymore.

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Worth it at sale price1/6/2020 9:05:13 AM

Pros: - Definitely worth it when on sale. - Nice black casing with logo - Good SSD performance for the price I paid

Cons: - Regular price looks a bit steep for a non-high performance SSD.

Overall Review: I bought it for a customer in need of a cheap SSD, since this was on sale for a very good price and competitive with 250GB ssd pricing, I'd have been dumb to not get this one. So far though, it's looking pretty good, no complaints from the customer or myself.

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Worth the price1/6/2020 8:56:03 AM

Pros: - Even without SMT, the 4 core CPU performs pretty good (SMT would have only given it a max of 15% boost in certain apps anyways) - Decent price - Comes with integrated graphics which allows savings for someone not interested in gaming

Cons: - heatsink fan cannot be rotated at all to allow better cable management without having to deal with upside down AMD logo.

Overall Review: Overall, worth the purchase for anyone not interested in gaming or heavy workloads.

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Inexpensive and easy1/6/2020 8:44:43 AM

Pros: - Inexpensive while still having lifetime warranty - Easy bios setup with Ryzen / Asus Prime B450M-A/CSM motherboard as it auto recognized it's performance and tuned it accordingly without defaulting to 2100MHz like it would with other ram. - Black PCB

Cons: - no heat spreader - stickers are big and ugly with blank space for no reason... could have at least been reduced in size

Overall Review: First time buying a G.Skill product. So far, it's looking pretty good. I'll be keeping an eye out for their products in the future.

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Decent for the price1/6/2020 8:33:11 AM

Pros: - Has a 5 1/4" bay for disc drives which is becoming more and more rare even though some PC builds have to have one. - Included 2 fans. - 4 front USB ports is always a nice feature even if you rarely ever use them. - Black interior with a more open concept design which has it's pros and cons but still a nice touch. - A full size PSU fits nicely in the case.

Cons: - Biggest con is the lack of front ventilation (2 egg deduction for specifically that reason). If you buy this case, then you'll need to drill out small holes in the front panel to allow air to flow through. It's fairly easy to do as you can just use the existing pattern as reference and not negatively affect the overall appearance of the case. - After installing the 5 1/4" drive and 2 1/2" SSD, there was no room for a 3 1/2" drive. In fact, I'm not even sure it's possible to install one at all even if the case was empty. Maybe I missed something? - Cable management is more or less non-existant unless you have a 5 1/4" disc drive to tuck and hide the excess cables on top. - Had to temporarily remove rear case fan to fit the motherboard in place (very tight squeeze), slight modification to the case would have prevented that. - 2 of the standoffs were not installed and not supplied for the Micro ATX motherboard, the ones I added myself could not be tightened as the tread on the case was very thin and so the screw would just flop around loosely when it got to the end... not that it matters much as it's just for motherboard support when applying the 24 pin connector and ram, the welded ones supplied are more than secure enough for the motherboard.

Overall Review: Reason I bought the case was because the customer I built the computer for didn't care what it looked like as long as it was light and had a 5 1/4" bay, so I bought the cheapest one available that would work well enough for the build (and didn't look cheap or horrible). I knew about the horrible airflow before buying the case but could see that it was an easy fix to deal with and wouldn't ruin the overall look. I just didn't know I couldn't fit her old 3 1/2" drive which is weird and unexpected. Overall, I think the case is decent for the price and would consider buying it again for another customer. But I'd rather spend more money on a better quality case if purchasing for myself.

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Works great, no issues7/11/2019 11:36:31 AM

Pros: - EVGA packaging standards... - Doesn't get hot during normal non-stressful use, so the fan stays off most of the time when on ECO mode, and when not in ECO mode, the fan spin noise is still non-existent - Nice clean look - Decent price, especially when on sale - Japanese capacitors where it matters

Cons: - Can't think of any

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Perfect product, terrible shipping practice5/14/2019 11:29:12 AM

Pros: - I did the burn test, it is in fact 100% pure copper - no breaks or issues so far, proper quality as you'd expect from any network cable - perfect signal and network speed even at 150+ feet in length x2 since I had 2 runs of that length - cable is labeled every feet for easy measuring and knowing how much is left in the box. - I like that the cable is white as it's easier to hide / blends in with the wall

Cons: - occasional minor snags when pulling cable out of the box, but that's to be expected - shipping company threw the box on my deck and drove away... didn't bother knocking on the door or at least slipping the box between the storm door and inner door. Worst shipping company practice I've ever seen. With all the package thieves out there lately, this is unacceptable. Side of the truck was labeled Discount... don't know if that's an actual shipping company or what, but really disappointed with them. Docking 1 egg for that cuz the seller could have chosen a more respectable shipping company, even if it costed a little more.

Overall Review: Product is everything you want in a Cat5e cable, seller just needs to choose a more respectable delivery service.

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Pretty good, though a bit expensive10/15/2018 3:57:36 PM

Pros: - Looks great, though colors don't quite match my VA gaming panel next to it, but I got used to it to the point where I don't even notice anymore - Even though it's a 1440p display, it does look and work well at standard 1080p resolution after minor adjusting no burnt pixels, great brightness, great picture quality, no noticeable light bleed as far as I can tell (at least not nearly as bad as my VA panel) - Love the tiny / simple Dell logo... nothing blatant and in your face... you only see it when you want to see it. The back of it looks great too, not all covered up with stickers and warning labels.. just looks clean and sharp. - buttons are nice and simple to work with once you get used to them

Cons: - USB hub is pretty much useless to me as it turns off during standby and doesn't work well at all with external drives - there's no bezel at all... nothing to grab when tilting or moving the monitor, which means no protection either... I like the slim border, but this is taking it too far.

Overall Review: I've never used the base that came with it and I haven't tried the screen at 1440p cuz my laptop only has the old HDMI port, so I'm stuck with 1080p for now, but I don't mind cuz the image is still sharp and clean

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Works well enough for my needs10/15/2018 3:39:17 PM

Pros: Looks great works well enough for my needs for the price, definitely worth it... I might even buy another one for my other monitor

Cons: my 27" Dell is maybe not heavy enough to allow the height adjustment to work, either that or it's broken and even the little screw adjustment thing does nothing. the tilt is a bit too stiff would have been nice to see the knuckle with a soft padding or something cuz it bangs into the wall causing damage... I resorted to sacrificing a pair of black socks and slipped over it which works well enough.

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You get what you pay for10/15/2018 3:31:08 PM

Pros: - looks great, black with the Samsung logo... so simple yet looks so good. - I've got the 850 evo (over a year and 1/2 old) and this one, both run perfectly, so very reliable - fast... probably faster than most other brands - included software is a really nice bonus and makes the process of transferring your OS to the new drive nice and easy. - price on SSDs are finally acceptable and worth it

Cons: I can't seem to come up with any at all

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I spent money on this garbage5/31/2018 8:12:46 AM

Pros: - looks pretty good - price seemed reasonable - was comfortable if you sat in a very specific manner - for some reason, mine came with 2 head cushions and a lumbar cushion

Cons: - Backrest gearing broke within 2 months of careful use. - Warranty is a joke (took more than 2 months of constant excuses, blatant lies, laziness and apologies before finally receiving the replacement part which was of far lower quality than original to the point where I can't even re-sell the chair let alone sit on it anymore) - Mail-in-rebate is a lie / marketing scam to lure you in. It's been exactly 6 months now. I'm never going to see that $40. - They claimed in email that their warranty was only 3 months even though it says 1 year on this store page. - Bare frame constantly find it's way to create discomfort, mainly in my thighs, side and bottom (and I'm really skinny) - LEDs on the backrest looks terrible... but that's not even on my mind at this point. - Their website doesn't even have official support for this chair.

Overall Review: - During the process of trying to force them to send me a replacement part, I must have sent them over 15 emails in total (for the record, I stayed very professional and respectful the whole time), they sent me 12 replies in total. After the initial agreement to send me the part, I had to take the initiative to email them every week to get an update which consisted of excuses, time delays and an apologies, every single time. They refused to keep me up to date on the process even though they constantly said they would within the next day... it was always me who had to force the information out of them. - The replacement part received had less framework to support anyone's weight to the point where a 10lbs dumbbell weight is enough to bottom out on the cushion, you can literally feel the metal framework underneath when you sit on the chair. Much thinner gauge metal, and not enough of it to prevent most of the cushion from falling through it when seated. Different / thinner pu-leather material and in a different pattern. Cushion poorly positioned inside the chair and a lot of it was compressed and ruined. Chair farts loudly when you sit on it due to lack of ventilation. - The manufacturers know how unhappy I am about this replacement part and yet they have not made any effort to do anything about it. It's been over a month since their last reply. - You might see a video review of this chair with more details and email evidence later... but for now, my life is too busy to deal with this garbage anymore but feel I should at least get this text review out now before too many other ppl buy into it. - Lesson learned... stay far away from Gamdias products.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Shawn, Sorry to hear about it. We will surely improve the quality based on what you mentioned above. Regarding the MIR, can you drop us an email at Our guys will look into it and make sure you get the rebate. Thank you Gamdias
Excellent monitor11/4/2017 6:42:56 PM

Pros: - Easily removable rear plate for hiding the cables a bit was a nice touch - The ability to connect to multiple computers was also a nice touch. Greatly appreciated. - Very solid and stable base... I don't care that it's a little heavy, I appreciate the weight. It also looks really nice. - Underglow light compliments my mechanical keyboard quite nicely. Again, nice touch. - Height, tilt, swivel, VESA mountable: all greatly appreciated. I think all monitors should have these features as standard. - I specifically bought it for exactly everything mentioned in the description... thank goodness I was able to get it before it went out of stock the very next day - All official tests resulted in me being quite happy with it

Cons: - Tobii Eye tracking was not included, and there's nothing at all about this monitor that makes Tobii work differently with it compared to any other monitor, which irritated me to no end. To me, this is blatant false advertising which is specifically why I docked an egg from the rating. I should have done a little more research into it, but in my defense, there's only so much you can do in a day and I was definitely not expecting a blatant lie from a well respected name brand like Acer. - That rear top wing thing makes no sense to me. I have no idea what it's purpose is and why it's a permanent feature to it. I would have liked to have the option to remove it or at least use it for cable management as my cables go straight up to the shelf above. - Light bleed wasn't noticeable when gaming or watching movies on it, but I definitely noticed it during my tests. So, it's there, but I don't think it'll ever be an issue for me.

Overall Review: - As others have mentioned, this monitor (as well as probably every other g-sync and free-sync monitor out there) does have a subtle but noticeable brightness flicker when the frame rates are below a certain amount (mainly when there's nothing at all going on, like a still image on-screen). This is caused by g-sync (for a lack of a better term) getting confused and not being able to sync properly when the frame rates are that low. This is considered a normal thing for G-sync and not to be mistaken as a hardware malfunction. Although I would imagine this will get properly resolved someday as ppl won't tolerate it forever. In the meantime, simply disable g-sync for normal windows use in control panel and only have it configured for gaming or anything that allows for a lot of frame rate. - This 27" monitor is about the limit to what 1080p looks great at. I would have gone with 1440p if gaming could run better at that resolution, but they don't. - Something else worth noting is that it takes quite a bit longer to go into standby / sleep mode compared to my ancient 2007 LCD. I could literally go into standby mode on my old monitor and go back on again twice before this one would go into full standby once. It does turn back on quickly though, but that's just because it's LED whereas my old one is LCD.

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Great DP cable11/4/2017 5:54:02 PM

Pros: - Works great - Feels very high quality

Cons: - Not very flexible for going around sharp corners as it's very thick and with large end adapters, if you're into cable management like I am

Overall Review: - It's being used on a g-sync 144hz 1080p monitor, for gaming.

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Perfect just like the last one I bought9/29/2017 10:09:53 PM

Pros: I bought 2 of them so far, no issues with either one.

Cons: none

Overall Review: My dad lost the first one which is why I needed to buy another one.

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Great network cable9/29/2017 10:06:49 PM

Pros: - Cat5e 24AWG 100ft as advertised - tested perfect on my meter - nothing at all wrong with the cable

Cons: - There doesn't seem to be any indication on the cable letting you know what feet / meter you're at... since I don't plan on using it as is and plan on cutting it to specific lengths for different applications over time and make new ends... this feature would have been nice to have, though not a big deal.

Overall Review: I just bought it as extra since I was slowly running out and the price was good.

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My best purchase to date7/8/2017 12:46:03 AM

Pros: - Easily overclocks to 3.9GHz without adjusting voltage settings, can probably go higher with voltage increase, but right now it's pointless. - Ridiculously fast compared to anything I had previously - Way overkill for gaming as it just idles with every demanding game I throw at it including voxel based games, partially because I cap the fps at 60. - 99th percentile (14947 score) in passmark benchmark test

Cons: - I wish CPU temperatures were more accurate. Even though I have an oversized Noctua NH-U12S cooler on it and therefore never worried about it overheating, I still wish I knew what temperature it was actually running instead of just guessing all the time. This is a known issue with all Ryzen CPUs. Even with bios updates, it's still inaccurate, though apparently it becomes more accurate the hotter the cpu gets.

Overall Review: I highly recommend a Ryzen cpu to any gamer out there. AMD can definitely use the money for continued research and progression. Intel doesn't deserve anyone's support at all.

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Big fan of Corsair7/8/2017 12:30:01 AM

Pros: - Very stable and reliable - doesn't seem to heat up at all while in a well vented case - looks really nice, pictures don't do it justice

Cons: - Not fully supported by Asus B350 Prime motherboard and therefore I can't get the full 3200MHz performance out of it or even a fast latency setting.

Overall Review: I was only able to get it to run at 2993MHz at 16-17-17-35 latency with the Asus B350 Prime motherboard. Your results may be completely different. Passmark score for memory was a terrible 69% because of it, latency being the worst score.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Shawn, We're sorry to hear you're having some issues with your memory modules. Please verify if the kit you purchased is tested to run with your motherboard. You may find the information on your motherboard manufacturer's Qualified Vendor List (QVL). If it is listed as a supported module kit please contact our Tech Support at 888-222-4346 or submit a ticket at and we'll be more than happy to troubleshoot the issue. Thank you, Corsair Customer Support Corsair Support Email: Corsair Support Phone Number: 888-222-4346
Delicate flowers in a steel vase5/16/2017 7:31:42 PM

Pros: - Looks fantastic - I really love the overall simple layout / compact design. Perfect for gaming. - Windows key lock feature is a nice touch. Though it'd be nice if it was automatic like numlock used to be. I wonder if that's a future possibility. - Love the grayed WASD keys for gaming in low light. - Love the audio adjusting buttons, though it's response / increments feels a bit slow? - Love the detachable usb cable and the fact that the port is under the keyboard so it's protected and out of the way. - Love Corsair logo

Cons: - Capslock key... I had to permanently remove it from the keyboard because it was driving me nuts, worse than all the other flaws. Who thought it'd be ok to not have it stepped or give it some space between it and the A key? I constantly kept having to look at the keyboard to figure out where to place my hands after chatting in-game so I could play again, and even while playing, because the capslock key is so close to the A key, my finger kept grinding up against it which caused it to press since the keys are super sensitive as it is. - Cherry MX reds are the worst for gaming in my opinion. Even after a month of playing games, I'm still less effective in Overwatch (and every other competitive game) compared to when I played with my worn out ancient Compaq membrane keyboard. Unfortunately, it was either this keyboard or nothing at all cuz I didn't like the rest of the very limited selection available to me as I wanted it to be compact. So I'll likely be looking into replacing the switches for MX browns later which isn't something I'm looking forward to. The reds are so ridiculously light and sensitive that accidental key presses are expected to happen a lot while gaming. And chatting in-game just feels awkward, though I'm slowly getting used to it now. There's zero feedback and resistance. It's so bad that I now have to use the laptop to type stuff like this review. - Really loud, even with O-Ring dampeners which only suppress the bottoming out sounds, every time a key comes back up, it slams up which can be heard over the headset mic. - While the base feels very strong and well built, the MX switches and key caps feel so delicate and cheap by design that any rage quitter is sure to break their keyboard in no time. - Far more prone to liquid damage than old school membrane keyboards... so no improvements made there either. - Not at all worth the asking price. Not even close.

Overall Review: - I've said this for years that mechanical keyboards weren't worth their asking price and it's all based on hype alone, but I couldn't really say too much until I actually owned one and gave it a proper chance. Now that I have actually owned one and gave it a proper chance, I still don't think they're worth half the asking price. It isn't new technology no matter how they market it to be. It's ancient technology with no improvements to it's durability either. They're delicate flowers. - I do recommend to anyone who might be considering to buy one of these to look up how expensive it is to replace a single keycap... like say a stepped capslock key or any key for that matter. I mean seriously, who pays that much for a single keycap? I bet I could buy pure gold for less than that weight in plastic. There's no excuse for it. - The only reason I gave this a 3 out of 5 is because I don't think it's Corsair's fault for mechanical switches being over priced and made delicate and cheap. But being forced to permanently remove the capslock key just to be able to play games on it making it's overall appearance look flawed is worth the -2 eggs by itself.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Shawn, We are sorry that you are not 100% satisfied with your Corsair K65. Given your situation, brown switches as you mentioned would be more suited for you. We also now have the K55 non mechanical keyboard if you're worried about the sound that mechanical keyboards tend to make. If you have any other technical issues, please contact our Tech Support at 888-222-4346 or submit a ticket at and we'll be more than happy to troubleshoot them. Thank you, Corsair Customer Support Corsair Support Email: Corsair Support Phone Number: 888-222-4346
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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
More than adequate for any Rizen CPU5/16/2017 5:02:13 PM

Pros: - After bios updates, my Ryzen 5 1600x temperatures range inaccurately between 40 to 61 Celcius which is more than safe and acceptable. I say inaccurately because they still haven't fixed that minor temperature issue yet. I get the impression that the true temperatures are closer to 25 - 50 Celcius for me as my case is vented extremely well and it would match what I had before with a smaller cooler and ancient 95w AMD cpu. - Installation was easy... as it should always be. I didn't screw the screws in all the way though cuz I don't see it being necessary to bend the board quite that much. - High quality cooler, fins nice and thick, quiet fan with anti-vibration rubber pads

Cons: - Should have come with 2 fans and a 2 in 1 adapter. Whether the CPU needs it or not, the cooler supports it by default, and ordering an additional fan adds a lot to our costs... more than if they just added the 2nd fan and adjusted the price of the cooler accordingly. Besides, it already came with the mount and rubber pads for an additional fan, so why not just supply it by default or give us the option to buy a cooler with both fans? - Thermal paste is watery and not at all thick like it was a year ago (possibly lower quality paste?), yet it's in the exact same syringe and label. I really wish they wouldn't do that because I made the mistake of using up the last of my older paste with this one and ended up with an inconsistent application. They should label their paste a little better than that. - It'll never win any aesthetic awards as it really is quite the ugly cooler. But it was the best option for me at the time. I might change it out later depending what come out later because this is a show piece as well as a performer.

Overall Review: - I would imagine the 140mm version of this cooler to be beyond excessive for any Ryzen CPU. Especially since as far as I'm aware, none of them support overclocking beyond 4.1 GHz right now anyways. Maybe future bios updates might change that a little, but I doubt it.

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Takes half the noise away.5/14/2017 7:40:35 PM

Pros: - It takes half of the noise away - Very easy to apply, though a pain in the rear end.

Cons: - While the keys don't bottom out anymore, the Corsair K65 is still a loud keyboard as each time the key comes back up, it makes the same noise as if it was bottoming out when going down. So this product only eliminates half the noise. Not this product's fault, but still worth mentioning. - Wish it came with a cheap key puller. But I managed without while being careful.

Overall Review: I might try experimenting later, like filling in a keycap with silicone, mainly the edges, just to see if it helps eliminate the cheap hollow sound of the keys. It it works, then I'll do all the keys with it.

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Don't expect it to OC very well.5/12/2017 4:37:44 PM

Pros: - Works out of the box. No issues at all in the driver setup either or the bios updates which Asus is still releasing updates for, gotta love them for that. - Works with ram that isn't in the QVL at the default ram speeds only (aka 2100mhz), but at least it works well without any stability issues. - So far, it's proving to be yet another very reliable Asus board. - 6 Sata ports which seems to be rare these days for some reason but was a much needed feature for me.

Cons: - I can't seem to overclock the Ryzen 5 1600x CPU to 4GHz. I can't overclock this particular Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200 model of ram at all even though most of the other Corsair Vengeance LPX ram models are supported in the QVL. These issues should not even exist at all, but they do. - Bios mouse control has insane mouse acceleration which makes it difficult to navigate, not to mention a UI that doesn't co-operate very well. - Motherboard itself was designed by someone who should be fired for making it 1/4 inch too small on the width. There's no reason to do that as it just causes the motherboard to either overhang which makes the board bend a lot while plugging in the 24 pin power connector and ram which obviously could cause damage to the board. My only safe solution was to apply electrical tape to the spots behind the board where I knew the standoffs would just to say touch the edge of the board so I could protect it from direct contact to anything electrical and protect the board from scratching too. This allowed me to plug in the 24 pin and ram without risk of bending the motherboard. When not applying pressure to that side of the board, it just to say hovers over top of the standoffs, so it isn't touching all the time. But it's another issue that should not exist at all, but it does. - I don't know if it's Ryzen's fault or the motherboard, but before the bios update, the CPU was reading 65+ degrees Celcius while in the bios which is obviously improbable. After the bios update, it showed 20 degrees less, but still way hotter than realistically possible. This is apparently a known issue with all Ryzen CPUs and there's no real fix for it yet. So knowing the real CPU temperature is a matter of guessing for now. Luckily for me, I have a large Noctua cooler to put my mind at ease. - The audio connectors are a little strange and required some research for me to understand before I could buy the board. Luckily for me, I only use 5.1 surround with headset and mic plugged in on the front. Those of you who wishes to go with 7.1 surround, you're not going to like how it's set up to handle that. Also, the Realtek software is becoming more and more basic than what it used to be.

Overall Review: - The motherboard's red pulsing LEDs is barely a feature at all. There's no customizing it and it's barely even noticeable if you have other hardware generating light. So I don't consider it a Pro or a Con... but worth mentioning. - I'd like to point out that I knew about most of the issues I mentioned above before buying the board, so none of this surprised me at all. The only reason I bought this one was because I couldn't find a better Asus board that met more of my needs than this one. I'll likely be buying a better board in a year or two from now so I can have the option to overclock again. But I'm in no rush for that right now.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your review and input on your ASUS product. You're feedback is greatly appreciated and I'll be sure the related department receives your feedback for continuous improvements to the product line. ASUS is working hard in expanding memory profiles that will be able to support higher DRAM frequency on the AM4 chipset. For more information on supported DRAM speeds for Ryzen CPU in conjunction with your motherboard, visit our support site If you have any technical questions, you can contact me for help at I'd be glad to assist with any product inquiries. Thank you for choosing ASUS! Best Regards, Nestor ASUS Customer Loyalty - US Support