Excellent board, two issues that may not be issues for you8/10/2016 8:27:33 AM

Pros: Lots of great features, realtek high end audio, nice layout

Cons: no TPM header, third PCIE slot it mechanically too small for some. The documentation was clear about it and so there is nothing wrong with the board, I just didn't read it clearly. I am giving it 4 eggs because it's a great product and I reserve 5 for absolute perfection :)

Overall Review: I am going to have to give this board up because I need tpm, I did not realize it didn't have at least a header but it doesn't. That won't be a deal breaker for most and it's a shame because to me this board is outstanding.

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DOA12/26/2013 7:06:02 PM

Pros: Machine hangs whenever this card is installed, looks like it may have a few sloppy traces on it. Two machines both have the same issue.

Cons: Doesn't work, same quality control as all the other USB cards

Overall Review: I cannot seem to get a single reliable usb 3 card, I have tried 4 of them total now, 2 from newegg. This was the most promising, based on the cost I thought maybe they did quality control.

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Good NAS Case12/6/2013 6:50:55 PM

Pros: I bought this as a NAS case. I typically use ReadyNAS and I decided I wanted more performance and control so I bought this case. iStarUSA has been a good company for me in this regard as I have a lot of internal drive bays from them to go with this. I am using this with a supermicro X9SPV-LN4F-3QE that also uses ECC ram. It is not a cheap board but with this case it is an extremely solid ZFS Freenas machine. Use this case in conjunction with iStar internal raid cages.

Cons: It is a MiniITX case, I had wanted the other model they have on their site, the S-919 which has more bays and is MicroATX but it is not available for sale yet.

Overall Review: You get what you pay for.

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Replacing a ReadyNAS Pro 6 Business Edition PS12/6/2013 6:47:11 PM

Pros: I had read where this was a good replacement for the Seasonic ReadyNAS Pro 6 PowerSupply and indeed it looks about the same.

Cons: If you are replacing a ReadyNAS Pro 6 power supply, it is possible that the ATX power supply cables (24 pin) may not be long enough so you need to get a 6" extension which I found all over. Otherwise it's identical and it's nice to be able to get replacements!

Overall Review: I bout a couple extra, they are dirt cheap power supply replacements for the ReadyNAS Pro Line (older line than the new 516 series) .. Piece of mind

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What you would expect12/6/2013 6:44:31 PM

Pros: Does exactly what you want, usb 3.0 connections and it's blue

Cons: None

Overall Review: Yep, a blue Micro USB.. does what you expect hurray! Bought a few no issues.

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