Great, didn't install bundled software8/3/2011 9:13:43 AM

Pros: I didn't install the bundled software/driver since the reviewers here had mentioned having issues. I looked up the device on the FCC website (registered under FCC ID: WKLWL6203 and QLEGWU625) and and found that this uses the Realtek RTL8191SU chip. So I just went directly to Realtek's website ( and did a search for RTL8191SU and downloaded and installed the drivers from them and have had zero issues! Will buy again, especially when it's on sale for ten USD.

Cons: The adapter take a little longer than I would like to connect to the AP/Router after I log in, but this is connected to a WinXP machine with a slow hard drive, a Pentium 4, and only 1GB of RAM so the machine may still be booting/loading which delays the connection.

Overall Review: According to the FCC and wikidevi this uses the same chipset as the ASUS WLAN 802.11N USB Dongle. I might try their software/driver instead of Realtek's to see if it ads any additional functionality.

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Manufacturer Response:
First, thank you for choosing IOGEAR and we apologize for your experience. The product should not behave as you described. We have not seen any of the problems you are describing with the GWU625. This devise is limited to the resources of you computer. Adding more memory and a faster hard drive would increase the connection speed of the GWU625 to your router. Please contact our customer service at email: and let us know in more detail on when and how you’re having this experience. We strive to ensure our customers are serviced with a properly working unit to exceed your satisfaction. Again, thank you for choosing IOGEAR.
This is how to open the case!7/19/2011 10:04:29 AM

Pros: See other thoughts on how to open the case! Inside the case is a Hitachi HDS723030ALA640 (P/N: 0F12450 ; Type DK7SAD300). The drive is rated at 5V 450mA, 12V 850mA. It has a 6.0 Gb/s (Gbps) SATA (i.e., SATA III) interface and 7200rpm. Drive is dated Nov-2010. A Google search of "HDS723030ALA640" will take you to the product page, and a Google search of "HDS723030ALA640" should take you to a decent review (though it doesn't cover thermals/heat/temperatures/temps).

Cons: None so far, other than the fact that I've read it sports a 5-platter design, which might run a bit hot. This drive also has the standard 512-byte sectors, rather than the new 4K for those that are interested.

Overall Review: This is so easy to open. No need to pry or damage the case. Hold the drive so that the vents are facing you. Obtain an object about at least 1 inch long that can easily fit into the vent slots. Find the last vent in the row that closest to the front faceplate (with the Hitachi symbol -- opposite the side with the USB and power connector). Look inside that last vent; you will see a shiny metal casing inside and then it stops about 80% of the way leaving only ~%20 of the last bit closest to the faceplate as not shiny metal. The black end there is a very small air gap and then, if you can see it, a black tab. Use the small object, at an angle, to push that black plastic tab and push the faceplate forward using the tool/object. The side should pop open some. Repeat on the other side and the faceplate should easily pop off. Remove the two front screws with a #2 Phillips screwdriver and push the top half of the shell back; then remove. You should be able to figure out the rest. Enjoy!

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Best investment I ever made!1/26/2007 9:21:56 AM

Pros: This has saved me countless times (had lots of power loss and fluctuations due to work on my house). Running 3 computers (Core 2 Duo E6600 overclocked, P4 660, and Dual PIII 800MHz server) about 1200 watts adding all 3 power supplies with no problems at all. Batter life lasts a long time! Never had problems with the response of this item, is VERY fast when power drops out. Included software provides a nice history chart to map when and for how long power was out, etc, and allows e-mail notification.

Cons: When you first plug it in, the fan runs for a while, which is a bit annoying, but it stops after a few minutes. Weighs a TON, but what do you expect?

Overall Review: Best bang for your buck! Haven't found a competing 2000VA+ and 1000W+ UPS for anything around this price.

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Works as stated1/26/2007 9:14:32 AM

Pros: Works WAY better than stock heat sink/fan. Is quite a bit bigger than expected. I could not use two of these in my dual PIII 800MHz server (two were too big - they hit each other) so I used one of these and one from another brand.

Cons: Louder than expected.

Overall Review: Worth it if you don't mind the noise (not loud, but noticable).

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
No problems at all!1/26/2007 9:11:20 AM

Pros: Never had any problems with this at all! Running Core 2 Duo E6600 with PCIe graphics and 4 sATA HDDs (3 in a RAID) and 2 DVD burners with various USB devices as well as a CPU water cooler system and various fans for the chipset/graphics. Did NOT burn out like cheapy brands!

Cons: Runs warm, but not hot.

Overall Review: Worth it! Would buy this one again.

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how noisey can it be?4/21/2006 9:07:32 AM

Pros: Works good, good burns, no coasters, reads all my discs.

Cons: No matter what type of disc is in the drive it makes this high pitched squeeling sound and it bugs the heck out of me. I practically don't use it just because the noise it so annoying!

Overall Review: Would be great if it didn't sound like I had a dying rat in my drive. Maybe it's just a fluke.

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