Was amazing while it worked.7/7/2011 5:22:03 PM

Pros: The drive is very quick and worked well as my boot drive.. for a while.

Cons: A few months after getting the drive my computer started to crash. As one of the other reviewers has stated the drive has an internal raid. Like them, I too am having the issue with half the drive being faulty.

Overall Review: OCZ has always made good products and im hoping they have the kinks worked out. Ive opened an RMA with them and hope to have this all worked out shortly.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, we are very sorry for the problem. Our staff will be happy to see that you receive a properly working replacement card. We will be with you shortly, and will work to get you running as quickly as possible. Thank you
Not impressed2/18/2010 9:18:23 AM

Pros: It hasent completely failed..yet.

Cons: Drive ran well for a few months until when trying to access the drive my system would hang up, the drive would make a loud grind/click and then let me access what i was trying to get to.

Overall Review: I got this drive because i caught it on sale for a good price, but it seems, in my opinion, that seagate is just as unreliable as it was when it had the Maxtor name. I would not recommend drives from them. I also have a 500gb seagate which is under a year old, and it too is showing signs of failure. =(

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Great headset!9/5/2009 5:53:48 AM

Pros: If your looking at Razer your gaming and most likely for quite a few hours at a time like me. My old head set was (or i thought at the time) amazing, these blow them out of the water. The only time you will notice you have these on your head is when you first put them on. You literally barely feel them on your head and when your gaming you notice it even more! They are very soft on the ears, dont heat up, and dont squeeze your head. The sound quality is absolutely amazing, the bass is much better then any other headset ive used over the years and the highs are nice and sharp. I would and shall recommend this headset to everyone i know.

Cons: Not so much a con, but its not USB.

Overall Review: Some people have complained about the mic not being loud enough.. but as soon as i took mine out of the box, plugged it in and signed onto vent and TS it worked flawlessly.

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Great cpu8/4/2009 9:18:40 PM

Pros: Great speeds at stock and even better overclocked, which is very easy to do with this chip. Have mine Oc'd to 4ghz on air with an aftermarket cooler and it runs at 42c idle and 65c under load (20+ hours on prime95) using a Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme heatsink with 2 120mm fans in push/pull config on low speeds.

Cons: None at all. If you plan to overclock I wouldnt use the stock cooler however.

Overall Review: My rig: i7 920 Oc'd to 4ghz 6gb 1600 Corsair DOMINATOR Ram Asus P6T Deluxe V2 Motherboard Nvidia gtx 285 2gb 2TB Western dig HD 27" LGW2753V-PF Monitor

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Pretty awesome cpu6/22/2009 11:42:42 PM

Pros: Runs great out of the box, but also very simple to Overclock to 3.6-3.8ghz, getting to 4ghz is easy, but getting it stable can be a bit tricky.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: The cpu does run hotter then some of intels other chips, stock heatsink/fan are good for stock speeds but if your going to Overclock I highly suggest you upgrade them. I'm using a Thermalright Ultra 120-Extreme with 2 120mm fans on my 920 which is overclocked to 3.6ghz and after running prime95 for 24 hours the hottest my cpus got was 66c and Idle temps are around 42c, could be cooler if i upped the speed on my fans but i like having them on low rpms.

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A beast of a MB10/3/2007 1:08:02 PM

Pros: Rock solid MB. Just make sure to plug in BOTH power connectors when using 2 CPU's...I totally forgot and was going crazy for a day...

Cons: None!

Overall Review: Even though everything that generates heat is RIGHT next to each other heat is really not an issue.

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Awesome combo10/3/2007 1:03:13 PM

Pros: Great case and an awesome power supply. PSU doesnt even flinch with 2 FX-74 CPUS, 2 GeForce 8800GTX's, 4 CD-Roms, 7 120mm Fans, and 3 HD's.

Cons: Are you serious?

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/pity games10/3/2007 12:59:24 PM

Pros: Laughs at everything i throw at it with everything set on high. Cant wait to SLI these bad boys.

Cons: A little loud...but its expected.

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Geat memory10/3/2007 12:57:26 PM

Pros: Fast, stable ram. Great price.

Cons: Getting 4 gigs to work in vista ultimate was a little troublesome due to a NEEDED windows update, took me a day or two before i realized.

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Awesome10/3/2007 12:55:24 PM

Pros: Runs very Solid no matter what im doing. No problems with heat as long as you dont cheap out on cooling, but no need to go crazy. I have 5 120mm fans and it doesnt get hot.

Cons: None

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