Great flash drive, I boot an OS off it so I can use my work computer for personal use12/1/2020 2:01:36 PM

Pros: This is a quick little usb drive, fast enough for booting an OS from, I run windows 10 on mine

Cons: no real cons, its works great

Overall Review: I suggest this if you need decently fast portable and small storage.

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Good ram! but the cooling fan is a bit awkward to install and doesnt feel snug12/1/2020 1:59:48 PM

Pros: decent ram

Cons: the provided air flow fan doesnt fit on snug and is up to high so it gets in the way of say a top mounted radiator, I ended up not using it as it would not fit in my case at least. the fan if mounted will slide left to right if during moving the case from one place to to another.

Overall Review: I like the ram, but the fan needs some improvement, I was able to use it without the included brackets so it would fit better, but its not ideal, especially if you have a large AIO radiator.

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great keyboard and mouse for the price and the rgb doesnt require software to change12/1/2020 1:56:01 PM

Pros: the sound of typing is decent if you like that sort of thing (i do). it does sound softer than mechanical though there is an on keyboard rgb button so you can change through the various colors, i like the red one the mouse also has an rgb button that work the same way

Cons: - the num lock indicator light is the brightest light and its kind of obnoxious and cannot be changed as far as i know other than turning off numlock to disable it. - on the mouse the rgb color changer button gets hit accidentally during normal use because of where it is positioned (at least by me). - on the mouse the two buttons on the left side are up too high making using them ergonomically not ideal, I find if I do use them I press the whole mouse over to the right a bit so they are not as functional for actual use than I would like. - tracking on the mouse isnt as precise or smooth as my last mouse, I needed to use a mouse pad for it to be accurate enough for use without missing my target of finer clicks

Overall Review: for the price its a good combo, I might suggest getting a different mouse however, really wish the left side extra buttons were lower on the mouse for a more ergonomic feel

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These things move air like nothing else, but they are uncomfortably LOUD.12/1/2020 1:49:05 PM

Pros: Moves enough air to help a ship set sail

Cons: louder than a shop vac, might cause hearing loss

Overall Review: If this is for a server room where you can wear ear protection when interacting with it, then its excellent! if this is going into your personal pc sitting in the same room as you, you will need to set it at half power or you might go deaf.

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Monitor has discoloration on bottom left and bottom right12/1/2020 12:22:52 AM

Pros: monitor is very vibrant, and I like it but there seems to be a manufacturers defect.

Cons: noticeable discoloration in bottom left and bottom right about 3 inches in on either side, when the screen has a dark scene it is noticeable. I believe this may be a manufacturing defect.

Overall Review: If I can get a replacement, I'm sure the monitor will be perfect.

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Great thermals! but its bulky and in an imense sort of way.12/1/2020 12:12:39 AM

Pros: Great thermals! Did end up fitting into my Fractal Designs Meshify 2 case

Cons: The two cable port protectors on the AIO are slightly wider than the Radiator... so think 1-2mm more than 420mm. This caused an issue with mounting my 140mm fans. It fits but not perfectly or smoothly in the Meshify 2 case. This will 420mm AIO will overshadow your ram slots a bit, and bump up into your VRM cooler on mobo. if you use an asus tuf gaming x570-pro in a Meshify 2 case, but will fit with some finagling. - the fan on the left if top mounted has a cable with its connector that is a little loose, so it will get clipped by a rear exhaust fan if you dont stick it back with something, i used electrical tape.

Overall Review: I like it, its clearly overkill, and its not the smoothest install, in my case. However the thermals are solid! I recommend it for sure, id give it a 5 eggs if the cable port protectors coming out to the block weren't slightly wider than the radiator. ( I had to bend the case very slightly on the inner lip to accommodate it).

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Great board, great feature set, only one or two slight complaints12/1/2020 12:10:23 AM

Pros: - features! - decent vrm

Cons: - usb 3.0 motherboard connector doesnt let go once it is plugged in, ended up pulling the bracket right off the mobo to get it out so I could do better cable management. - the VRM is slightly too low on the mobo and my 420mm AIO radiator is pretty snug against it in order to fit, might be more of a case issue with the Meshify 2 and this board, but it does work, just not without a little work.

Overall Review: I recommend this motherboard, all the features for the price point is great.

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Everything fit with some slight bending of inner lip at the top. (420mm radiator).12/1/2020 12:05:48 AM

Pros: good dust control with mesh filters on front, top, and bottom. everything pops apart nice and easy great cable management options

Cons: - I had a small issue with top mounting my 420mm radiator (arctic freezer liquid cooler II 420mm). Had to bend the inner lip on the case to allow for about 1 extra mm for the AIO's port protectors on the cables coming out of the radiator. - the usb 3.0 cable from the front panel doesnt come out of the motherboard without pulling the bracket off the mobo, its either a mobo issue or something with the case connector. Not sure where the blame is. But that cord aint coming out. - Its a tight fit for a 420mm radiator.

Overall Review: I recommend this case, but maybe go for a 360mm AIO liquid cooler, if you want a smooth install, grab a 420mm if you are patient enough for the tight squeeze.

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