This motherboard is fantastic!6/2/2020 10:18:29 PM

Pros: Easy to install. Easy to attach all the things that make your Ryzen fly

Cons: None

Overall Review: I would recommend and I would buy it again.

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Love the Piledriver11/14/2012 6:49:46 PM

Pros: Makes my machine run like a scalded dog. Very nice performance upgrade from my Phenom II 945 Runs multiple applications with no freezing, no slow downs, no continuously spinning wheels waiting for something to start up or finish. Helps my SSD boot to Windows login page in an average 22 seconds. Almost any program opens as fast as I click the mouse. Games load very quickly and I have no issues with bottlenecking. They all (Crysis 2, BF3, AvP, BFBC2)run between 45 and 100 FPS depending on the game, and this is an improvement of 5-10 fps from the 945 PII. I got it for $199.99 at a local box store, no waiting and with sales tax still saved a few bucks.

Cons: I haven't found any other than it's supposedly not as speedy as some Intel models.

Overall Review: I see no reason to upgrade to Windows 8. Processor: AMD 8350 overclocked to 4400 mhz (idle 28 C) turbo off Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth 990fx Memory: 8 Gigabytes of G-Skill Ripjaws 1600 DDR3 overclocked to 1728 mghz. SSD: Samsung 830 256 gigabyte Graphics card: Sapphire Toxic 6950, bios changed to match 6970. Idle 29C fan 35% Storage: 2x Seagate Barracuda 1 terabyte HDD Power: Enermax MaxRevo 1350 watt Cooling: CoolerMaster Hyper212 Evo with Arctic Silver 5, x 2 COUGAR CF-V12HP Case: Corsair Graphite T600 White with stock case fans Fans in side panel: 4 x COUGAR CF-V12HP ran with PWM Monitor: 1 x ViewSonic 24” 1920 x 1080p Next upgrades: 1. EVGA 680 FTW with backplate and 4 GB memory, or x2 EVGA 670 FTW 4 gb in SLI 2. Replace memory with 16 GB (2x8 GB) Corsair or GSkill 1866 high performance 3. Additional 24” monitors x 2 (ASUS or ViewSonic) 4. Seagate Barracuda HDD 3GB, X 2 Then do it all again. I love this hobby!

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Power, Baby. Just power.12/30/2011 6:02:25 PM

Pros: Very easy install. Totally modular. Cords were stiff, meaning 16 awg and can handle the amps and watts. Nice looking. Ratings were golden or equivalent everywhere I looked. Price was right (in fact the price was darn near ridiculous after rebate).

Cons: Transient load ratings were in spec but only average. Knew this going in. So no Eggs for something I already knew.

Overall Review: This is the power supply that will power this rig through various incarnations for the next few years. I can go tri-crossfire, SLI or even higher. I can add fans and hard drives until I am out of money. And when I think I am out of money I can still think of things I will have power for. Truly a freedom not to be missed. Having the power to do whatever the heck you want. Now I know how G W felt on his first day in office.

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Definitely a city mouse12/30/2011 5:53:30 PM

Pros: The mouse is smoooooth. The DPI adjustments will help me kill choppers in BFBC2. The nine buttons do not disappoint. I did geek out a little bit over the changeable colors on the LED. Am I the only one who would have liked 10 gram wgts too? And I really like the quality feel of the braided cover on the cord.

Cons: I did my research. This was the mouse I wanted, It was on sale for one third (almost) off..."so what's a cons?"

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I love my new keyboard12/30/2011 5:48:20 PM

Pros: Love the noise it makes or lack of same when touch typing. The heft of the keyboard is reassuring of its durability. Cherry switches...need I say more on that? It makes me feel like I am typing faster than I am. It gives my new build a quality touch. It's basically a Filco in Rosewill clothing.

Cons: None yet. Will update if something rears it's ugly head.

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I LOVE IT12/10/2011 2:47:53 PM

Pros: The picture is sharp The OSD controls are intuitive, and have buttons not touch pads The price is perfect for my needs 24 inch size will be perfect for my Eyefinity set up when my rig is completed

Cons: Was auto preset at factory to A/V. This setting causes blurry text, as some reviewers noted. In my opinion most people will be using this as a PC monitor, so it should be set to PC at the factory. To me, this is a no brainer, and worth noting but certainly no big deal and not worthy of an egg. The sound can only be considered "poor". This should be expected if you have read the reviews. I did read the reviews. I expected less than average sound. I planned on using separate aftermarket speakers, thus no removal of an egg. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE BUYING ONLINE!

Overall Review: In fact I have read all the reviews on this site on this product and I have to say this: If you do your research, and you buy a model that has a feature you don't like, it's your fault, not the product. IMO eggs should only be docked for product failures, misleading product nomenclature, or features promised that were not delivered on. If there had been no reviews to study"quality sound" would be worth an egg because in fact what it should say is this: "Expect barely adequate sound, the speakers in this model are tiny and if you have to listen to music or games with only your monitor speakers, this model will probably not be best for you." If you changed from AV mode to PC mode and it still had blurry text, that might be worth 3 eggs, unless you need glasses. Obviously the monitor should have clear text. But did you switch modes? We don't know. I guess my point is you have to separate what is objective and what is subjective so to speak in studying these reviews.

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Overall Review: My Fan controller failed 10/11/11. Left msg with Corsair customer service. No response after a week. Called at one week. Said speak to Kelvin, product manager. Sent him an email. Waited another week. No contact. updated case and sent another email to Kelvin and called customer service. No response from Kelvin, and cust service said he was out until next week. Waited almost another week and called again. This time got cust service and they said Kelvin would contact me. I get a response on my case number that tells me they would replace the case, need shipping addr. I reply in less than two hours. Nothing from Kelvin as to update, nothing on the web site. Cust service says call him direct. I leave vm. Nothing. In one day it will be a month since I first contacted customer service. I built this for my first customer. I may not get another at this rate because of Corsair. Wow.

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Manufacturer Response:
We are looking into this now and will get you taken care of ASAP. We apologize for your inconvenience.
Nice fan10/24/2011 11:38:46 AM

Pros: Matches the pitch of the other fan on my hyper 212+. Quiet Inexpensive. Price was good. Cost less on newegg than my local box store.

Cons: none yet

Overall Review: I just love putting together computers.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
I love this game10/24/2011 11:33:59 AM

Pros: This games graphics are excellent. It runs extremely well on my overclocked Toxic 6950 Easy to kill time and lots of the enemy

Cons: The constant repeating of lines from "Predator". Really guys?

Overall Review: This game really looks fantastic on my system. I currently have a CPU bottleneck with my AMD 945. Next purchase is an upgraded PWS and then either a 8150, or piledriver (8170?) and an antec 920 water cooler. Lastly another toxic 6950, and a quartet of fans for the side of my white 600T. But the order of those things will change based on the continued availability of the 6950 toxic from sapphire. If they indicate they are stopping production, I will buy one asap and make sure it works then wait to CF until I get more power (currently, pun intended, I have a hx650) and a CPU that won't slow down the works a little. When I have that system together, I feel my computer will be able to do just about anything I reasonable want it to.

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GREAT DRIVE10/24/2011 11:22:59 AM

Pros: Very fast Got a good deal Crucial reliability Came with the current firmware. Sped up my computer like nothing else has Plenty of room for my OS, Microsoft Office Professional Plus and a couple of games. (BFBC2 and CODBlackOPS)

Cons: I wish the state of SSD's today was such that they were no more expensive than HDD's. But that could be ten years away.

Overall Review: I was not shocked or surprised by the performance of this drive. Hitting 509 on CrystalDisk was not unexpected. What was expected is exactly what I got. Good newegg service, good price, and an excellent product that was well researched by me. And yes patting myself on the back like that hurts my arm. But its a good pain.

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Wow10/19/2011 5:12:01 PM

Pros: Fast. Quieter than expected. Fits in my T600 with room to spare. Good price for performance. Got a free game. Gonna get a rebate. IT UNLOCKED! Overclocks like a demon. Sapphire reputation is good. Makes BFBC2 look "mahvelous".

Cons: Can't think of one.

Overall Review: I am very impressed. I studied the reviews of this thing for weeks, along with others in its price range. When my PNY GTX460 gave up the ghost and their customer service treated me like a criminal, it forced my hand and I pulled the trigger on this purchase. Very happy.

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PNY IS THE WORST EVER10/19/2011 4:59:54 PM

Pros: My PNY GTX460 overclocked worked for almost a year.

Cons: Card went bad. Customer service treated me like a criminal.

Overall Review: My card went bad. I isolated the problem. Wasn't Mobo, windows still booted. Wasn't CPU, windows still booted. Wasn't anything else. I even tried a different monitor to make sure it wasn't the monitor. When I called PNY, the rep interrogated me. Accused me of not doing enough to make sure it was the graphics card. Treated me like a criminal. I asked to speak to a manager. I was forwarded to a voice mail. That was a week ago. No response yet. I will never buy PNY again. Their year long warrantee, their "lifetime warantee", are all just so much hot air. They have no intention of ever replacing their card if it goes bad. Proof that it was the card? I was so angry I went to AMD from Nvidia. I purchased a new 6950 toxic from Sapphire, it unlocked and I got a free game. It rocks. PNY is the worst I have ever dealt with. Please do not buy from them if you expect them to honor their commitments.

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I loves my MB9/9/2011 10:31:27 AM

Pros: The price was exactly what I wanted to pay. The board worked from the first boot. It hasn't so much as coughed. It has all the features I really needed, and enables me to move up to Zampesi when it becomes available. 2 pci 2.0 x full 16 lane crossfire or sli usb 3 header for connecting front usb in my case (adapter purchased separately, Corsair you naughty case makers...but this was no surprise, saw it in the research)

Cons: Old style power start when not hooked up in your rig(no power button). I knew it going in, so didn't affect my decision, but it might yours.

Overall Review: After research, and much thought and consideration, I purchased this board for the best price I could find. I live less than 2 miles from a competitors box store, and bless them, they just couldn't compete price wise. I just had to delay gratification long enough for the shipment to arrive. I am very happy with my purchase. The shipping was free, arrived before it was scheduled, and nothing was damaged. My fears of UPS shipping (What can Brown screw up for you?) were unfounded this time. Probably just jinxed myself for the next shipment though. First purchase with Newegg and I am impressed.

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My memory is good9/9/2011 10:16:41 AM

Pros: Fast compared to the ddr2 I was running Have had absolutely no issues, hangs or problems Installed under my Coolermaster hyper 212 + with no problems. I like the color even though its a little out of place on my MB

Cons: It was on newegg Shell Shocker the day after I bought it for 15 less than the extra cheap price that I paid. Stuff happens. Too bad I was absolutely tapped out or I would have bought 8 more gigs.

Overall Review: I wanted memory that would work with no issues in my new MB (Sabertooth 990fx) under a hyper 212+ and this was the solution I chose. I am happy as a pig in (expletive deleted) with my choice.

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GREAT COOLER FOR THE $9/9/2011 10:09:08 AM

Pros: Price. Less than thirty dollars. Love it. Works as advertised. In my rig, runs my Phenom II 945 with two stock fans running push-pull (overclocked to 3.61 ghz) on Prime 95 for six hours never climbed over 51C. After six hours I shut it down and chuckled to myself. Some have complained about set up being difficult in an AMD configuration. I had no problems though. Even turned the rig so it would blow straight out the rear 120 fan. Quiet. Never hear it. CPU has never had to crank the speed on either fan up past 950 rpm.

Cons: None, its big, but I knew that. Question to guys who down grade because its big...ever hear of Google? Research these things folks! All this has been done before and somebody has described your exact rig on the web. Invest the time, do your research and you won't get a nasty surprise when you try to shut your case. Happy computing!

Overall Review: My rig at this time: Corsair 600T white Mid Tower case. Stock fans Sabertooth 990FX motherboard Phenom II 945 quad core Stock fans in push-pull on Coolermaster hyper 212 + 3 x Seagate Barracuda 1 tbyte HD sata 3 Corsair HX 650 power 8 gig of G Skill 1600 ram PNY GTX 460 factory superclocked video card Soon: Corsair ax1250 Bulldozer 8130 8 more gigs of the same ram 2x saphire 6950 toxic in crossfire 1 Crucial M4 256 gig SSD then Raid for the entire HDD/SSD set up

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