I am Blown Away!!!1/16/2013 6:11:09 PM

Pros: 1) Incredible Sound 2) comfortable earbuds 3) Ability to make/receive calls/ volume on a tiny bar near chin 4) Price for sound is amazing 5) bass and all ranges so clear 6) cords flat rather than round 7) no tangled cords 8) comes with pouch

Cons: stash and store carry case small for me

Overall Review: I've now heard music I've had from the 70's as it was intended to be heard! Granted, I've only had cheap headphones, earbuds before. ($10 and under). I know some technology in terms of my computers, and love music, but have never felt I had the funds to get good headphones. I thought I'd have to spend the amount of money Bose headphones cost. These were a gift, and now I feel as if I've been missing a whole world of music for 40 years. Now I want really great speakers for mylaptop computer music. (I have $15 ones). (If you have suggestions for great sounding ones in this price range please let me know.) I have not worked with the volume and call feature for my phone. (sorry) My friend gave these to me in the box with everything but directions. I'll update once I've made calls from my first smartphone. I would pay for these if only for MP3 player and music on my laptop (and movies-WOW). The first song I listened to was a Fleetwood Mac one that I've heard a million times since the 70's. I heard so many levels, and instruments I'd never heard before in the song. I felt like I was 'there' listening to the way it was meant to be. Probably not as impressive to someone who has tried many types, brands, and price points of headphones. This would be a great gift for the 'someone who has everything' or the teen or Mom or anyone who hasn't been a big sound person in their life. I didn't know I needed or wanted this until I got it as a gift. My friend was delighted to see me listen with the earbuds for the first time. If someone has just gotten their first smart phone, or doesn't have headphones to get calls on their phone hands free, this would also be a great gift.

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