Great workstation card10/29/2013 2:40:14 PM

Pros: Works way better for Autocad than does a 550 TI . Low power usage.

Cons: Cost as always :)

Overall Review: Built an 8 core 8gig of ram, solid state workstation for my friend and figured I could get away with using a gaming card since he wasn't getting too serious into Autocad... Wow have they done some amazing things lately especialy on the 3d side. System was super fast for all except complex 3d render on fly so upgraded from an EVGA 550 TI to this and wow, what an upgrade. Didn't do much more on the 2d side just like I expected but it was sure worth 4 times as much as the 550 :) Plus my buddy lives in a small well sealed insulated trailer running on solar and this card is less than 1/2 the power and 1/2 the heat!

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