Fast and Overclock-Friendly8/10/2019 12:59:34 PM

Pros: - Fast - XMP compatible - Overclockable

Cons: - Pricey

Overall Review: I've been using these on an overclocked Intel Core i7 Xtreme Edition 6950X processor, populating an ASUS ROG Rampage V Edition 10 motherboard. I wanted to see if 128GB makes a difference with high-end gaming and the answer is, "No, it doesn't." I've yet to have anything come near to 64GB of usage so I think you'd probably get away with just one set of these. This is my third set of G.Skill Trident RAM and I love their stability and performance. I've also had good luck with their RAM in laptops too.

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Worth the trade-offs8/10/2019 12:56:29 PM

Pros: - Price for size & capacity - Ease of use, including Samsung's tools (Data Migration Wizard, Performance Tuning)

Cons: - Not the fastest - Lower lifespan (read my review for thoughts on this)

Overall Review: I bought two of these to add to a RAID 0 SSD array specifically used for editing video. For this reason, I'm perfectly happy because I get a substantial size boost, the performance is still top-notch and I'm not worried if I wear them out after 3 years (Samsung's warranty period) or "1,440 TBH" (Terabyte Hours--Samsung's promised lifespan). I have some older 830 and 840 drives that I've been using for gaming that have yet to die on me. We're at the point now where M.2, U2, and PCI are taking drive speeds to the next level - SATA III probably isn't long for this world, so for now I think the slight dip in speed, the huge gain in capacity, and the huge drop in price come together to make this a good choice for SSDs. 550MB max read and 520MB max write serve the purpose for me. Disclaimer: I did have a coupon that got me two of these at a price below $100 each.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Fantastic and fast8/10/2019 12:45:30 PM

Pros: - Fast - Quiet - Simple to install - Comes with Power2Go 8, PowerBackup 2.6, NERO BackItUp, and E-Green software - Vendor was closely engaged with my purchase and ready to support me

Cons: - You'll never be able to do more than back up UHD discs if you don't bow down to Intel SGX hardware and DRM (not the fault of this drive's manufacturer, this is a problem with the industry)

Overall Review: Before buying, you should know that DRM nonsense won't change the fact that you need to have the Intel SGX chipset (or whatever newer tech they replace it with) on your motherboard to be able to do anything with a UHD disc besides read data or make a backup image. Apart from that, this unit does everything, was easy to install, and is much faster than the 9 year old Dell drive it replaced. I was impressed that the vendor reached out to me personally and told me that if I run into any problems they'd be happy to help (and they even answered a question from me very quickly). I used this to rip Blu Rays to my media server, and the speed difference was dramatic: 4 hours of Blu-Ray content used to take 2 to 2.5 hours to rip, now it's getting the job done in about 30 minutes. Installation was literal plug & play and it uses Microsoft certified drivers (in Windows, anyway). The listing here notes that each unit is flashed with UHD-friendly firmware, so I'd advise against using the enclosed Firmware update - it does appear to read UHDs right out of the box. The disc also has CyberLink and Nero apps and ASUS' E-Green app (which drops power consumption when the drive isn't being used) if you need them.

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Stable in XMP12/27/2016 7:15:57 AM

Pros: - Overclocks nicely with Intel X processor and XMP enabled - Dual-color body makes it easy to tell at-a-glace whether it's oriented properly when installing - Doesn't get hot under stress or need a memory fan

Cons: - Pricey

Overall Review: My second time using Trident series RAM, and overclocking with XMP on an X series Intel processor, this system RAM does a great job of staying stable and not running hot. I paid just a bit extra than other brands might have been simply because my last set of triple-channel Trident (@3x4GB) gave me great performance and zero problems for over 6 years. I've used G.Skill in desktops and laptops and never been disappointed; they're on my short list of good-value brands.

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Coming from 480GTX8/5/2013 12:18:39 PM

Pros: Easy install, big cards yes, but still the same size as my 480GTXes that they're replacing, 4GB RAM seems to make a difference. 600 series delivers little bonuses in how gaming renders, dynamic on-demand performance works well (fans don't constantly crank up). Planetside 2: noticeable differences in detail, particle effects, prismatic light effects and lots of sparks flying on explosions. Skyrim: rock-solid framerates on Ultra, clear render in 3D. Bioshock 2: breathtaking lighting and combat effects (sparks, fire, etc.).

Cons: Still pricey. Check PSU requirements, especially if looking for SLI. Check the size if you don't have a full-size case! Or if your drive bays face the might not have the clearance. nVidia don't let us control the GPUBoost technology (yet!), but still I'm not sure if ASUS' overclocking software is necessary, either. GPUBoost seems to run the show well without running the fans too loud under load. I don't bother adjusting ASUS' settings because I'm not seeing much difference with/without them.

Overall Review: This is a wonderful card and I'm running 2 in SLI. I was surprised at how many details started showing up in my games. I saved money buying one of the two as an open-box, but even then this is still a pretty hefty investment. Lots of bang...but also lots of buck.

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Works like a charm7/15/2013 1:00:58 PM

Pros: Easy to slip in the mSATA drive, screw everything down, and you're ready to roll. Fits in any laptop-sized SATA bay.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Took a boot OS drive from a laptop in order to upgrade it, so this made a great portable SATA drive for me when coupled with a USB adapter and USB 3.0 speeds...

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Simple, and Simply Fast3/22/2012 10:47:10 AM

Pros: Easy to install; though Toshiba says the T135-S1310 can't hold 8GB, this works perfectly and runs fast!

Cons: none

Overall Review: If your laptop is older than Win 7, be sure you have any BIOS updates installed first, as some laptop BIOS fixes were to cover memory addressing issues and size limitations dating back to XP days...

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Blaze Away!1/11/2012 7:05:57 PM

Pros: Easily compatible with RAID software. Hits the ceiling in speed. Light, simple, and bundled software sweetens the deal. Included Samsung tools make SSD tweaks in Win 7 a snap.

Cons: Samsung's benchmark software cannot detect 830s if they are in a RAID configuration (but every other tool I've used will). Arkham City download only offered for 128GB and larger models. Arkham City download has to be claimed before 3/31/2012.

Overall Review: Two of these in RAID 0 netted me the following (in MB/s): 490.5 Seq. Read 471.5 Seq. Write 412.4 Random Seek + RW Raxco's PerfectDisk 12.5 optimizes for SSD quite nicely.

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