Mammoth6/1/2009 1:21:17 AM

Pros: Let me start off by saying "This thing is huge!" -PRICE/PART RATION: Asus is a company willing to provide hardware at a moderate price, when many companies will milk the customer for every penny they can. I'm impressed at the quality of the components for the price I've paid. -RESOLUTION: Perfect. 1920x1080 is just right. Even with 20/20 vision 1920x1200 makes it a little challenging reading some small text unless you're fairly close to the device. -KEYBOARD: Excellent. I'm pretty picky about my keyboards, so this was a big deal to me. It is sturdy, and configured well for a great typing flow. I hate keyboards that are too stiff, or require your fingers be placed at a certain angle for an efficient flow. -GRAPHICS: I know, I know. Many of you will say "the GT 130m is just a revamp of the 9600GS card". Who cares? It works great. Plays all my games at max settings. It will effectively play all the HD media you have.

Cons: -MOUSE BUTTON: The buttons are replaced by one button bar. It is more difficult to press, and you have to press on each far side, you cannot press anywhere close to the middle. Not a giant issue, but it is a mild eyesore. Just seems a little silly. -SPEAKERS: The Altec Lansing premium speakers are a bit of a let down. Though you can't expect all that much from a laptop as far as sound, this pushes it a little. I would almost rather have slightly less quality in place of the incredibly quiet sound. I have to lean in a little even at max volume. Solution: use external speakers or headphones. Overall, if you have the convenience to be picky about the superfluous little issues with this system, you should probably be purchasing a system more in the $2.5-$3K+ range.

Overall Review: This system is perfect for a person in my situation. Being a soldier in Iraq, size and portability is a big issue. With our minimal living space this system is a great laptop replacement. Also, being as I'll have to travel back to the United States at some point, I have a system that can efficiently replace a desktop, yet be portable enough to fly with. I know, it's huge and you might not see it as portable. But for it's specs it is plenty portable. If you're buying for ultimate portability an 18.4" screen laptop is obviously not for you. I wrote a much better review originally, but being as I'm in Iraq, my network sucks and it messed up when I hit submit.

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