Kinda too small and loud4/20/2018 10:28:09 AM

Pros: -The led is cool I guess -it's light and small(but this is a con I will explain later too)

Cons: -it buzzes, as other users have said it's kinda loud and the only thing I've found that reduces it is lifting it so it's not angled anymore, but that barely helps -it's small, it's actually almost too small for a 15.6" laptop, the edges of the laptop hang over it, only the feet are on it. This is okay in some situations but I was expecting a better fit, I wouldn't recommend it for 15.6" or larger. -I knew this going in, but no USB pass through

Overall Review: Get rid of the buzzing, and maybe stress that it fits up to the feet of a 15.6" and not the whole laptop. As well, a switch to maybe toggle to 50% speed would be nice, this may combat the buzzing if it's a vibration issue.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Justin, Thanks for your purchase of WIND PAL Mini. We are sorry for the problem you met. Please don't worry. Would you please write to for further technical support? We are willing to offer you a satisfying solution after the communication, thanks for your kindly trust in advance! DEEPCOOL Support Team
Broken Key on Arrival4/4/2018 12:44:34 PM

Pros: -Beautiful Lighting -Quiet Keys -Non-broken keys type well

Cons: -It arrived with a broken off " . del" key on the numpad -According to cougars website, broken keys on arrival aren't a good reason to use the warranty and the FAQ for it suggests a replacement from retailer, as they don't carry replacement keys.

Overall Review: I will try to update this after a replacement is received, assuming the replacement works, and is intact, I would go ahead and give it a 5 off first impressions, can't speak to long term use, but a broken key on arrival isn't a good sign, hopefully it's a rare occurance, here's hoping! Edit: The return looks good and seems to work fine, hopefully it lasts.

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Aesthetically pleasing3/2/2018 1:31:07 PM

Pros: -looks great -small -fan mounting options -included 3-pin air flow fan -can fit some rads -comes with zip ties -the front panel thing can be moved(all cables are black except audio which is black down to the very end, where some color is exposed -comes with standoff -> screwdriver converter/tip -fits large GPUs -fits uATX(the longer 4 dimm mATX) -Very affordable -side window -cable routing space -AIRFLOW -PSU at bottom(kinda rare in this price range/form factor)

Cons: -came with one of the magnetic filters a bit crushed up, letting it sit in place has straightened it a bit -the filters are kinda unevenly cut -can feel the glue holding the magnets from the outside of the filter, it's sticky. -No psu shroud or rubber grommets for hiding cables better(understandable at the price, just saying though) -No 5.25" drive slot, could have easily fit one or made it an option(just a personal preference to have it) -Breakout GPU slots, not slot covers if you change your mind or board(huge con really, I've had cheaper cases with replaceable expansion slot covers) -Only one full size HDD slot, though I'm not convinced you can't just mount one in the 2.5" slot, I still feel like there was space to sneak some in, or maybe an adapter for the bottom mounted 120mm fan slot?(i knew this going in though, just another personal thing)

Overall Review: -I'd recommend it if you can do without the DVD drive slot/have a longer mATX board. -I think it's pretty affordable and attractive. -It's probably the best looking and built mATX case for the price so long as you don't need a 5.25" drive or a ton of drive space. -The biggest build quality wise con are the dust filters, they seem rushed and I don't like that they're sticky. The rest of the case seems top notch though, even the standoffs are all black.

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Bigger than I expected, and I expected it to be large.2/16/2018 1:17:24 PM

Pros: -This thing is large, like really large. It can be difficult to discern this from the pictures and specs alone. - Anti-fray stitching, always annoying to get the edges peeling up. -Doesn't seem to slip. -Smooth, works great with my DeathAdder, so optical mice should be a go.

Cons: -This is a personal issue, I have the bad habit of resting my wrist on the pad, and the anti-fray stitch can be uncomfortable. -This may just be mine, but it stinks. I just got it, and it stinks bad. Like rubber, yes, to be expected but... on top of that, it stinks like manure, or some sort of fertilizer, it's awful, and I can't get rid of the stench. I've tried some sprays near and under it, but I don't know what to do...

Overall Review: -I would recommend it, especially at $14.99, the price I paid. -Pretty plain, and standard design, black, white and grey will go with just about anything. -Fast delivery, from newegg anyway. -Overall, I really like it, it seems like quality material, and mouse glides, my only issue is this particular one smells terrible, and I'm not sure that warrants a return etc. and i'm hoping the smell goes away after some use. -I have decided to amend this review, as I've owned this now for maybe a little over a week, and the corners and a side are fraying... These aren't even areas I use or touch frequently. It doesn't feel like it's worth sending back for a return or replacement as I have to ship it back, however, be warned of potential quality issues. It is just a corner and not physically annoying as if it were the wrist area, however it's clearly only a matter of time. It will be nice while it lasts I guess.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Justinr, We are sorry that you are not 100% satisfied with your new Corsair Mouse Pad. If you have technical issues, please contact our Tech Support at 888-222-4346 or submit a ticket at and we'll be more than happy to troubleshoot them. Thank you, Corsair Customer Support Corsair Support Email: Corsair Support Phone Number: 888-222-4346
Random Crash2/16/2018 1:07:04 PM

Pros: -looks nice -has vrm heatsink -4 dimms -usb - c -"affordable" -two m.2 slots

Cons: -vrms are a 3+3 not 6+3 or 9 phase as they advertise -pcie x 16 3.0 slot isn't the top slot, a preference thing but I prefer it as top slot -could use more fan headers(mostly because the 3-pin is not smart fan controllable as I believe it said it could manage) -It crashes randomly. Same problem as everyone else. The only thing I've find that reduces crashes, only slightly(changes from every 15 mins to about every 45-60, is using a top down cooler. Makes me think VRMs are overheating. The crash, as far as I can tell cuts power to the CPU, which is why all system fans will max out, similar to a dead cpu socket. Problems started about a month after purchase, just outside of newegg's policy.

Overall Review: I can't recommend this product as it is. I'd be willing to change my tune if I could get my hands on a working version, but this problem seems to be widely reported. I'm not sure if this was a bad batch during dec-jan, or what. But, if I can't get this RMA'd quickly I'll probably just get a competitors board... If it actually functioned properly, I would personally prefer the pcie x16 in the top slot, and more fan headers. Also, just be honest about the VRMs, they're not terrible, all your competitors have around the same 3-4 phase setup, this was just misleading. I know it looks better with more, but if it doesn't function how it looks like it should, and how you say it should, I would rather just know what they are. 3+3 phase was adequate, didn't need this parallel stuff.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Justin, Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We will be more than happy to assist you. Please contact us at Thank you ASRock Support Tech Support Email:
Nice for the price12/1/2017 11:05:21 PM

Pros: - I got it in a package deal for 69.99 with headset/mouse/mousepad -Kaihl Switches are nice, blues are quite clicky -RGB -Sides are RGB, but not syncd to the top too well. For the fellow saying it's only red, hold FN and press page down, it cycles through the color options and an rgb breathing cycle -pretty solid metal build -foldable wristrest -fold out feet to raise it

Cons: -Specific to my case: Came opened, was supposed to be new -Again, may be specific to mine, as I may have received a well done knock off if so, but it showed as "whiftec mechanical keyboard" when i first plugged in -some of the keycaps are kinda badly molded, they have what I can only call a "Hang nail' Thing going on(easily removed or sanded but still quality control issue) -The wristrest has marks near one fold, it looks like where it was clipped off the mold to make it -Wrist rest is not detachable, I don't think -Not a huge fan of their logo/branding but this is personal

Overall Review: -keycaps are somewhat reflective(this is a positive with backlight on, and neutral most of the time) they are getting pretty smudgey from fingerprints though normal keycaps wear out in a different way -has a lot of function keys and some media keys, I could take them or leave them personally

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It shaves Ice.7/30/2017 9:19:36 AM

Pros: -It does what it does -it does it pretty well

Cons: -if you use cubes too big, they won't fit -no real on off switch, just the lid locking position -the crushed/fine switch tends to revert to crushed on its own during operation

Overall Review: It's a relatively inexpensive shaved ice machine, the course option is basically that of a freezer door, but the shaved is more snow cone style, which is what I was hoping for. Hopefully it lasts a little while, we'll see. This was purchased as a gift to my mother as she loves shaved ice, and the machine she had been using was my old hand-crank one and had broken.

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Quiet, but does not match any aesthetic7/19/2017 5:34:02 PM

Pros: -Slim -Works well -a pretty good match if you wanna split it with a 120mm fan as it has pretty high RPM - Tons of accessories(extender, splitter, pwm) -"anti vibration" mounts -4 pin

Cons: -I'm not gonna say it's ugly, I like the color scheme, but there's basically nothing out there to go with it otherwise, will completely ruin anything chosen for aesthetics -The anti vibration mounts, while good in theory, are kind of a pain to install, and it's questionable how long they will work

Overall Review: It's expensive. For the price, I wish it came in other colors, or maybe swappable decals or something? If you're not adding this to an already done system, put this fan in first, if you plan on using the rubber mounts. Be careful with these, also, you could potentially pull it through or rip it off if you pull too hard. I probably wouldn't use this as a CPU fan, unless you had a low TDP chip.

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Keeps 880k Cool and Quiet6/26/2017 7:42:49 PM

Pros: - Very easy to install -Neat White LED -AIO -Quiet, the fan is quiet to me, though others review it as loud. My GPU is louder so I can't even hear it, not that either is particularly loud(in an mATX case, with just the AIO as an intake, it's about 35dba). -Fits amazingly well in my Fractal Design Core 1000

Cons: -Only comes with one Fan(obviously, I knew going in, and for the price it's acceptable) -Corrugated tubes, not sleeved(just a cosmetic issue, still looks nice though) -A fan splitter or, some sort of header sharing mechanism for the Pump and fan to be on the same header is always a nice touch(obviously at the price point, not being included was known and expected, but hey, one can dream)

Overall Review: I got this on sale at 39.99, very good price for a 120mm AIO. Totally worth it, dropped about 15C on the cores, 20C on the package, did make my GPU go up about 3C as I can only front mount the AIO in my case, and it is a small mATX case. A little advice, don't try to put it on right away, if you're not mounting it as it is intended(as a rear exhaust). Plan out your build, and gently lay the tubing out in the box so it has time to adjust to the direction you think you will try, especially if you plan to front mount, or are using a FM2+ or AM4 mount, in fact you can easily install it in the case with the little clip mounts, it requires no backplate or anything, super easy install. Anyway, if you try to put it on without gently guiding the tubes to their soon to be final position, they will kink, and it will be much harder to install. Also, always either do a push/pull setup, or a pull setup, or you will hate your life when you have to maintain and clean the rad/fans. Edit: I thought I would edit this for CM, and the dude who says the screws didn't fit the tab. That person is wrong, they were likely trying to do what I was trying to do at first, use the radiator -> case mount fans, as they were in the same bag as the adapter and the fan -> rad mount(long screws). Once I realized that, using those little black screws would leave me no way to mount, and they weren't working, I just used the silver screws used for mounting any other bracket, and it took less than 5 minutes to install it in total. There is nothing wrong with the included screws, just need bag labeling, at most, or clarification in the manual.

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Came Late, Beat up and potentially used5/28/2017 9:56:57 AM

Pros: - Nice color scheme(but I'm not a fan of the overall gamer-y logo and design on it, someone else might be though) -Functions pretty well -It comes with a tripod -I can have it right next to my PC and it doesn't pick up any sound, though it is less than 35db most of the time. -omnidirectional(still picks up sound a little off to the side -Plug and Play(a nice feature, but all settings are client side, no drivers at all really, for in depth adjustments)

Cons: -Well, it's a little larger than I thought(not a huge con), basically if you wanted to have this in front of you by your keyboard, it will be in your way unless you have wall-mounted monitors. -the tripod is pretty plain and dinky, it doesn't align that well with the holding part(if having the mic centered on the tripod is your thing, it may bother you) -Picks up keyboard and mouse clicks, I expected it for the keyboard, but was a bit surprised by the mouse, I'm sure this can be solved by editing sensitivity(again not a huge con) -on/off button is lifting/not flush(not sure if this sliding button is meant to lift, or what, but it makes it look cheap) -USB not Audio Jack(I knew this going in, but I typically prefer not losing a usb port, not sure what I'm saving them for though... also someone else might consider this a pro) -build quality is a little more light and dinky than I had hoped -no software at all(as far as I can tell, you have to use windows settings to adjust, not sure if it works with anything other than W10)

Overall Review: I'm not really sure what happened with mine, it supposedly went out to be delivered to a delivery service, but it didn't make it there. Took over 9 days before it finally arrived at the service, and then another week or so to be delivered to me. When it finally got here, it was beat up, the package was half opened, the box under was smashed and completely opened, and the thing inside had some dings. I can't say for certain if this was newegg or the services fault, but it was a bit annoying, and I've come to expect more from Newegg, there's really no reason for something that has a shipping address less than 2 hours away from my address, to take more than a few days, less packaging and inventory issues. Overall, it's a pretty solid product, if you're looking for a simple mic to chat with buddies, use in game, or for local recordings for one reason or another, it functions pretty well, so long as it makes it to you. So if you want something relatively cheap, and seems to ship from the US, I would recommend this, I haven't extensively tested any microphones, but I know there are cheaper ones out there, I can't speak to their sound quality, but this one seems clear and nice to me. I would say this is great for an entry level gamer, maybe someone trying to create content and on a budget, good for a gamer-kid.

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Looks good, works good4/19/2017 9:56:59 PM

Pros: -Fantastic image. -relatively low response time at 5ms. -Large at nearly 24" -Speakers -little to no glare -slim bezel -1080p

Cons: -The speakers aren't so great. -No real swivel, and no titling. -Shows a little too much...

Overall Review: I knew it didn't title or swivel going in, and didn't expect much from, or need speakers anyway. So these cons aren't a big deal for me. The shows too much is about the logo, every time you turn it on or wake it up, "ASUS Hdmi..." It's only a few seconds but, I'd rather it didn't. Not much else to it, other than wish it were 1ms response time at a higher refresh rate, but I also wish I had the 100s more to actually get that. For 129 or around there that I paid, with a rebate, it was worth it. Very nice for 1080p.

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Runs a little toasty but games like a champ4/19/2017 9:49:04 PM

Pros: -Quadcore, most programs read it as some sort of hyperthreaded processors, except for games, they see it as true quad, so will play pretty much any game. -Easy to install, shipped fast, working well so far.

Cons: -gets a little toasty on stock cooler, may be because I have a mATX case with only one intake fan, and it's rather toasty where I live. either way, even when it's cooler, at night, it reaches same temps. -I've used FM2+'s cooler mechanism before, and it was dumb the first time, and it was dumb this time, take your time, and ensure you got your latches aligned right before pushing down. or hooking in.

Overall Review: -For 75 bucks, it's a steal. Haven't played a game yet it can't handle, never seen it go above 70% usage when playing games and watching videos at the same time. -I know people say the 860k is the better budget deal, or the Pentium G, but they don't know what they're talking about. The Pentium is only good for single threaded games or dual threaded, and likely can't even play most games without significant tweaking or third party software due to two threads. The 860k is typically $20 cheaper than the 880k. I suppose if you can snag it for like 40 cheaper it's worth it, never seen it that low personally. However, consider how much worse the 860k's stock cooler is, it's not even rated for the heat the 860k itself is expected to give off. If the 880k is barely staying comfortable with the beefier semi-wraith, there's no way the stock 860k will manage with the smaller heatsink, forcing one to likely add $20 for a quality cooler that will actually get the job done, effectively making the 860k and 880k equal in price, all things considered. Basically, either live somewhere cold and don't worry either way, or pick the 880k, in my opinion, as it comes with a decent cooler, and has higher stock clocks.

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Got Sata I Speeds11/19/2016 11:51:18 PM

Pros: They're nice looking, all black. Longish(can be a con if you're going mATX like me).

Cons: Cut my mixed transfer rates etc in half essentially.

Overall Review: Well, as the con explains, I got sata I speeds on one of the three cables I tried, the others are in with a dvd player/writer and I have yet to bother testing the third. I'm not sure if it's just the one cable that I got that was sata I, or if all are. Basically, I was using these temporarily in sata II ports, and it cut my SSD's rates in half, 280 down to 130 etc. They're not really worth shipping back, for a refund of some sort. So, if you're going for anything higher than 130mbs standard, basically any SSD or SSHD, try something else maybe, but a standard HDD should be fine for this, or dvd/blu ray drives that require a simple sata connection. Overall, I will be trying to put them to use for said items, so I guess they're not useless, just not what I was expecting.

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