Good8/6/2011 2:39:44 PM

Pros: Very quiet, stable, very long cables.

Cons: Long Cables. Although this is a very good thing is you have a full size atx case. However if you build using smaller form factor cases be prepared to stuff the extra cables some where.

Overall Review: Corsair has been trusted for many the memory field. Hopefully their PSU's will uphold the reputation.

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Amazing Case2/24/2011 12:01:08 PM

Pros: Great case for a semi small form factor case. Best quality case I have ever purchased. I was a little hesitant due to the cost but it was well worth it. Included fans are quite, the included hardware works as intended to silence the system. Standard parts can be used. No special form factor for the PSU. Airflow is excellent but is dependent on the PSU to exhaust the majority of the hot air.

Cons: Only minor inconveniences. If you are going to use a newer standard size graphics card, be mindful of where the 6-pin power connector is. I'm using a Galaxy 50SGH8HX3OMJ GeForce GTS 450 video card. The power connector is on top of the card, this caused a minor issue because I had to bend the cable flat then plug it into the card as I was sliding the MB tray into the case (love that feature). There was almost a clearance issue with the power cable and the HDD tray that my card sits under. But with a little shimmy it slid in with out too much of a problem, just be mindful of this. Rear exhaust fan on HDD Cage. See other thoughts. Front audio header cable is a little short. That really depends on the MB used. Be aware, lots of little black screws holding the side panels on. LanLi sends extra if you loose one of two. Even though there are six holding each panel on I feel it adds to the look of the case. I don't feel these slight issues are enough to knock off an egg.

Overall Review: For those out there that don't like bending sata cables going to your HDD, either buy some right angle cables or the better fix is to buy a slim 80mm fan. The reason for this is the HDD cage doesn't slide out, only the silver panel with the fan comes off. It has a guard so blades don't rub but has to be put back on with some force and that could cause problems. Just a good tip to know about. Best case I have ever used. Extremely quiet. I have it sitting on top of my desk and if it weren't for the slight sound of moving air I wouldn't know it was on. It is worth every penny.

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