power!2/13/2015 5:21:13 AM

Pros: can power anything. nice full modular setup plenty of connections right out of the box (no need to buy extra over-priced cables) near silent

Cons: none - she's a beast

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Awesome card2/13/2015 5:18:33 AM

Pros: This card can handle anything. Am running it on 3 Asus 144hz monitors and have been able to play everything maxxed out in eyefinity without a hitch. Was looking at getting one of these when the price first dropped to $1000, but at the current $700 it's a steal.

Cons: none really - only con for me (and this will likely be only me) is that i did not realize the fan lit up bright red (thought it would be just the logo on side) which clashes slightlky with my blue/white theme. guess i'll have to swap my color scheme a little or just leave it a patriotic red, white and blue lol

Overall Review: wondering if 4 GPUs would scale well enough to make buying a second one worthwhile :P

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello David, Thank you for the great review. We really appreciate the time and effor it takes to publish your experience. If you have any questions, please contact us at neweggsupport@xfxforce.com XFX Support. Thanks p.s.- Yes, it would be worthwhile.
Very Nice for us AMD users2/4/2012 7:21:37 AM

Pros: AWESOME 2d performance. great colors and contrast. 3D works well with the TriDef drivers (SW:TOR looked great!) but the iZ3D drivers were garbage (tho that has nothing to do with the monitor) If your an AMD user and on a budget like me you'll really like this monitor. if your and Nvidia user dont get it, it's not for you, just in case you havent read that a million places already

Cons: There is some slight ghosting at the top of the screen while viewing 3D. 90% of the time it is minor and practically unnoticeable, tho at times it can be a tad annoying. i wouldnt let this stop you from buying one tho.

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