Great system, poor power supply6/18/2020 9:33:15 AM

Pros: -Small -Silent -Connections for 4 drives: 2 nvme, 2 SATA -Wifi included

Cons: The power supply (brick) has two flaws: the connector that plugs in to the system has a 90 degree connector that prevents the cable from going cleanly behind it, the other flaw is the power brick puts out a lot of EMF radiation that interferes with the Wifi. One other problem is the motherboard plate does not have a cutout on the rear for installing a 3rd part heatsink rear bracket, you have to take the motherboard out and then reinstall it.

Overall Review: If you experience any problems with Wifi make sure you place the brick on the floor away from the system. I hope that Asrock makes another of these Deskmini's with a revised power brick that uses a straight plug instead of 90 degree and has a cutout on the bottom of the motherboard plate for installing an APU heatsink rear bracket.

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Super easy Win8 install7/31/2014 7:46:52 AM

Pros: Small and compact device, fits into a laptop USB port with ease but is wide so it may block adjacent ports. The dongle also has an indicator light to show connectivity. Installation on Windows 8 was a simply matter of plugging it in to the laptop. Drivers automatically installed and the laptop automatically switched over to using the dongle. Wireless connections managed through the standard Windows 8 wireless control panel. Nothing needed to be installed manually for it to work.

Cons: A little wide so it may block adjacent USB ports on a laptop.

Overall Review: For the price I am extremely happy with this purchase. I went from getting 3-4 bars of signal strength to getting a full 5 bars constant. Installation on Win8 was a breeze (literally just plug it in). It also works with the EULA authorization my work's guest Wi-Fi requires before a connection establishes (kind of like when you go to a hotel and a webpage loads first that you have to accept an agreement on before the Internet access works).

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Long term review7/26/2014 2:28:29 PM

Pros: 1.) 9 5.25" bays 2.) Handle on the top of the case 3.) Integrated feet that raise the case up 4.) Plenty of room for hiding cables 5.) Easy tool-less 5.25" bay installation 6.) Low cost for a lot of case

Cons: 1.) No cable management holes below the motherboard 2.) No cable management holes above the motherboard 3.) Needs more places to run zip-tie cables 4.) Side panel fan can't be used with some CPU coolers

Overall Review: I bought the red version of this case over a year ago for my home file server. Filled it with 2 iStarUSA 4x3 5.25" hard drive raid enclosures, 1 Blu-Ray drive, 1 DVD drive, and 1 5.25" hard drive bay for a removable SSD caddy. I just rebuilt the system with a new motherboard and changed the CPU cooler from a regular fan/heatsink, to a Corsair H60 watercooler. My experience over the year has been that this is a gorgeous case for very little money and one of the few cases with 9 fully usable 5.25" drive bays. As I mentioned in the cons, the only real issue with this case is a lack of more cable management holes, everything ends up getting crowded with the few holes provided. The biggest problem is of course the side panel fan. It sticks into the case and hits cables and gets in the way of any tall CPU coolers. It was completely unusable with a Corsair H60 watercooler mounted at the back of the case. There is no way to keep the hoses clear of the fully exposed fan blades. Thankfully, Raidmax included fan mounts on the side panel for a 120MM fan, so removing the larger fan and reusing the screws with a 120MM worked perfectly and had all the clearance necessary for the watercooler hoses. I would highly recommend this case for a file server if you want to fill the 5.25" bays with hard drive caddies. Also, checkout the iStarUSA caddies to go with it.

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Works great7/26/2014 1:56:03 PM

Pros: Tons of connections: 8 SATA3, 6 USB 3.0, 10 USB 2.0. The audio header is out of the way of the video card slots. I am using this to replace a faulty MSI board and the adapter that MSI includes for making motherboard header connections easier (HD LED, PW LED, etc...) worked perfectly with this board as well (all the pins were in the same orientation). Also, I love the night time LED mode ASRock provides that turns off the power LED after the system has booted, less light pollution is a good thing.

Cons: I really hate the connector used for the internal USB 3.0 connection, but that's not ASRock's fault, that's the USB organization's fault. They need to come up with something that locks in place.

Overall Review: I bought this to replace an MSI FM2-A85XA-G65. The MSI board was only seeing half of the memory installed, tried re-seating the CPU twice and tried all the different memory slots, just a defective board. Installed the same components in this board and have zero issues. Everything worked from the first boot. Using this for a home file server: AMD A4-5300, 2 G.Skill 4GB DDR3 1600 memory, PCIe 4x 8-SATA controller card, 8 hard drives, 1 SSD, 1 Blu-Ray, 1 DVD, running Ubuntu 14.04.

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Never again1/18/2014 3:33:00 PM

Pros: Solid steel construction. Easy to remove parts you don't need like hard drive trays and the 5.25" bay. Plenty of room for tucking cables out of the way. Plenty of cooling options. Horizontal motherboard mount.

Cons: All 4 screw mounting points on the left side for the top and bottom handles arrived broken. Opened a ticket with Bitfenix over a week ago and still have not heard back despite their claim of a 2 business day response time. Ended up sending the case back to where I bought it from for a refund. From researching this issue it appears these cases have had this issue with broken handles since they were first launch well over a year ago and still have not been revised to fix.

Overall Review: Really disappointed as I was looking forward to doing a build with this case but Bitfenix customer service completely let me down with their lack of response. Thankfully the site I bought it from (not here) honored their return policy and took it back.

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Disappointed1/18/2014 3:26:34 PM

Pros: Works with the OEM CPU mounts for AMD sockets. Drops temps another 10C.

Cons: I've had this nearly a year and the pump started making a very loud whine. Unfortunately, this was in a HTPC and the noise became unbearable for a living room situation. Went back to the OEM heatsink which is inaudible compared to this. I then went to try and use this in a new system build with a Bitfenix Prodigy but unless I remove the front 230MM fan there is no way to really fit this in without tying the hoses in knots.

Overall Review: This is best off in a full tower case where you have plenty of room for the hoses. It is possible the pump noise is the result of having the radiator outlets positioned at the top, there was no other way to get this to fit in a Silverstone Sugo 05 case though.

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Perfect netbook replacement12/9/2013 10:43:16 AM

Pros: Chiclet keyboard, great price, full Windows8, 3x USB ports, Ethernet.

Cons: Power button and trackpad buttons have to be pressed down too far. Memory not upgradable.

Overall Review: I bought this to replace a netbook from 2010 that has an Intel Atom 450 processor, this notebook is screaming fast by comparison. It can play full Blu-Ray rips over Ethernet, but I did have buffering issues over wifi. One tip: disable "edge" controls in the trackpad utility, my guess is the bad review from someone talking about their touchscreen not working was brushing the edges of the trackpad. I ran into that issue until I turned that off.

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Excellent PSU for ITX build7/31/2013 3:01:12 PM

Pros: Extremely quiet, fits perfectly in a Silverstone SUGO05. Compatible with the Silverstone short cable kit. Plenty of connections for a ITX build.

Cons: Didn't make me a sandwich.

Overall Review: Using this in a SUGO05 case with an Asrock FM2A85X-ITX mobo and AMD 6700 APU, cooled with a Corsair H60. I also picked up the short cable kit which i've used on my last 2 builds as well. The 4-Pin ATX cable that comes with the short cable kit is shorter than the one that comes with this PSU and the SATA power cables from the kits have fewer connectors than the ones that come with this, making them easier to install in a cramped case. I had no problem fitting the PSU in with the H60, in fact if I were to do the build over again the only thing I would get rid of would be the H60 as it was a bit too large for the case. I don't know what noise anyone is referring to with this PSU, I got the 2.0 version and it is completely silent. My guess would be this PSU maybe gets loud if you overclock but I never do that, so I don't know. I'm very happy with it myself and will be sticking with Silverstone for my future builds as well.

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Kingston has always worked for me7/31/2013 2:33:29 PM

Pros: High quality build, nothing feels cheap. Windows 8 boots in less than 3 seconds using UEFI UltraFast boot option on a Asrock FM2A85X-ITX motherboard. Plenty of storage for a HTPC connecting to a file server for all it's media needs.

Cons: I don't know why the drive isn't a standard height, I assume it is something for laptops, instead if you want the standard height it comes with a plastic bracket that gets stuck on with double-sided tape. Kinda cheapens the overall experience.

Overall Review: I used a V100 drive in a 1st generation MacBook (plastic body) for over 2 years and never had a single issue. Bought this drive and used it in a new HTPC. I've also used Kingston value line of desktop memory for over a decade and never had a problem. Always appreciate affordable quality.

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Great for the price7/31/2013 2:26:33 PM

Pros: Overall fit and finish is excellent, the front plastic panel worried me at first but actually looks good in person. Was able to cram an ITX mobo with a corsair H60 inside, tight fit but works.

Cons: USB3 front panel ports do not have a USB2 alternate connector, other cases like the Bitfenix Prodigy do so it is puzzling why Silverstone overlooked this. Makes it impossible to use an Asrock CIR adapter unless I hook up a PCI slot bracket in the back which prevents using a 2 slot GPU and would require running an external USB extension cable to use the adapter. Case should be widened and the PSU moved to the side so there is more room above the CPU for coolers and a rear case fan. Blinding blue LEDs, I like that they're blue but don't like that they are extremely bright in a dark home theater environment, wish there was a LED switch to turn them all off.

Overall Review: Built a HTPC with this using an Asrock FM2A85X-ITX mobo and a Corsair H60 watercooler. It was a very tight fit getting everything in and the stiff USB3 cable is pressing at a bit of a bad angle. I would only recommend using this case with an air cooler or a doing a customer watercooling setup with shorter tubes than come on a pre-built cooler. Overall, i'm still gonna give it 5 stars thanks to the great price. I am very happy with the final build but will be keeping my eyes open for a better case or eventually will move everything into a Prodigy.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you very much for purchasing a SilverStone! If you are looking for a bigger case than the SG05 with more flexibility, we recommend taking a look at our SG09 or SG10 linked below. They both are still smaller than Prodigy but can fit bigger Micro-ATX motherboard with up to two graphics cards: SG09 SG10
Perfect for a HTPC7/31/2013 1:18:51 PM

Pros: 65W, reasonably low power for such a powerful chip. FM2, no need for a new motherboard or new cooling mount. Runs everything i've thrown at it.

Cons: A little expensive for an AMD chip, especially considering this is just a slight improvement over it's predecessor.

Overall Review: Bought this for a HTPC running Windows 8 Pro w/ 8GB of memory using a Asrock FM2A85X-ITX motherboard. Works flawlessly and handles everything i've thrown at it. Played full uncompressed Blu-Ray backups over the network from a home file server running Samba, and got some more gold medals in Defense Grid. I've never regretted buying an AMD processor, been using them for nearly 20 years now.

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Working great with Windows 87/31/2013 11:40:16 AM

Pros: More ports and connections than I will ever need in an ITX system. BIOS updated flawlessly online from within the BIOS, just had to connect an Ethernet cable and it used built-in DHCP to connect and download the update internally (awesome!!!). Night-time option in the BIOS turns off the power LED after the system has POSTed. Good amount of descriptive text in the BIOS made it easy to figure out some of the advanced settings, overal config was easy.

Cons: Night-time option in the BIOS does not turn off the HDD LED (very bright blue). So far had one problem with the system not waking up from standby, it was in a zombie state with a black image output, no cursor and powering off/on did not reset it, ended up having to pull the power plug and wait 10 seconds then plug it back in. Not sure if the standby issue was a problem with Windows8 or with using the UltraFast boot option in the BIOS. Not gonna knock off a star since it isn't a big deal to me (just leaving the system on 24/7 instead).

Overall Review: Bought this a week ago and installed in a Silverstone SG05BB with a Silverstone modular 450 SFF PSU, 8GB of 1600 DDR3 G.Skill Ripjaws, AMD 6700, Corsair H60 for cooling, and a Kingston V300 60GB SSD. Using it as a HTPC. I first installed Ubuntu 13.04 but ran into problems with using it on my TV over HDMI, couldn't get it to output 1920x1080 resolution, also had other Linux issues with using SPDIF for audio. Wiped the drive and put Windows 8 on it instead and haven't had any problems other than a single instance where it wouldn't wake from sleep and I ended up having to pull the power cord to reset it. UEFI UltraFast boot is awesome, fully powered down it takes about 3 seconds to get to the login screen. I do have one warning for anyone considering using watercooling, the way the retention bracket works on the H60 you can only install the pump facing one of two directions. One of the directions the 90 degree tube ports will face the heatsink between the CPU and PCIe slot, but the heatsink is too tall and the pump won't fit that direction. The other direction the ports face the memory so you will either need memory that does not have a heatspreader or something with a really narrow profile. I managed to squeeze it in next to some G.Skill Ripjaws but i'm not sure if it will end up daming it over time. I would recommend going with an air cooler or watercooling that has ports on the top of the CPU/pump rather than the side. On a side note, with the H60 there is no room in the SUGO05 to install the optical/HDD bay so I had to rest the SSD on the bottom of the case. Kind of a sloppy install but serves it's purpose fine.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear ASRock Customer Thank you for your purchase and review. The BIOS setting "Good Night LED" is for power LED. However, once system is on standby mode the HDD should not have activity and not affects the LED light. For the system wake up issue, it’s usually related to VGA drivers and/or VGA card, external USB devices, Windows power setting and stays in Windows for 1 or more days without restarting the system. If you have any technical issues or warranty questions please contact our Tech Support at We can assist you shortly. Thank you ASRock SUPPORT Tech Support Email:
Plug and play2/12/2013 5:31:41 PM

Pros: Piece of cake to install, didn't slow down my boot at all, works with a SATA Blu-ray drive without issue, red PCB, includes the SFF bracket if you need it, no drivers needed on Ubuntu 12.04+

Cons: No locking SATA connector

Overall Review: I needed an extra SATA port for my Blu-ray drive in a file server I built. To install this card all I did was set the jumper to disable the BIOS of this card and plugged it in to an empty PCI-E slot (I used a 16x slot but it only needs a 1x). My server already had Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 installed on it, boot time was normal and the Blu-ray drive was seen by Ubuntu without my needing to do anything. Other than setting the jumper it was entirely a "Plug&Play" experience.

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AMD makes the best2/6/2013 10:20:32 PM

Pros: 65W and a piece of cake (to install). GPU part of the APU worked perfectly at boot via HDMI on an MSI FM2-A85XA-G65 motherboard.

Cons: Boring heatsink, no place on my case to put the sticker.

Overall Review: I've been using AMD processors since 1995 and haven't had a problem yet. They've been rock solid reliable for over 18 years.

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Painless2/6/2013 10:13:46 PM

Pros: Full modular + short cable kit = Heaven! I love not having cables strewn about in the case that aren't needed. I use a mix of the short cable kit and long cables to install only what is needed.

Cons: 24pin ATX power cable is one of those stupid 20+4 designs that can be annoying to get plugged in right. Worse still, the 8-pin auxiliary power cable that goes to the motherboard is a 4+4 design that actually was a pain to get plugged in (more a problem with my case being cramped at the top-left).

Overall Review: This is my 2nd full modular Silverstone power supply. I put on in my HTPC right over a year ago and loved it so much that I bought this one to put in my new file server. Installation in a Raidmax Seiran case was mostly painless (see last con above). The short cable kit makes it a no-brainer to stick with Silverstone.

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Easy breezy2/6/2013 10:05:03 PM

Pros: Installation was a breeze, black heat spreaders look great with my MSI FM2-A85XA-G65 motherboard.

Cons: DIMMs were a little tight going in, not sure if this is a fault of the memory or the slots on the motherboard, they installed fine though.

Overall Review: Motherboard POSTed without error and saw all 4GB.

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Gonna need a bigger boat...err...case2/6/2013 10:01:07 PM

Pros: Installation was a breeze, it's so great to have a board that uses all 9 stand-offs. There were ports for everything coming off my case, most importantly a internal USB3 connector. Included was an adapter to connect the various LED and switch wires for the case to, that then makes it a breeze to connect them to the board.

Cons: You'll need the biggest case you can afford if you want to use those 6 side-mounted SATA ports. I'm using a Raidmax Seiran and I was barely able to get 6 cables plugged in, route them through a rubber grommet, around the right-side of the case, and back in to connect to some hot swap bays (building a file server). I didn't have much of a problem though, so I din't figure it was worth knocking this review down a star over. One other "con" is the Help button in the BIOS is useless since all it does is re-state the title of the item you just clicked on and the options available (enable/disable), zero description of what the options actually do though. Sadly, every motherboard i've owned has had useless information about its BIOS options.

Overall Review: Always clear the CMOS when installing a motherboard. I had zero problems with this board, it booted the first time and every time after. The GUI for the BIOS was easy to go through, and the printed manual had all the additional information I needed to connect everything up.

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Update...2/19/2012 2:52:04 PM

Pros: Update below...

Cons: Just a follow-up to my initial review: I recently purchased the Asrock Smart Remote and installed it while overhauling a few other components. Physical installation for the remote was a breeze but it took a few power cycles before the BIOS would recognize the USB receiver for the remote. The BIOS has to recognize it before the CIR option appears in the Super IO section. Ultimately, I had to disable the item labeled "Infrared" something or other, once I did that the CIR item finally appeared. Asrock's documentation for installation is incomplete. While changing power supplies I quickly remembered how much the thinness of this board and the location of the ATX power plug sucks. It was a pain in the rear plugging the power cable into the board while supporting the board to prevent it from flexing too much. Overall my original complaints still stand. Next time I look to upgrade the motherboard i'll pay close attention to the size of the board and standoff support.

Overall Review: I saw that someone had a problem with 16GB of RAM, I recently upgraded to 16GB and have had no problems. I used GSkill Ripjaws (Newgg item # N82E16820231428). Windows 7 64-bit sees the full 16GB and is currently reporting over 13GB available

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Must have2/19/2012 2:28:50 PM

Pros: Perfect for a Micro ATX build.

Cons: 24-pin ATX power plug was a *bleep* to plug in.

Overall Review: This short cable kit was the only reason I bought a SilverStone power supply. It's great mixing and matching just the right cables to hook everything up. My only complaint is that the 24-pin ATX power plug was a royal pain in the rear to plug in. The breakaway 4 pin part easily slid in but the main part took extraordinary force to get all the way in. This was exacerbated by the poor design of the Asrock 880G U3S3 motherboard which is very thin and does not have standoffs to support the back corner where the ATX power plug is.

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Beautiful2/19/2012 2:22:31 PM

Pros: Best looking SATA module there is. -Gorgeous -No gaudy logos on the front -Blue LED's are not too bright -Switches to control fan (low/high) and LED's (on/off) -Works with SATA 3 and AHCI!!!

Cons: Cabling could be better: -Data and power ports are vertical -Data and power ports are side by side vertically -Right angle power cables collide with the data cables as a result of the above issues

Overall Review: These SATA modules really are beautiful. I bought this to replace a pair of Vantec EZSwap4 bays that I found out the hard way do not work with AHCI. I was happy to find that not only does this module work with AHCI, it is also working with SATA3! The cabling issues noted above are not too bad in the long run, but made installation a little annoying due to all the bending of cables that needed to be done. I set the fan to low and have not had any problem with noise levels. It's a 70x70x15mm fan with a small 3 pin header on it, rated for 29decibels at 2000cfm. Also, I did not find the connectors for anything to be flimsy at all. Everything has a very high build quality to it, the only oddity are the vertical data and power ports.

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Perfect with short cable kit2/19/2012 2:09:56 PM

Pros: Once you go black... -100% Modular -All black and comes with black screws and black thumbscrews! -Includes velcro cable wraps -Short cable kit rocks!

Cons: Only one complaint: -The power supply does not have any packaging material, it was just shipped loose in a box with the cables and other stuff.

Overall Review: Knocked one star off due to the poor packaging. The power supply is loose in the box with nothing to secure it. This caused it to bang around in the box with only some thin bubble wrap to protect from scratches. Thankfully it worked perfectly. Definitely get the short cable kit if you are building a mATX system.

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Great design2/15/2012 4:23:57 AM

Pros: -Great design -Great packaging -Includes screws

Cons: -Sandforce based SSD not detected by motherboard

Overall Review: I bought this adapter to use with a brand new Sandforce based SSD (SataIII 6Gbps) and a Vantec EZ-Swap 4 hot swap bay. My motherboard is an Asrock 880G U3S3. The SSD was not detected by the motherboard when used in this adapter and the Vantec hot swap bay, after removing the drive and connecting it directly to the motherboard it was detected without issue. At this point I am going to chalk-up the problem to being the Vantec bay and Sandforce controller of the SSD not being compatible with one another. Great looking adapter though, just hope I actually get to use it one day.

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Just bought a 2nd pair12/27/2011 12:37:18 PM

Pros: +Looks great +Great price +Sturdy build quality

Cons: -None

Overall Review: (Update) Just bought a 2nd pair to bring my system up to 16GB total. Installation of the first module was a breeze, the 2nd module I had to take the heat spreader off of though. The combination of ASRock 880GMH motherboard and SilenX low profile heatsink prevented the last module from being installed directly. The heat pipes on the SilenX were hitting the spreader. Prying off the spreader was a little difficult but came off without damage. The spreader is held on with a long strip of double sided thermal tape on each side. Start at one end and work it up towards the other to remove. I would have preferred to keep it on but so far my system has been running steady (tested with BF3 and SR3).

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Great case for the money!10/12/2011 1:32:20 PM

Pros: Looks just like the photos, glossy white exterior Removable motherboard tray Boatload of 3.5" drive bays Lighting around the front edges of the case Front ports for USB/Audio/1394

Cons: The holes on the left side do not line up with the location of the CPU duct inside Thin metal bends easily Uses 80mm fans instead of 120mm Front panel is difficult to remove (2 screws and 4 clips) Does not include a front fan Motherboard mounting system is needlessly complicated

Overall Review: First off, the description for this item (Linkworld CA-IP-W... Beige Steel...) is way off! The case you receive is the one shown in the photos, it's an iON IP-1 glossy white case. The comapny iON no longer appears to be in business so I am guessing that Linkworld may have bought them out and is selling off remaining inventory. If you check the Linkworld site you will not find any mention of CA-IP-W... anywhere. As for this case, it is a great case for the price. After opening both sides the motherboard tray can be removed with the removal of 2 screws. Mounting the motherboard is a little tricky though, there are built-in standoffs for a few of the holes and the rest you insert plastic clips into rectangular holes to screw into. There are 4x 5.25" external bays, 2x 3.5" external bays, and the 3.5" drive support goes all the way to the bottom of the case providing plenty of internal bays. Tip: I recommend ordering some thumbscrews to go with the case, and an 80mm fan for the f

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
Almost perfect10/6/2011 7:54:41 AM

Pros: -Gorgeous appearance with black, brushed, aluminium -Fits a regular ATX power supply -Fits most video cards -Holds 2x 5.25" drives and 2x Hard drives with ease -2x 120mm fans up front to keep things cool -Slide out motherboard tray with thumbscrews -Convenient USB2.0/1394/Audio ports on the left side

Cons: -Side panels are held on by 6 soft-aluminum screws that can strip easily -With no way to open the top of the case, trying to connect fans and various case headers (such as USB and audio headers) can be very difficult depending on your motherboards layout

Overall Review: I have been using this case for several years now and absolutely love it. The design is so nice that I enjoy having it in my living room to show off. My only real wish for a redesign of this case would be to design the side panels more like a standard case so they can easily be held on with 2 thumbscrews and pivot off for removal. Some tips for prospective buyers: -When shopping for a power supply get a modular one -Also when looking at photos of them trying to figure out which one will fit this case, look for one that is close to the same size as the 120mm fan mounted in the power supply. -Don't buy a video card that is taller than the mounting bracket on the rear of it -Check video card lengths carefully as well -Get some fan extension cables to make life easier when trying to connect the various fans to the motherboard -Get a 'Y' cable for fans to power them from a molex power connector, odds are you will have more fans than there are headers on your motherboard

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