12/4/2013 7:55:21 AM

Pros: Looks great, awesome picture quality

Cons: After 1 year and 1 month the screen will just go black, its not giving me a lost signal messege you can turn it off and turn it back on and the picture will return but go black again after a short period of time. of course all this happened as soon as the warranty period was up.

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Amazing1/30/2012 1:19:13 PM

Pros: This thing is absolutely massive. More room than you will even need. very easy setup and tons of rubber grommets to hide the wires.

Cons: The only thing i can say bad is not the cases fault but the power supply i have the 4 pin power for the mobo isnt long enough to hide behind the mobo tray. and it weighs a staggering 37.5 lbs

Overall Review: If you want a huge case with great airflow and heavy duty construction then this is it.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
10/15/2008 5:08:51 PM

Pros: i swear my pc is gonna take off like an airplane with these fans. very good airflow.

Cons: little loud and short wires.

Overall Review: i will put these in every pc i build from now on. 2 of these with a tuniq tower on a q6600 running at 3600mhz. temps idle at 32-25-32-24

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
10/15/2008 4:32:46 PM

Pros: great monitor for the money. does everything it should and games really well.

Cons: 1 dead pixel, no height adjustment.

Overall Review: people who are scared of the 60hertz need to understand lcd monitors do not use hertz its all in ms response time. dont knock it for the 60hertz

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Great budget case7/7/2008 12:44:31 PM

Pros: very nice well built case for the money. has plenty of room for just about any configuration. highly recommend to anyone wanting a very nice looking case.

Cons: usb and front speaker mic behind door. low rpm fans need replaced for adequet cooling.

Overall Review: cant be beat for the price

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7/2/2008 7:47:51 PM

Pros: Everything booted right up even my hdd out of my other computer went right in with no reformat just a quick reregester of windows and it was cruising. very easy to overclock. took it to 3.38 on stock cooling no voltage change stable. was able to unbind the cpu and ram overclocking together and just oc the cpu.

Cons: only con is the big nb fan clowing hot air on the 9800 gtx but it doesnt seem to effect the video card

Overall Review: very nice stable motherboard. cant figure out why the bad reviews on this.

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6/28/2008 11:48:11 AM

Pros: Nice picture for the price easily setup

Cons: no dvi cable and had to adjust the brightness as it seemed way too bright vs other lcd's

Overall Review: good buy for the money even though a day after i bought this for a customer the 19" widescreen was on sale for same price

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8/18/2007 7:58:34 PM

Pros: love vista sure its had a few small issues but with my pc it runs better than ever. amd6000+ 4gb corsair xms pc 6400 8800 gtx acs3 edition no driver issues at all everything works even has its own built in drivers for my cell phone.

Cons: the control panel dissapearing act was a bit weird at first but soon found a fix

Overall Review: great for anyone who understands pc and operating systems and knows that driver issues are not the os problem but vendors dropping the ball and not releasing drivers.

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3/6/2006 11:10:57 PM

Pros: man this LCD rocks. plays BF2 without a hitch. recommend to all gamers

Cons: no hight adjustment is only prob i see.

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