Great, but short11/21/2005 5:28:29 AM

Comments: This is a great shooter, in depth story line, terrific ai, and high-end graphics. It seemed to overpower my video card at first, giving me around 17fps at times. The problem is that this game is configured for nvidia drivers, so if you have an ati card, you just have to turn off volumetric lighting, and you should still be able to run at decent settings. It would really help if you have a serious cpu as well. I'm running an Athlon 64 3400 and still could only run the physics at medium. Though, despite all of it's greatness, it is a tad bit short, I finished the game 3 days. That was with me being forced to re-install Windows and re-installing the game about mid way. Doesn't compare to Doom 3 or HL2 in length. It was still well worth the money though, multiplayer (Especially strategic, like CTF) will keep you playing this pretty puppy for months. An exceptional release for vivendi, perhaps this will make the name as popular as Valve, Bungie, or ID.

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Terrific11/10/2005 10:43:17 AM

Comments: This is a great drive. Fast, quiet (compared to my old ide) and inexpensive. Most people don't have thier windows set up for large drives (over 137gb). I recomend downloading Maxblast4 from It will set windows to recognize the full drive (came out to 203gb for me) and will copy your boot partition from new to old. Will also copy all of your other files too. Only problem I ran into was my my bios wouldn't automatically detect the settings. However, 12 hrs and a 12pack of coke later, I changed the setting from "auto" to "large" and it booted right up. (Notice: This isn't a common problem) I definitely recomend this if your looking for a slight speed boost and a lot of extra storage but don't have a ton of money to spend.

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8/14/2005 9:36:42 PM

Comments: Great gaming card. I can play hl2 at full settings, average fps 150.

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8/14/2005 9:33:24 PM

Comments: Nice motherboard, easy to install and has high compatibility with ram. My only complaint is the chipset fan, after having this about a month it started having problems. It stutters a lot, and sometimes won't even start on boot, I have to finger jump it. Not bad for the price, and I'm sure that mine is an isolated defect.

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8/4/2005 9:22:45 PM

Comments: Wow, just... WOW! I bought this to replace my Boston Accoustics Micromedia Center, also a 2.1 that at the time I bought it was estimated the same price. This blows 'em outta the water. I have it under my desk and get that tingling feeling between my legs playing CS:S, if you get naded, you really feel it. The best $xxx.xx I ever spent.

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8/4/2005 9:19:28 PM

Comments: This card smokes. Sapphire is the only way to go when it comes to Radeons. If your looking for a card that's going to play near anything out there, without blowing your wallet, this is it.

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6/17/2005 2:59:30 PM

Comments: Once again, a day early... Great motherboard, easy set-up, color coded front panel audio conectors. High compatibility, unlike those that will not be mentioned **cough**asrock**cough**. Terrific job.

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6/17/2005 2:57:02 PM

Comments: A day early as usual, less expensive than anyone else, quality product. Excellect packaging as well.

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