Second purchase of an identical card.3/2/2020 1:13:32 PM

Pros: It's a good storage value. Compatible with my wife's Fire 10 HD out of the package. Second one works with my own Fire 7.

Cons: My Fire 7 didn't like the way the card was formatted out of the package and needed to reformat it for compatibility.

Overall Review: Simple, painless installation. Tons of space at a good price. Included adapter gives backwards compatibility with many older devices. Shipped fast, arrived intact. No complaints or raves, just a nice card overall. Sandisk is a go-to brand for me.

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Decent value, but I urge you to buy a better card instead.2/28/2020 1:29:47 PM

Pros: It works alright. Decent frame rates for online games like World of Warships. Works fine for 1080p video as long as it doesn't have to upscale to a higher-resolution monitor. The fans are quiet.

Cons: Finicky about drivers. AMD's driver updates often don't work 100% correctly with this card. LOTS of coil whine; if you're sensitive to high frequencies, stay far away from this card. This will be replaced as soon as I can justify the expense.

Overall Review: As it states in the title, I have some buyer's remorse on this card purchase. It's alright for the small amount of gaming I do. It displays full HD video (1080p) just fine on my 1080p monitor. The fan noise is never particularly intrusive. The card has MASSIVE coil whine, though! It's a high-frequency nails-on-a-chalkboard experience when the case is open. With the case buttoned up, it's not as bad but still quite noticeable. I would not buy another CORN video card. I wish I had purchased an RX590 or 1050 on the used market instead of this CORN RX560. The ever-present high-pitched ringing sound is like tinnitus. It grates on one's nerves. I'll be retiring this thing and getting a better card as soon as I can reasonably afford the upgrade. Unless you need a hearing aid and don't plan to update drivers, don't select this video card...

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A good choice for an older laptop.2/23/2020 12:38:46 PM

Pros: 2D NAND memory should prove significantly longer-lasting than TLC or QLC varieties. Good value for enterprise-grade SSD.

Cons: Not a well-known brand. Not the cheapest SSD in-class.

Overall Review: Got this for my wife's old Lenovo ThinkPad when her Seagate HDD began losing sectors and corrupting data. Wanted to get her an SSD with "old" 2D NAND memory, as by most accounts it's got a longer lifespan and better reliability than more modern memory types like TLC or QLC. My wife gets quite upset when her computer has problems, so longevity and reliability are paramount. This Chinese-made drive uses the same "old" technology as the best modern enterprise-grade SSDs at a fraction of the cost per gigabyte, so it got the nod. So far, so good! She's very pleased and it offers good enough performance to make her trusty old laptop feel very snappy indeed. Certainly the single most effective upgrade I could've given it in terms of performance and responsiveness. She's thrilled so I'm happy too!

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Don't buy any SSD with unrealistic expectations.2/2/2020 6:33:10 PM

Pros: This sucker boots quickly. I just replaced an HDD in the ancient Toshiba single-core Celeron laptop I call "The Craptop", and now it boots in seconds rather than minutes with a sandwich break.

Cons: It's not a fast SSD; it has little buffer memory (if any) and large writes take their sweet time, plus some more, plus union break time. I'm currently copying a 50GB directory of 200,000+ small files and it feels like sucking coffee through a swizzle stick. Individual smaller files go as fast as you'd expect but large transfers take a LONG time. This directory is estimated to finish transferring over hardline Ethernet sometime in the next 48 hours. That's kind of normal for a bargain SSD, and I'm not upset; it's not my first rodeo. But any decent USB 3.0 flash drive will seem lightning-fast in comparison when you're first transferring large amounts of data to this SSD. Compared to the Silicon Power Ace SSD I have in my desktop, this thing's a legless dog chained to a tree.

Overall Review: I won't be buying another of this brand unless the price point is stellar. That said, I don't regret the purchase. Once the bulk of my files are done transferring to The Craptop, I expect the performance will feel snappy once more; if it can boot to desktop in a clean installation of Windows 10 in under 15 seconds it's obviously on par with an average cheap SSD. Individual small-to-midsize file transfers will not take F-O-R-E-V-E-R as the large directory now copying is. Is it dead slow? Nope. Is it fast? NOT ON YOUR LIFE. But when the bulk of transfers is finished...sigh...perhaps in a will access that data a lot quicker than the old HDD could. Until then, though...bog slow. Dead slow. Grass grows faster. Not exaggerating. The slowest HDD I still own - a 60GB EIDE running through a USB 2.0 adapter - trumps this zombie hands-down for overall write speed on large file transfers. As long as you buy it knowing the initial fill will seem like molasses in winter ON PLUTO, you'll probably enjoy how quickly it works in day-to-day usage.

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Great value for a very good drive.1/17/2020 3:38:07 PM

Pros: It's fast. Ahem, F-A-S-T! It's literally 2x faster than the other SATA III drives in my system. Exceptional price/GB ratio too. Oh, did I mention that it's FAST?

Cons: Not the quietest drive in my box. For speed and value like this I surely don't mind! Random seeks are kind of loud but not annoyingly so. Spool-up is slow, as to be expected from an enterprise-class drive.

Overall Review: I'd recommend this to anybody seeking a good deal for a good HDD. I benchmarked this puppy on one of the big bench websites and it (seriously) ranked in the top 1% of all hard drives tested there. I'm sure there are faster HDDs; the cache is a modest 64MB after all. Nonetheless I'm buying another Toshiba soon to replace one of the older HDDs in my system. Bought this one because I couldn't quite afford the Western Digital Black I really wanted and it was a very lucky find. Five eggs seems no exaggeration of how well it performs. I've been using this for about six months now. It's a heck of a great value and has outlasted some Big Name Drive products. It's head movements can be loud at times. I don't care - it's not LOUD, like the whiney HDDs of yore nor is it LOUD like a failing drive. It's blazing fast in real usage. This might be the best HDD I've ever owned.

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Amazingly quiet!1/17/2020 3:34:05 PM

Pros: Moves plenty of air...silently.

Cons: Doesn't come with a free computer attached.

Overall Review: This company is becoming legendary for good reason. The fans are quieter than any other I've purchased in this size class, but move a lot of air. Noctua will be my go-to for years to come. Zero complaints, nothing but praise. Really glad I bought these. A++.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Cheap and functional.1/17/2020 3:30:25 PM

Pros: The slider is fun to use. The product is well made. It's slow but I wanted USB 2.0 for max compatibility. It's not slow by that standard.

Cons: It's flimsy. It's not junky, just nothing I'd choose for ruggedness.

Overall Review: SanDisk knows their stuff. I've bought many different products from them over the years, and will continue to do so. Don't seek "best in class", just "best value". They'll satisfy the latter every time. I like that a lot. I'm using this as a very inexpensive but reliable Win 10 install media. I might be using it for the same thing for years to come. I'll buy more Sandisk products; count on it. Don't hope for the "ultimate" in any category, but demand "useful" and you'll get your wish every single time.

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Exactly as advertised...well, mostly anyway.1/17/2020 3:03:01 PM

Pros: The lightning effect is exactly what you hope...or fear. No flashes, but "littleboy cool" jagged lightning everywhere. My wife loves that! Her exact words: "Tell Newegg it ROCKS!" Since this is HER keyboard, that's a big plus. Keystrokes are decent but damped due to the silicone membrane. The brightness on this varies from a touch too bright to slightly too dim for me. Middle setting is perfect to me. Wife likes low setting. She's really happy! The effects are: steady-state in one of three colors. (Purple, Blue, Red). "Breathing", which cycles through all three but NOT progressively like a typical RGB keyboard. "Pulsing" which cycles through brightness levels in a single color. Combinations can be used with "Breathing" and "Pulsing" modes. Overall my wife said, "Honey, I can't stop grinning."

Cons: Mushy key feel sucks to me. Wife isn't so picky. It's not a true RGB experience, but if all you want is a nice cheap water-resistant keyboard with illuminated lettering this is the cheapest one I've found. Lightning is annoying to me, but wife absolutely loves it.

Overall Review: You can do better but you'll pay more. A lot better costs a LOT more. It's a fine keyboard for the price but don't get one for your grandparents unless they like the lightning theme. To me, for my wife, the money was very well spent. Having read the above you now know what you're getting into, and if it seems worthy from that it will satisfy you with a big smile when your hands are using it. "I love my keyboard. I love my keyboard!" --- my wife, just now.

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Good price, nice heat spreader7/24/2019 2:41:07 PM

Pros: Value is exceptional. Buy for that, not max overclockability, unless your wallet is fatter than your waistline.

Cons: None really. Not the fastest memory money can buy.

Overall Review: You don't need the fastest RAM on the market. Your improvements are minimal above 2400. These run overclocked at 2933 without a voltage increase, but the actual speed improvement is in the low single-digits regardless of brand. I was able to apply the savings versus Big Name toward a fast SSD and got a properly matched Dual Channel set in the bargain. Would purchase again.

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Faster than expected, very happy so far!7/24/2019 2:29:48 PM

Pros: Benchmarked it on CPUBenchmark dot com last night, got a shockingly high speed rating for it. It's not the very fastest on the market but it's right up there and a heck of a lot cheaper.

Cons: Feels a touch flimsy but how much physical load is an internal SSD expected to handle? Very light weight should mean any perceived flimsiness is more than offset by the very low stresses a light object should encounter in a drop scenario.

Overall Review: I took a gamble and bought this based on price alone. Wanted the cool new M.2 form factor but wasn't willing to give up 2 of my 6 SATA slots for it so went with the standard 2.5" SATA III drive instead. So far I'm absolutely blown away by how speedy it is. Cold boot in Win 10 Pro now just takes a few seconds. My programs run much faster than before. Installation was mindlessly simple and suitable for even a first-time system builder. If it lasts I will definitely make Silicon Power my go-to SSD manufacturer for client systems. Will probably buy another soon for my old laptop; I'm that happy with it.

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Many mounting possibilities make this a good choice.7/18/2019 1:09:12 PM

Overall Review: Very well made adapter constructed of slippery hard plastic. Lunatic number of screw holes offer an amazing number of options. Fortunately you don't have to use any if you just want to quickly snap in your drive and slide the bracket into your case. The fit to a 3.5" bay is just tight enough to keep it in place without screws but not so tight it would be difficult to use. It certainly beats tape or zip ties and the price is good for the overall quality. I ended up using a pair of old 3.5" to 5" drive bay adapter rails I had in order to mount this in a spare 5" bay well removed from a trio of 3.5" HDDs. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another from ICY DOCK when I need it. Not the cheapest solution I've seen but far and away the best I've used.

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Flashy BIOS functionality really surprised me7/18/2019 12:43:41 PM

Pros: Beautiful styling, seemingly solid hardware. Had features I wanted which other B450 boards did not, such as discrete sound circuitry. Installation was straightforward and everything worked out-of-the-box with the Ryzen 5 1600 and dual-channel 16GB memory I chose for my budget build. Built-in support for overclocking and water cooling is a nice touch.

Cons: Possibly longevity. I've had mixed results with AMD chipset boards since the company was new on the block. Some have been excellent, others didn't last. Can't say if this one will last all that long but so far I'm pleased.

Overall Review: It's my first build in a long time and budget constraints kept me from getting all the latest components. I haven't overclocked it yet for warranty reasons. (Everything is too new and my budget too tight ATM.) The BIOS blew me away, having support for USB mouse to help tweak setup is nifty. The manual is kind of hard for me to read but everything is well-explained right in the BIOS screens. Works fine with six SATA drives including one SSD...but only five if you insist on going with an M.2 SSD card and not a 2.5" form factor SSD. Have only had it running for a few days but so far am quite happy with this motherboard. Have had pretty good luck with MSI boards over the years. System: Ryzen 5 1600 with stock Wraith Spire cooler, 2X8GB Geil Spear EVO dual-channel DDR4 2400 RAM (2 sticks, 16GB total), 4 assorted SATA HDDs, Blu-Ray writer, 512GB Silicon Power 2.5" SATA SSD

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Douglas, Thank you for providing your thoughts on the MPG X570 GAMING PLUS! If you ever require technical assistance or warranty support, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
Good product but not for novice use!7/13/2019 11:55:22 AM

Pros: Connected my ancient 500GB EIDE drive and offers "fast" USB 2.0 read/writes. No complaints about speed because USB 2.0 offers superior compatibility with older systems. Every cable pictured was included. But...

Cons: ...You'd better know what you're doing before buying this. No instructions included. You could destroy your drive if you don't understand the order of connection! It's not completely hot-swappable. (The USB connection is, but the drive could get zapped if you plug things in the wrong order.)

Overall Review: I'm happy with this but you may need instructions for safe use, so here you go: 1) Make sure your drive is jumpered for Master and not Slave or Cable Connect. (IDE or PATA drives) 2) Plug the drive's data connector into the adapter before connecting any other cords. 3) Plug in power connector to the drive before connecting the power adapter to the wall. There's no switch on the power adapter. If you're using an SATA drive, there's an additional adapter cable included to route the 4-pin Molex connector power to an SATA plug. 4) Plug in USB to your computer. 5) Plug in power adapter. It uses standard 3-pin PC/monitor connection at the input end, so if your cable has a foreign plug (it shouldn't but it might) you can use a spare PC power cord. Once powered up you should be able to move the USB plug to a different computer if desired.

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Still the best thumb trackball I've used.7/10/2019 8:50:04 AM

Pros: I've owned a lot of these in various models. They require some getting used to but are helpful with my carpal tunnel problems. Once you've adapted to the fine motor control required of your thumb and the unusual amount of exercise it will receive during a long day of work you will wonder why the ordinary mouse remains so popular. These are just better for folks with carpal tunnel issues.

Cons: I haven't owned this particular model before but have used Logitech trackballs extensively over the years. At one point I switched to a Microsoft model and eventually came to like it. Like *every* GUI input device the switches do wear out. How quickly depends on your use. The worst lasted just a year, the best about three years. This style will definitely cause a little discomfort and frustration at first as you're getting accustomed to using your right thumb in a new manner.

Overall Review: If you're a fan of thumb trackballs, this is a good choice. It's a little "melted" on the edges compared to previous Logitech designs, which I really like. It's also a little raised in the center compared to the old style. Not sure yet how much benefit that is but it seems to fit my hand a touch better. I'd call both things an improvement over the original.

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