5 Star Value10/24/2011 3:15:17 AM

Pros: Outstanding laptop for anywhere under $500. High points are in no particular order: - Attractive brushed aluminum case which polishes to a deep luster and does not pick up fingerprints, smudges, or dust. - What are you kidding me? Latest intel cpu technology with "on chip" graphics! They say this second gen 2.1 ghz i3 is faster then some first gen i3 and i5 chips clocked higher thanks to relieving the graphics load with it's new features and architecture. It's peppy and fast and plays any Source game on max settings, is all I know - No Heat! Laptop stays cool even under extended load. Moves a lot of air out the side of the case with a nice, quiet enough fan - Speaking of the case, the back pops right off via the battery release for easy access to the HD, RAM, WLAN card, and a couple of other upgrade components. Very DIY friendly laptop - Built like a brick house. No flexing, creaking, or squeaking in it's chassis no matter how and where you hold it from - Hp Quickwe

Cons: Cons? Well, the display is very average. Not the one to pick for any sort of pro work that requires authentic color reproduction. It lacks in luminance and contrast ratio and seems a bit too dull even at 100 brightness. It's ok for movies and games and vids if not too fussy, and it isn't awful. But it is this notebooks most glaring short coming - Bloatware? Not a problem, really. Uninstall what I don't want, clean registry, wash, rinse, repeat. And some of the programs are indeed useful. Like Quickweb! - I honestly can't think of anymore cons for the money. Could have a bigger HD? Yeah well I could have spent more for one in a laptop not nearly this handsome and feature packed. Did I mention it's readily upgradable? I think I did :) -

Overall Review: Other thoughts? This thing ROCKS! It's solidly built, no nonsense in looks, pleasing in it's aesthetics, and has been a real pleasure to use over the past month or so. Great for office work, school (I do a bit of both), internet, watching movies and vids, has a good webcam, and plays some games well, others I wouldn't know about? Things like L4D and L4D2 or no problem, however. Not bad for a laptop Last mention....Quickweb! Up in the morning, roll out of bed, push a button, and I am on the web in 10 seconds flat! Great feature. It also has an Express34 slot so if you want you can buy a compatible TV Tuner here at newegg and slide it in and forget about it, as they fit flush. It's almost like having an internal tuner, and you can watch and record and store and save hi def TV. Nice :)

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WORKS!10/3/2009 8:18:01 PM

Pros: Nice bendable arm, attractive style and shape. Good, clear picture quality under various light conditions. Nice fluid video quality (30fps according to settings). Mic did work when I tried it. Haven't used or tried it since.

Cons: Well that nice bendable arm isn't always so nice to work with. But because of it you can usually find a good spot for the cam. Its sort of a "wrap around" stand. Best i can describe it. However if you want it to stand flat and stationary at all times, tape of some sort would be recommended. The camera hangs over the edge of my Dell monitor fine. I can slide it along the top to whatever position I like. Works great.

Overall Review: This is my very first webcam and I am very pleased with it. I even like the blue power light which rings the front. And it has a nifty "snapshot" button on the side. I haven't any experience with cameras whatsoever but this one works for me under WinVista32. Here is what I did: Unpacked the cam > plugged in the cam > loaded the software > turned on the cam > saw my big face on the monitor. Then I made some video image adjustments (of which their are many), set my preferences, and that was it. The camera is stylish and works great imo. I don't know much about these things as this is myvery first one, but for what I paid I am impressed. Very easy and simple to use, good picture and video quality . Thats what I was looking for.

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Best Tiny Player7/7/2009 2:24:40 PM

Pros: Can't say enough about this thing. The silver faceplate is very attractive with a smoked mirror finish. Its well put together, the switches feel good. Can be charged with a generic mini USB / wall charger. Of my 3 other mp3 players, including an itouch, this is the best sounding. Long battery life, comes with decent "get started" ear buds. Drag and drop music in usb MSC mode....just like a flash drive. Simple Organizes and puts music and audiobooks where they are supposed to go on the player menu. And it "auto bookmarks" audiobooks, always returning to where you left off under normal operation. Also, if you're a fan of Rockbox firmware and the Clip is a v.1, it may be applicable soon.

Cons: Volume rocker switch right under the headphone jack. The headphone plug often gets in the way when turning the volume up. An L shaped plug may help this annoyance. And I would recommend a different set of headphones for this unit, anyway. It has a 5 band custom EQ and has sound worthy of the best mp3 players on the market. So, pick up another pair and be amazed. No more cons at all. It's a complete player. Just doesn't show pics and vids, is all. Although the screen is colorful, bright, easy to read, and shows all the info you could ever need.

Overall Review: I have three Clips, one is the 4 gig silver. I got it from another retailer at the same deal price as of 7/7 here at newegg. Its sold out there, but here it is...so I am reviewing it for newegg. I use it for the gym and it stays "clip'd" on me no matter what. And its good for physical activities in general. The silver one (i also have blk and blu and had a red one) looks the best. Classy even....and it "blings" in the sun or under bright lights. Thats cool. I have 415 songs on the player and 1.6 gigs of space left . So lots of room for more. Get this and you won't be disappointed!

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Great!6/25/2009 4:26:38 PM

Pros: Small, well built, nice looking, sounds very good with my Sony earphones. Nice clear screen, easy to navigate menus, simple and clean interface. My refurb looks new and works the same, as well.

Cons: A bit heavy, a bit thick, scroll wheel a bit clunky. Had to drive nine miles to pick it up, as the UPS driver couldn't find my hideout. Which is in plain sight! But thats not neweggs fault. Or the player's. Otherwise newegg would have gotten it here in under 36 hours. Now thats what i call service!

Overall Review: This is an outstanding value as of 6/25. With free shipping and a free case / belt clip which is actually very useful. I installed Rockbox easy as pie, and it just takes the player to an all new level. Talk about adding in some fun! And color, themes, fonts, games, and all kinds of things. Please do use Rockbox firmware! Its my first time experiencing it and it is awesome. This would seem a nice player, and the battery is replaceable. So thats good for as long as the player lasts. Haven't tried video yet, photos look good, music sounds great, Rockbox (for V1 players) adds a lot of features and functions. Go for it!

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For Sansa Fuze mp3 Player3/14/2009 5:12:28 AM

Pros: Popped it into my Sansa Fuze and turned my 2 gig player (also bought at newegg) into a 6 gig player for under nine bucks. Card is written to fast and loads fast on my Fuze when updating my content. Plays video back with no stutters, jerks, or freezes. Free shipping.

Cons: None. Card costs over twice as much at local retailers. No con there for newegg.

Overall Review: Card works well with included adapter in my computer. newegg got it here the day after i ordered, as always. Its speedy, efficient, and cheap in price but not in quality. Buy it if you need 4 gigs of quality memory in microSDHC form.

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Perfect3/11/2009 8:08:51 AM

Pros: This is a great device. Its small, built sturdy, attractive piano black finish, seamless operation, great easy to navigate menus, sounds terrific with alternate headphones. But even the ones it came with aren't too shabby. More then adequate, in fact. And better then the ones included with ipods. Sync's with a variety of media players, or simply plug in the USB transfer cable and drag and drop music and video. I already have it loaded up with content. Mine is recertified so was a super bargain at $30. Still has an "as new" warranty, however. Battery life is good.

Cons: None, really. Get a case because it catches fingerprints and my screen has a few fine scratches already from some light handling. Didn't come with the little crushed velvet pouch new ones come with. Or the software disc. But that's no big deal. If you have trouble getting album art on or converting video with the software SanDisk offers at their website, use google. Google knows ALL!

Overall Review: Great media device. Small package packs major punch. Oh, and just a tip. To get video on the Fuze and play it right and reliably, get some 3rd party video converter software ( i use WinAVI Video Converter for common formats and WinAVI FLV Converter for youtube videos and such) and run your vid files through them. Then to put them on the Fuze run them through Sansa Media Converter. This way they will be fully functional (FF, Rewind capabilities, etc) once on the Fuze. Easy as cake two step process. And don't forget to update your firmware at the Sansa site. Very easy to do. Just download the file and drag and drop to the player's root directory. Buy this mp3 player, you will not regret it. Get a microSDHC card to expand storage and you've got an ipod killer. Sweet.

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Fantastic Case2/27/2009 5:01:01 PM

Pros: Very nice hard shell, crystal clear acrylic case. Fits perfectly and snug, but still very easy to slide on and off the itouch. Comes in two pieces which is great, as the bottom 1/4 of the case is separate and comes right off so i can dock the itouch in my speaker system without removing the entire case.

Cons: none whatsoever.

Overall Review: Very nice, attractive, "almost not there" case. Doesn't add much size or weight to the itouch, feels good in hand. Recommended.

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Newegg Is The Best!2/27/2009 4:27:28 PM

Pros: At the sale price of $40 you can't go wrong if good BASIC sound for your ipod is what you want. In fact it would be fair to say it has $50 sound, or even $60. Although at a regular price of $70 I would say you are out on a limb. It has "clock radio" like sound without actually being one, which is a plus for portability, as the unit has no large, garish, brightly lit display. It is also SMALL. About half the size of a regular loaf of bread. In the pics you can't tell this, but if you look closely at the speakers in relation to the space where an itouch would rest horizontally, you can clearly see an i touch is bigger then each speaker. Which is another good thing for portability. This will easily fit in a backpack or even a briefcase with room to spare. That said, its sturdy and well built and has some weight to it even without batteries installed. And it does look small, sleek, and stylish in a simple sort of way.

Cons: None, given the price. If you are a fan of gritty sounding rock n roll music or the sort of music which features LOTS of distortion you may want to look elsewhere or keep the volume down a bit, as the sound can become somewhat shrill at higher levels. As said, it has clock radio sound, but still acceptable. Not great, not bad. Excellent for a bedroom, dorm room, small living room, office, etc. It does fairly well with the EQ of my itouch set to Bass Boost, so that's not bad. It deepens the sound nicely.

Overall Review: I ordered this unit for a gift at the top of the week on a Monday and needed it by Saturday. The address label was smudged and it couldn't be delivered on Tuesday and was sent back to the 'egg. I called newegg on Wednesday and told them what happened. They offered to send it back out with overnight shipping and pay the $17.00 difference in the shipping rate so I could be a happy customer. On a $40 item! That's what i call service. I reordered on Thursday and was pleased to see Free Shipping was included then. I live local so I ordered it with regular shipping. Package arrived the next day (today) and I will now not have to give an IOU gift tomorrow. YOU CAN'T BEAT NEWEGG. Also, I don't need this item myself because I have an Altec Lansing set for my itouch. But at this price and for its portability I am seriously considering it. Plus it charges the ipod nicely. Has a LITTLE remote that works well for music, too. My Lansing doesn't. It is quite the nifty little unit for what it is.

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OEM1/19/2009 1:51:30 PM

Pros: it works. decent quality 500w psu for a basic build

Cons: if it lasts, none. its a power supply and its quiet and powering my old Dell

Overall Review: OEM means no power cord. even if one is pictured. it also means no retail packaging. mine came in a box bundled in bubble wrap, like many of my other OEM purchases. i expected nothing more and got what i payed

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Great Item1/9/2009 10:21:53 PM

Pros: First time experience with one of these and its been easy to use and understand. Have had some passenger seat experience with some others and this one stacks up well in comparison, it seems. Clear and bright display, easy to navigate menus, clear voice instructions, simple and clean design. Also comes with a nice remote, mounting hardware, power adapters, lithium battery, and carrying case. Which can also be used for the remote if so desired. Good instruction manual, too. Pretty much a complete package.

Cons: I can't see any. It works well just like other more experienced users of these products have said in their reviews

Overall Review: I bought this as a gift for a relative who has never been good at directions, and entering their senior years is even somewhat less so, now. Once in awhile I get an embarrassed phone call from them because they are lost on the way home from work in the early morning hours because of a freeway on ramp closure, or detour they didn't quite follow right. It seems this little device will be just perfect for them as it has a "Go Home" feature that will point them home no matter where they are. I like it so much I may even consider one for myself. But then again, I don't really NEED one. Still, could come in handy on my occasional car trips. Very impressed with this product for the money or otherwise.

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Nice Set1/2/2009 2:05:44 AM

Pros: Mic is very sensitive and has good pick up. I can actually hear myself lightly sniffle into them. Has a mute switch and volume control and a nice little clip to keep any extra cord out of the way, nice and tidy. The ear pieces also "swivel" (that's what I call it) so no matter what position the head band is worn at you can straighten them out on your ears. Which is a good thing because of one of the "cons" below

Cons: Well, this is my first experience with a headset / mic and I'm pretty pleased with these. My head is a little bigger then average, however, which makes these a bit small for me. To get a proper fit I must wear them slightly behind the center of my head. I don't have this problem with any other headphones I own so its not just my big head, either. Perhaps because they have a mic attached they need to be designed to a certain size? The ear pads also seem kind of small and don't fit around the ears, but on top of them, so to speak. Heck, maybe MY ears are too big, too :p

Overall Review: I like this set a lot and they are worth every penny asked. If I had to wear them all day I would choose something a bit more comfortable which fit me a little better, but for gaming a few hours at a time (which is why I bought these) they are great and plenty comfy. They have good sound, nice sounding mic that no one on the other end ever has a hard time hearing, and they are just overall a great value. Highly recommended if you're looking for a good inexpensive set.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Zombie Paradise12/30/2008 4:50:30 AM

Pros: Everything. This is my first experience with online gaming although I've played many single player shooters since DOOM3 came out. Most quite good. But this game, L4D, stands head and shoulders above the crowd. Cinematic, engrossing, extremely atmospheric, amazing team play, a single player mode to practice in, great AI, good weapons, level design, graphics, and perfect controls for the PC. A different experience every time I play. I never tired of the demo and have played the full game for over 40hrs now with no end in sight. Boredom and this game are not compatible.

Cons: None unless you want more then 4 campaigns. But really four is enough, and Valve will be adding more down the road. Plus there is a "Versus" mode where you can play as a "special" zombie. As said I've played this over 40hrs now and just want to play more and more. Not much to dislike here. The game feels like it was well thought through and it is extremely well executed. It is very much a complete and refined experience

Overall Review: This game is wonderful and an outstanding achievement. Its fun, exciting, violent, bloody, gory, funny, fast paced and fresh. You ever watch a zombie action horror flick? Sure you have. You ever wonder what it would be like to actually be in that world? Ever say to a friend "imagine if that actually happened." Well, here is your chance to get a couple of steps closer to that fearful world. Hands down the most immersive , wild, and intense shooter I have ever played. You will battle for your life and the lives of your teammates each and every time you play. A must have for any fan of first person shooters. Simple amazing, it is the best video game I have ever played.

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Good, But Makes A Whine10/13/2008 2:49:16 AM

Pros: It's a 3 speed fan and all 3 speeds work. The speed control is just a small switch. I had no place to stick mine so i just pulled it outside the side of my case so it pops out a little. Works fine.

Cons: As the last reviewer stated, it makes a VERY annoying medium-high pitch whine at medium speed. It makes a tiny negligible whine at low speed, the same at full speed (even more negligible as the whoosh of air clearly covers it), but at medium where i would like to have it for ordinary day to day use, the whine just gets loud. And I mean LOUD. And because its otherwise quiet at that speed its just disappointing as its the "sweet spot" i would like to keep the fan speed at all the time. Not to be, however.

Overall Review: I bought this fan to replace one that always ran at full blast. I wanted to be able to adjust it to be quieter. Unfortunately while this fan is quiet at low speed I don't feel it moves enough air on low. High speed is too loud to run all the time just as my previous fan, and the "right" speed for me (medium) can't be used because the annoying whine is just too prominent. So while I do like having the option now to run a quieter fan, its not quite enough as it doesn't move enough air on low. So I'll keep looking. It's a good fan and does what it says, but why the whine?

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Quality10/1/2008 4:17:07 AM

Pros: Good solid power supply. Lots of cables and connections. Was on sale when i bought it for almost half of regular price. Its very quiet even under heavy load. And it blows a good amount of air from the fan when working hard. Stays pretty cool and moves a good amount of air so far as I can tell. It's powering what is basically a budget gaming computer. Does the job well.

Cons: None. Except he cables could use some sleeves, as they are very long and unwieldy. But some electrical tape or twist ties or cable ties take care of that nicely enough. Still, when this unit isn't on sale it's price suggest it should have some sleeves on the cables. However, its a small con for the quality you get. And the cables are nice and long. Perfect for my full tower case. They reach everywhere.

Overall Review: If your unit is making noise or "grinding" but works, you shouldn't complain denouncing the product. RMA it. It's not supposed to be noisy. This unit is advertised as "Quiet Computing." And most, unless very particular, report it as being so. No PSU company is perfect. Even good ones like Antec. So if you have a noisy product send it back and get another. So far as Delta quality, the Earthwatts EA650(D) recently tested higher then the previous version made by Seasonic . The reviewer cracked it open and it was top quality throughout. Said it was an improvement. And it sustained 663w under full load at 83% efficiency running in a "hot box." It never failed to perform. So Delta quality isn't really in question here. This is a good, solid, reliable product. If it makes some noise, get another. Nothing is perfect, you were just unlucky. That's how it goes with building sometimes. Delta also makes the Antec 850w "Signature" psu. One of the highest rated for the PC market. Solid.

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PNY 8800GT9/24/2008 4:03:08 AM

Pros: Have had this card two weeks now. Plays Crysis 35-50fps before the Harbor level, and 25-40fps afterward. 1440X900 res, all high settings DX9, medium Post Processing, no AA. Cuts through all my other games like a hot knife through butter at 1680X1050. Call Of Juarez DX10, GRID, FEAR, COD4, COD2, Bioshock, Stalker. All high settings. Hope this gives you a small idea of what the card is capable of.

Cons: Fan has an annoying little whine above 55% speed. Of course as the fan crosses 60% it starts to make a little noise itself. As is to be expected. But the "whine" is just irritating. However I can keep the fan between 50% and 55% and the card stays quiet and cool. Which also makes this card a good choice for a quality HTPC or one for an "occasional" gamer. This card will kick booty when you need it to and be quiet when you want it too, as well. So no real cons here.

Overall Review: The 8800GT surpassed my expectations. I upgraded from an 8800GS because I bought a bigger monitor and this card performs better at higher res then that one did at lower. A phenomenal deal at the price asked. Or even more tbh. Have mine overclocked to 720/1680/950 completely stable and paired with an AMD 5600+ and 4 gigs of RAM. Excellent product and deal.

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Amazing Card9/19/2008 12:23:55 AM

Pros: Card plays ANY game out and does it very well. Crysis is an exception, but it does fine if I turn down the resolution a little. If you game at 1650X1050 and need a video card, look no further. The 8800GT is a near legendary gaming card, and if not for competitive pricing from ATI's 4850 would probably still be fetching nearly $200 retail. But lucky for us the competition is forcing the cost of the 8800GT down. And at just over the $100 mark this PNY 8800GT is easily worth twice that much in performance. Plus I got mine with a free $40 game. Deals don't get much better. Some makers are still asking over $150 for these.

Cons: None whatsoever.

Overall Review: I had an evga 9600GSO land in my lap and used that for a bit. Then a 9600GT. Both are good cards, and good performers at their price point. Especially for resolutions under 1650X1050. But this is a whole other ballgame. I'm glad I didn't spend the extra $80 on a 4850 now. That can wait several months until prices drop. I'll get one if I think I need one. Although with this card I can't imagine needing one. Maybe wanting one, but not needing one. This is a tremendously refined performer. A 9600GSO can be had for $25 less atm. A 9600GT is $15 less. From experience with all three cards I say don't be a penny pincher. This PNY 8800GT hits the sweet spot right on target, and for the price hits the ball right out of the park. I have mine overclocked to 650/1640/950 and all is well. The card is near silent and idles at 52-54c at 55% fan speed and can reach the low 70's under full load at 100% fan speed. That is average and normal for the 8800GT. A tremendous value. GET THIS CARD.

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Pretty Good Tuner9/3/2008 8:58:11 AM

Pros: Well it plays my Direct TV on my computer. And it does so without stutters, freezing, a fairly clear picture, and reliably. Easy hardware set up and easy software installation. I can record TV and store the program on my PC to watch in a media player of my choice. I can also take jpg screenshots of live or recorded TV, and view previously recorded material from my satellite box on my PC. I can re-record previously stored programs from my satellite box and store them on my PC. This is especially handy, as I have some programs I want just a segment of taking up hours of space on my Direct TV box. Now I can record just the segments I want, store them on my computer, and delete the program from my satellite box. That's pretty nice.

Cons: Doesn't pick up any HD stations so far. I haven't tried "over the air" HD yet, but might at some point. The remote control doesn't work, but that is not such a big issue as I am using my Direct TV remote. The bigger issue is this was working with WMC at first, but is no longer. It says the "IR" (infrared remote) isn't found and won't set up. Now, when it worked the WMC menu worked and the record function and all the features. But since the Direct TV box is set to channel 4 for its output, even if WMC shows the right station I am watching, if I want to record something it only records channel 4! So I have to use the WINTV software the card came with to record TV. Which isn't a big deal, but the menu functions and record options (record season, schedule record, etc) are nice to have in WMC. So I will continue looking for a solution.

Overall Review: Well its not perfect but it makes me happy. I can't seem to get the IR working (i've been busy and haven't even checked the batteries yet) so all its options and functions aren't available to me. And according to what I have read elsewhere to work with WMC and all its features I may need an "IR Blaster." Which is another way of saying a WMC specific remote control. However I bought this to simply watch TV and record live TV in a very basic way to my computer. And this it does very, very well. Don't expect a GREAT picture when watching regular TV from your cable or satellite box, but it is a good picture. And it plays smooth. Just like a regular TV. This allowed me to dump an old CRT I was using in my bedroom and the ugly stand I had it on. My computer specs are AMD 5600+, nvidia 8800GT graphics card, and 3 gigs RAM. 22in monitor. Oh, and if you get those "black borders" at the side of your widescreen simply change the screen resolution to something lower. Takes care of it for TV viewin

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Very Nice Power Supply8/9/2008 1:31:55 PM

Pros: Super quiet operation, powers my new somewhat power hungry AMD 6000+ budget build with an nvidia 9800GTX just fine, two pci-e connectors, 22amps on each 12v rail. Plenty of connections and plugs for devices that use SATA and molex connectors. Unit doesn't get hot even in a warm room and under heavy load. Seamless power delivery, no crashes, reboots, or stalls. Saves energy and operates at high efficiency.

Cons: No cable sleeves makes a bit of a tangled mess of long wires. As others have said be prepared to have some solutions around such as twist ties or plastic cable ties. Can't think of any other cons. Its a power supply and it works. Just like all the Antec power supplies I've purchased over the years.

Overall Review: I see some comments about who Antec uses to make their PS's these days. For me, the point is this: Antec stands behind this product and that's good enough. Same 3 year warranty, same great customer service. I'm the tech geek in my family and circle of friends and have built my share of budget computers the last few years. I always use Antec PS's. They never fail and I have no reason to believe they would now. Times are tough for businesses of all kinds atm. Antec included. Sometimes changes have to be made to keep supplying quality products at good prices while remaining competitive in the marketplace.. With this Delta made Antec supply I would say they are continuing the trend. Its solid, stable, efficient, quiet, and weighs a hefty 6 pounds. Just like the other Antecs I've used. Buy with confidence! This is a great unit no matter who makes it, and is built to spec for Antec. Until I have a reason not to, I'll go with this company and its reputation for quality each and every build.

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Me Again8/8/2008 6:54:13 AM

Pros: I just want to add briefly to my previous review below that some reviewers seemed disappointed, and one even said "Buyers Beware" and gave the EA500D version of this PS one egg, because its made by Delta and not Seasonic. What they didn't tell you in those reviews is Delta may not be distributed widely for the retail market here in the U.S., but they are an award winning manufacturer of power supplies and related hardware and technology around the world. And they hold a whopping 50% GLOBAL market share in the the high end server and workstation sector. They manufacture 13 PS's with 80% efficiency ratings, and they are working on bringing to the mainstream PS's which will have 90% ratings. If they can do that I think they can handle this little 500w Antec deal for our home PC's :)

Cons: Reviewers that don't do their research before writing reviews

Overall Review: This is a great supply by a great company that stands by their product. And if you get the "D" version it has 22Amps on both 12v rails. Don't let misinformation turn you away from this supply. Its a quality product all the way. Do you really think Antec would have Delta make these if they didn't know how and weren't good at it? Nope, me neither.

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The Budget Gamer Champ7/5/2008 8:19:50 AM

Pros: Bought this card months ago when it cost somewhat more. It was a bargain then, its an even bigger bargain now. I have 13 games on my computer from COD4 to Call Of Juarez to Doom3 and Prey, GRID and Crysis. This card plays Crysis on high with an AMD 5000+ OC'd to 2.8ghz at an average of 30 to 40fps (give or take), 1440X900. So, you can imagine how well it runs my other games. For the most part, it laughs at them.

Cons: As others have said, 384mb, 192bit memory interface. Enough for 1440X900 with some AA, might not be quite enough for some games at 1680X1050 if you want to truly "max" them out. But don't think this card won't game at 1680X1050. As you can see from other reviews it does so very well. You just might have to sacrifice AA or turn down some setting or another for some of the more demanding games. If you're on a super tight budget, I say go for it and make the most of it. Overclocking can help, too.

Overall Review: Every time I play a game using this card I'm amazed at its solid and consistent performance. Some new players have hit the GPU market this past month and they're very interesting offerings. Especially from ATI. However, if you don't want to spend $200 to play the newest games well, or even $100 after rebate, then this deal is truly laughable. As in you'll be laughing very hard at nvidia for releasing a card where someone with a card costing 3, 4, or 5 times as much can say "I'm playing such and such game" and you can say with your little budget card "yeah, me too, thank you very much." Ridiculously high performance for the price. Have mine OC'd to 680/1750/1000. Card overclocks well, I suggest you do it with evga's own Precision Utility, and happy, happy gaming.

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After living with it 2 months6/16/2008 3:44:50 PM

Pros: Everything. My Games: COD2, COD4, FEAR, FEAR XP, Condemned, Bioshock, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Painkiller 2, NFS Pro Street, Far Cry, DOOM3, Turok, HL2, HL2 Episode 1, Gears Of War....all max settings with some AA, 1440X900 res, very good, smooth frame rates. fraps crashes on my computer so i can't be exact, but it is for the most part a stutter and lag free gaming experience. Crysis and Lost Planet are both exceptions to the "maxed out" rule, as Lost Planet chugs when "Shadow Resolution" is set above the default setting. same with Crysis, depending on your set up. this card will run it all high with frame rates in the low to mid 30's along with a decent processor. but that is for 1280X1024, give or take. don't expect to run it all high settings at 1680X1050 like a GT might do with the same results. at that resolution this card and Crysis depart ways. but 1280X1024 or 1440X900 is playable. if you want better frame rates then the mid to high 30's adjust a setting or two or spend more money.

Cons: none if you game at modest resolutions. can't beat this card. it will game at 1680X1050, too. but with a few more demanding games you may have to sacrifice AA. thats it, really. maybe turn down an "eye candy" setting. the only game this card struggles with at times at my native 1440X900 screen res is Crysis. and that is par for the course with any card. if this card doesn't play upcoming games well enough for those of us who use modest resolutions, nor will a more "powerful" card of the same generation. this card does well with any and all games out right now. no cons, really. you can't judge ANY card by the ridiculous standards of one game (Crysis). if more "Crysis" come along you may want to upgrade to one of the just released "Next Generation" cards nvidia and ATI have just put out. if you don't, why bother spending over $500 or $600 when this is under $100 and plays any game out? only thing budget about this card for me and my set up is the price. until i need more this is perfect

Overall Review: have mine OC'd to 680/1700/1900...same general specs as the "Superclocked" evga model. evga even have their own utility at its website you can do it with. its fun and easy and gets this card to within 10% of a stock 8800GT for our "gaming at modest resolution" purposes. i have this running on a 300w PS in a Dell Ispiron 531. i had to convert two of the SATA power connectors to molex to plug the card in with the help of another item found here at newegg. its working well, although with my stock Ispiron PS i have no more power connectors left for a second HD or DVD drive. anyway, if you're like me and want great gaming for under $100, grab this card fast. evga quality, quiet, refined, good all around performer, easy overclocker, G92 chipset performance. this card really is a steal if its perfect for you like it is for me. its not like an 8600GT or GTS. good for "older games," not as good for newer. no...this is a top notch video card that plays ALL games well. under $100. no brainer

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Interesting Selection5/29/2008 10:39:08 PM

Pros: a friend of mine upgraded an AM2+ machine i had waiting for an....upgrade, and i couldn't be happier. he didn't want to write the review, so i am since its my computer :) unlike the reviewer below me i can tell you with confidence this chip is good with games, and everything else. cut my encoding time with DVD Shrink from 8min for a full DVD with a 5600+ to 6min. quite the improvement. Vista score went up from 5.3 for that processor to 5.6. for this processor.

Cons: none. it works and is efficient. not a powerhouse, but strong enough at its price point. i'm not going to overclock or anything and i'm not too picky, so i have no complaints....its a processor

Overall Review: haven't run benchmarks, etc, as if it works, it works. runs all my games with an 8800GT great, from Crysis to COD4 to Gears Of War. it makes me laugh when i see reviews like the one below that say "only get a C2D for gaming" when we all know games are much more GPU bound then CPU. will a more powerful processor get you more frames per second. obviously yes, in some cases. will ANY intel C2D beat ANY AMD at stock speeds? of course not. people talk like AMD aren't even worthy of being in computers because they aren't as fast as intel on the high end. that is ridiculous. this chip is plenty fast and stable and good for gaming (casual and otherwise) video encoding, and photoshop. and of course most everything else i do with a computer. people shouldn't write reviews who have NO IDEA what they are talking about. wow, AMD still makes viable, fast, and stable processors for personal computers. and its not a C2D. imagine that...if you can. n00bs...

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Good Card5/6/2008 9:54:16 PM

Pros: Good card for the money spent, runs on the stock 300w psu in a Dell Ispiron. Overclocks easily to the level of the "Superclocked" version by evga. Whcih for some reason is priced lower then this one atm. Doesn't really make sense. However both cards are good and if for some reason you are concerned with power consumption because of a lower output psu, this card is a great place to start. Then if you feel comfortable you can overclock it like i did to the levels of the Superclocked version. It's the same exact hardware so its a pretty safe bet you can get it to those specs no problemo :)

Cons: 192 bit, 384mb memory...but you know that going in. They say this may hinder higher resolution / AA in some games. Well i play Stalker, Bioshock, and COD4 maxed at 1440X900 res, full AA. Games are smooth and fast. i suppose it would handle 1680X1050 as well for those of you with bigger monitors...but it could struggle a little in a few games if you want to play maxed out. If you have a 19in monitor with a native resolution of 1440X900 this is a PERFECT card. If you're on a budget and have a larger monitor with a 1680X1050 native res and can live with some SMALL compromises in a few games with settings or resolution, this is also the card for you. Its a great performing card, and games look great with it, as well. Heck everything looks great. So not many cons here. It will most likely make you very happy.

Overall Review: Well, its very quiet at 50% fan speed. And it stays pretty cool with the stock fan and heatsink. Right now it's idling at 47c and it never goes above 60c under full load if you turn the fan speed up to 80%-100%. Which i recommend for tasks which tax the gpu. Usually it goes to the mid to high 50's under full load and thats it. I have some vent holes in my case right next to it so maybe that accounts for the nice temps? idk? Anyway, this is a good buy and a great card for anyone who enjoys playing games and doesn't want or need to spend over $200 to do it. You won't regret the purchase for a second if that is you.

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Hello Again4/24/2008 3:27:42 AM

Pros: Everything. I love this card. Games, display, media, pictures, etc...everything looks great. Funny, I was running Cysis and Stalker on high settings before with my 8600GT (Crysis just for fun because its laggy as hell with that card) and running them on the same settings with this card. not only gets you over double the frame rates with this card but it also improves the look of EVERYTHING. I'm seeing things that just weren't as apparent with the 860GT. Lighting, shadows, textures. Everything is balanced. Nice quality.

Cons: um....this isn't my card

Overall Review: lol i'm actually posting just to clear up something i said about the evga stock model in a review posted a couple down from here. I posted that for the other model just before newegg "Deactivated" the item. So i guess they moved the last review for the item over here. Its basically the same item, after all. To make clear, in that review i state the card will run on a quality 300w ps. For those reading, i doubt this one will, as its overclocked. That comment was intended for the stock model. I wouldn't want some nub to read that and blow his comp up running this on a 300 watter. Get whatever is recommended, minimum. Oh, and everything else i said pretty much still applies. In fact after living with the card a couple days i like it even more. Its a really sweet deal and a good performing chip.

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Second Time Is The Charm4/23/2008 2:35:10 AM

Pros: This card is AWESOME. How can you beat this deal? HUGE bang for the buck card. How can it be beat at under a hundred dollars after rebate? That price will get you into an entry level 8800 series card that performs on par with the 9600GT up to a certain resolution, and with a simple overclock can run with an 8800GT 512mb, if not match it exactly. Plays all my games on max settings, 2X or 4X AA, 1440X900 res, great frame rates. Although i could take the res higher i have a 19in widescreen so why bother? Games such as COD4, Bioshock, and Stalker look and run fantastic. Crysis at 1024X768, high settings across the board, DX9, no AA, 30-45 fps, give or take. Nice and smooth....outstanding card. My personal use computer is an AMD 5600+, 3 gigs RAM, Vista Premium, all stock, nothing special, Dell 531. But this card makes it special.

Cons: Went on sale for $10 less an hour after I ordered it, stickers and emblems on card crinkling and falling off as if someone hurriedly slapped them on without taking care. Not really a con, but something that made the card seem cheap somehow when I had to decide upon opening the package to either finish the peel off job or press everything on properly. I did the latter :) Oh, a heatsink screw was also loose on the bottom of the card. Not much, just something i noticed upon inspection. Nit picking, really. This is a quality item.

Overall Review: Originally purchased the XFX model but had to RMA because of intermittent failure. That card performed equally well in games and was $10 cheaper with free shipping at the time i bought it. I decided to go with the evga model upon return because of a little bad luck with the other brand over the last few years, but also because the XFX was in fact very loud. I reviewed it and said it wasn't, but upon checking into the problem which led to the RMA I positioned my case differently, and whoa! Like a small house fan you CAN'T turn off if you use your computer a lot. This evga has a nice adjustable fan i set to run at a quiet 50%, while a SILENT 30% is default and will get you a nice 49c idle temp. Under full load with the fan at 75% it never even goes near 60c. At least not yet. I may overclock to 580 core to match the XFX model, will run fine on a QUALITY 300w PSU, and its just a great buy all around. Thank you newegg for your excellent CS and return policy. Open a local storefront plz =]

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