Be careful with these cards1/23/2014 10:14:23 PM

Pros: Works excellently, very quiet, saves on case real estate, but...

Cons: ... HEED THIS WARNING: These cards only come with one 8-pin power connector. The included 2x6-pin to 1x8-pin adapter is NOT a suggestion, NOR is it simply included for use with older PSUs. Unless your power supply has 30W or more on each 12V rail -- which is almost unheard of -- you WILL FRY YOUR PSU if you do not use these to combine the rails.

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12/25/2012 9:28:26 PM

Pros: Great range on the RF setting, if a little static-y when going around corners. I can go up two floors, no problem. Sound quality isn't what I would call amazing, but it's still pretty good as far as what you can expect from a pair of mid-size headphones. Full charge lasts over six hours!

Cons: Neither the RF dongle nor the charging cable will function with a standard USB hub, it has to be plugged directly into my system. Users with a powered hub might have better results.

Overall Review: Much better value than the g9xx series, which has inferior range and battery life despite being far more expensive. Just wish it didn't cost a main port to use. At least it has storage for the dongle inside the left ear when it's not in use, although an inline connection for the dongle in the charging cable would have been preferable.

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