Interesting Android TV1/30/2017 8:50:49 AM

Pros: Nvidia Tegra Processor 4K and HDR Features Remote and Controller is easy to use and felt great holding it in my hands

Cons: Limited Software to install Not fully supported with all Android Games Occasionally the Box gets hot and I have it out in the open so airflow is not an issue

Overall Review: I thought nvidia shield was going to live up to its hype but I dont see it maybe if I owned a 4k TV with HDR support it might change my mind. But overrall like my title of the review Interesting Android TV.

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Awesome Budget Card7/10/2016 11:35:44 AM

Pros: It performs better than the GTX 960 It is very quiet no coil whines I am not sure to call it a Pro but the highest temp on the card only gets to 77c under full load

Cons: The only con about the card is that GTA V stutters and lags like crazy regardless what graphic settings I use and I have no clue why but I have no issues with Hitman Doom and other games so I dont have an answer about GTA V.

Overall Review: I am currently running 16.7.2 drivers and the power issues and performance is much better than before so great job AMD. When I learned some of the 4 GB cards were rebranded 8 GB cards I did the research about maybe if I could unlock the additional 4 GB. I did not inspect it to see if it did have 8 GB so I took a leap of faith and was able to flash the BIOS and now I have an 8 GB RX 480 and it runs butter smooth so thank you Powercolor you are awesome. But I will not recommend everyone to do it because you may not get that luck of the draw like I did. So flash the BIOS at your own risk

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Very Reliable8/11/2015 11:21:05 AM

Pros: Low Power Consumption, Compatible with the motherboard it is in, Plays Diablo 3 with no issues, and a Very Reliable Video card from an awesome company.

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: I've had gigabyte products and never had any issues with them yet so I hope they continue to make very reliable products that rocks on

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Awesome8/11/2015 11:17:18 AM

Pros: Compatible with all my hardware that supports DDR3 memory and has been running smoothly since I have installed it in my system.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I have never had any issues with GSkill products and I am proud that an awesome company willl continue to make awesome products that are very reliable

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Works as Advertised7/5/2014 6:50:20 PM

Pros: It brought my PC temperature down by 30 degrees so I am happy with it

Cons: Nothing to write here

Overall Review: Arctic Silver has been the best thermal compound I've used when building PCs.

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ASRock is Awesome6/8/2014 2:52:44 PM

Pros: I love the 8 pin to supply better power to my CPU and the board runs much better than the FM2A75M-HD+ This board correctly reads my Radeon graphics card as a PCI x16 instead of x 8 from my other board.

Cons: It was slightly bigger than I originally thought but not enough to make it a 4 egg rating

Overall Review: Keep up the excellent job on making awesome products.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear ASRock Customer Thank you for your purchase and review. Your feedback is important to us. If you have any technical questions or warranty issues in the future please contact us at We will assist you shortly. Thank you ASRock SUPPORT Tech Support Email:
Very Fast Memory4/27/2014 1:00:10 PM

Pros: I've been using this memory kit for over a few months and never had any issues with them. I am very impressed with Kingston's products and hope they keep up with an awesome job as well. The XMP Profile on my motherboard easily detected the memory and I did not have to configure anything they worked right out of the box.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I have the memory installed in a custom PC I've built for decent gaming until my quad core gets here which will be in a few days. My System Specs AMD Athlon 370k (will be AMD Athlon 750k in a few days) Asrock FM2A75M-HD+ 8 GB Kingston Memory Kit XFX Radeon R7 260X 2 GB GDDR5 EVGA 600B 80 plus bronze Power Supply

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Very Decent Processor2/28/2014 2:21:32 PM

Pros: Operates at 4 GHz It gets the job done with my games.

Cons: It runs fairly warm on the stock cooler and I dont have money for an aftermarket cooler but my case fans are doing a good job keeping my system cool while playing games Also I have been running into Bottleneck issues but of course it is obvious that the processor is a Dual Core and not a Quad Core :-(

Overall Review: I hope to see a performance improvement once my new Kingston HyperX Blu 8 GB DDR3 PC1600 kit gets here.

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Awesome Motherboard2/28/2014 2:16:18 PM

Pros: Overclockable UEFI has an awesome setup The motherboard runs cool as well

Cons: None so far I am very happy with this product

Overall Review: I've ordered Kingston HyperX Blu 8 GB kit and hoping for more performance with my processor I am using the Athlon 370k 4 Ghz Dual Core and using R7 260X 2 GB GDDR5 Video Card as well

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Awesome Very Fast10/15/2012 6:42:26 PM

Pros: Very Fast Transfer rates I can get 30 MB/s writing to them and they work perfectly on my Tablet and cellphone

Cons: No cons

Overall Review: G Skill has been the excellent name brand I have ever owned from desktop memory, notebook memory to flash drives. Keep up the awesome work on making the best products.

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