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Sunbeam CR-CCTF 120 mm Core-Contact Freezer CPU Cooler,  free TX-2 Thermal Paste Included Inside
Sunbeam CR-CCTF 120 mm Core-Contact Freezer CPU Cooler, free TX-2 Thermal Paste Included Inside

Pros: This cooler is very impressive for the amount it costs compared to the performance and features it provides. My system I mounted this in is a Phenom x3 720 on the Asus M4A79XTD Evo 790X board. I purchased this cooler over the TRUE or Xiggy for a couple reasons. First, I needed a cooler that easily mounted to my amd board that directed air out the rear of the case instead of sending it up into the psu or down in to my video card. Second, I needed the cooler to clear my side case fan, which this cooler did. My case is the Thermaltake Tsunami, and the other coolers I mentioned earlier would have forced me to remove the side case fan to fit them in. The installation takes a little bit of thought but there is nothing that warrants a drop in rating. First, don't try to install this cooler on your board if it is in your case. It will be a nightmare. Remove the board from the case and then proceed with the installation. Continued in Cons...

Cons: When the motherboard is out of the case it is much easir to align and set the cooler correctly. As others have said, one of the clips is slightly longer than the other, make sure you hook the shorter side first. When hooking the second clip, it takes a little pressure but I got it the first try. Just use your fingers to press down on the corners of the clip, not in the middle. The clip will bend a little when mounting but that is needed to get a secure mount. The cooler needs more paste than normal too. There are small grooves between the cooler base and copper pipes which will suck up your thermal paste. Like others have said, use to lines on the proc that run perpendicular to the heat sink pipes, this gave me a perfect coverage. The cooler also cleared the massive heat sinks that the Asus EVO boards have around the proc. So if anyone is wondering about that, no worries there.

Overall Review: This cooler dropped my idle temps from the high 20s down to 18-20. My load temps went from 55 down to 35 on my stock 720. With this cooler I got my 720 up to 3.6 stable on stock voltage with a load temp of 54. I could go higher but instead I then went and unlocked my 4th core and got t up to 3.4 on 1.35 voltage. Not too bad. The included thermal paste is awesome and very comparable to Arctic Silver 5. The fan control is great since there isn't much difference between temps when running on high speed or low so I set it right in the middle so it is no longer than any of my other fans. Overall I have no issues with this cooler and would recommend it to anyone with an AMD system. This cooler is also slightly shorter than other 120mm coolers which is nice if you are concerned about space constraints. The cooling performance it provides places it near the top on Frostytech's list for both cooling and noise, and the price can't be beat.