works7/19/2021 8:27:45 AM

Pros: increases my ookla speed test ping by like 6 ping so thats pretty great, from 11 to 17. installation was easy

Cons: need an open usb header but i guess thats for every bluetooth card

Overall Review: wow, i REALLY messed around with this card. i for some reason thought that i could fit this over my existing front card reader so i took in and out those small pins so many times before i realized i couldnt, it had already used the data pins. so that should speak a bit of the durability. bluetooth took a bit of time to get working but it does infact work and it doesnt disconnect. i have not tested wifi out too much. do NOT use the included drivers, just let windows do it

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great loud keyboard7/19/2021 8:22:23 AM

Pros: responsive and pretty

Cons: loud clicking although thats the model i got, it was on a good sale so i cant really say no. also the audio jack sucks really bad, but i dont use that

Overall Review: this keyboard is like cheating. i play overwatch a lot and wow. i IMMEDIATELY noticed that when people shoot at me, i can almost walk through it. its probably the response and/or actuation time but still. wow. never realized how effective it is to tap a and d and how much the peripherals matter. on a side note newegg youre stupid

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comfortable. really, really comfortable.7/19/2021 8:16:03 AM

Pros: the feel in my hand. i can disable the annoying front leds. it has made me more accurate in fps.

Cons: i sometimes hit the side button(s) in a frantic fight. the fps button is almost useless, i have used it for precise placements in building games like subnautica but not an fps. the profile selector is a bit slow

Overall Review: really great. i bought into this knowing it would be better than my previous cheap mouse and it was. but right after purchasing i read a lot of bad reviews and people mocking it for the weight and whatnot. i have had almost none of these issues. the only one that has popped up is me hitting the L mouse when i leave my finger on it and lift the mouse real fast at the same time. the weight isnt an issue cause i believe my previous mouse was heavier, and if it wasnt it still isnt a problem because i never fully lift the mouse off the mat. i dont see why you would need to anyway. the weights are 5.28 grams not 5, but ehhhhhhhhh. but the thing that stands out most is the comfort. maybe it was because my old mouse did it wrong but was close to what this mouse does and it just worked. i can have REALLY long gaming sessions and my ring finger and pinky might feel off for a minute or two but after that theres no problems. on my other mouse however... i would notice my fingers hurting after about an hour and a half if not sooner. great mouse and will update if i have problems

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all around the best7/19/2021 8:04:14 AM

Pros: great sound, soundstage, and sibilance.

Cons: its expensive. its also open so sound leaks through but that makes them sound better

Overall Review: i have never owned good audio equipment. i started with "akg n30s" then got a cheap amplifier called the "btr5" which soon made me realize that the n30s suck and my old studio sonys sounded better powered correctly. then i moved on to goodwill speakers (lol) because they sounded better. "altec lansing acs5" and "cambridge audio soundworks 12v 1997" are my mains. but the "dt 1990 pro" really does dump (lol newegg and its "unacceptable words") on all of them. the sound is precisely what the creator intended for you to hear. i can also hear the bad in the tracks that arent mastered as well even though theyre pulled from tidal, so if your setup isnt good (file->dac/amp->headphones) then youll know for sure with these. i cannot recommend beyerdynamics enough. if you cannot afford these then go with the 1770 or 770, they are almost as good and ALOT of people use them also ill toss out songs to test. "tuning the strings" by nathan micay, "Sæglópur" by sigur ross, "dust in the wind" by kansas but it has to be from the live album "works in progress", "rooster" by alice in chains but its the live mtv majestic theatre 1996 version, "the sea" by floex but remixed by c418, "august" by feverkin. i have more but these are the best and i would love to see more suggestions in audiophile comments

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