Cheap case, decent air flow.9/4/2020 3:01:45 PM

Pros: Mesh, 2 RGB 200mm fans, 1 RGB 120mm. fan contoller.

Cons: flimsy, no sound deadening material

Overall Review: I bought this case to run two video cards as a space heater under my desk for this coming winter. I took an old dell 990 optiplex motherboard, cpu, ram which has no traditional fan headers and stuck it in this case. My AMD 5700 temp dropped from 72C (side panel off and cramped old case) to 67C side panel on. 5C drop and it looks a lot nicer. Bottom line is your getting a bottom of the barrel case with 3 rgb fans and a controller. For what i paid its a pretty decent deal. For anyone that wants to really show off their computer i like the thermaltake view 31 a lot better.

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Cheap case, looks really nice10/25/2017 1:19:47 PM

Pros: Price price price. When this case is setup its quite sharp to look at. Has lots of space for big video cards, ssd mounts, enclosed PSU

Cons: Cable management, specifically the 8 pin PSU cable has to go across the front of the board. Having cables danger in front of your components defeats the purpose of having tempered glass to show off the goods. Sitting idle with all the fans on its fairly loud sitting on my desk. I dont like the PCI-e slots need to be punched out instead of being removable brackets either.

Overall Review: If you want style cheap as possible this case is ok. I want to give it 3 stars but considering its low price point i gave it 4. I would of been much happier spending another $10-15 for a fractal or something else

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Big Bertha12/19/2016 9:27:58 AM

Pros: Runs a lot cooler and quieter then my 290x double the vram

Cons: huge card, may not fit all cases -- 8pin + 6pin -- power hog

Overall Review: I am running this video card at stock clocks used to mine Zcash -- occasionally i play overwatch on it 1080p on ultra and even while mining it maintains 90fps+ Its about 5% faster then my 290x mining zcash without all the noise of the reference 290x. also runs about 15 degrees C cooler.

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Cheapest RX480 with a decent cooler11/30/2016 4:16:37 AM

Pros: I bought this card just for mining zcash, i like the single 6 pin power connector and the solid backplate. It performs about 3-5% faster then my asus rx480 4gb. Fantastic price and no rebates to hassle with

Cons: i really cannot think of a con here.

Overall Review: I have six rx 480s now, this one seems to be my fastest and it was the cheapest by $30. Having a hard time not ordering more....

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Bigger then I expected, possibly fastest non powered card until the geforce 1050 ships9/30/2016 5:55:56 AM

Pros: Low price of entry Runs cool and quiet draws all of its power from PCI-e slot

Cons: Big card, same size as an R9 380 but less then half the stream processors and memory bandwidth.

Overall Review: Bought this video card for my father. He purchased a new lenovo desktop from best buy with a geforce 730 but was unable to play any of his games -- technically they loaded but well under 10 frames per second. I updated the bios and installed this Sapphire RX 460. Doom went from 720p low settings at 5 frames per second to 1080p high under vulkan and 50 frames per second. Mechwarrior online also played perfect.

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Poor value compared to other 380s, looks impressive4/21/2016 8:05:26 PM

Pros: Nice packaging, looks boss hoss, asus build quality?

Cons: I am comparing this to a PCS 380x, and a XFX 380. This card is bigger, runs louder, and hotter then the other two with the same load. I have to say, i am very impressed with the XFX 380. Under full load its quiet, 61C and it takes up the least space in my rig. The asus could be a deal breaker not only from fitment, but its single 8 pin pci-e power connector. It was not bundled with any adapters and not all of my power supplies could accommodate this. Bottom line is: this video card costs more, is not bundled with a free game, adapters, etc. it runs more hot, it is louder. Save $20 and get the XFX 380 4gb or for almost the same price get 20% more performance with PCS 380x.

Overall Review: It wasnt even bundled with ashes of singularity which i felt was misleading. I clicked on an ashes of singularity promotion and this card was grouped with them.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear David, Hello, I would like to thank you for taking your time in writing this review, we certainly value your feedback. It is unfortunate that you feel that this card does not perform as well as other 380s because it runs more hot, louder,etc. Are your video card's drivers up to date? Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at and I will help you to the best of my abilities. Your case # for reference is N160467647 Thanks for choosing ASUS Regards, Justin ASUS Customer Loyalty
I am impressed with its noise / temps4/11/2016 7:42:09 PM

Pros: Runs cool and quiet under full load. I only play CS:GO right now, and honestly my 7770 handled that game just fine.

Cons: 2gb card is getting to be pretty limited, pretty soon the DAG file will be to large to load into memory. Without 4gb of memory i think its future crossfire performance would be pretty weak too.

Overall Review: I bought this card for mining cryptocurrencies, it was the cheapest R9 card i could find. Used 7950/7970/280x were all $250+ Compared to my old 270x, this is about 40% faster and a lot more civil. My 270x requres 80% fan speed to keep the temps under 70. This card runs at 48% and 60C. I have not tried any overclocking, currently getting 20mh/sec at 980mhz. the 270x gets 14mh/s at 1070mhz

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the great review! We are happy you are pleased. If you have any questions for us here at XFX, please visit or email us at Thanks Mark at XFX
Compact, excellent air flow, cool design4/21/2015 6:26:25 AM

Pros: I love the 90 degree turned motherboard design. I am no engineer, but we know heat rises. have huge fans drawing cool air from the bottom and expelling out the top is common sense. However there is another benefit. Over the years ive seen my fair share of bent motherboards or video cards being torqued against gravity. Generally you have 1-2 screws at one end and a pci-e slot holding up a huge video card, over time it stresses the motherboard and video card PCB. with a 90 degree motherboard the video card can rest straight up and down with gravity instead of against it. Excellent cable management for M-ATX boards, with a full ATX it can be a little cramped.

Cons: The case is smaller and flimsy compared to other cases in his price point or my old RV03. Very limited space for hard drives. two 3.5" drives two 2.5" drives on the back side of the motherboard. Its a clever use of space, but in my scenario it was the wrong case for my needs.

Overall Review: For my needs an Antec P280 would of been better suited. If your a gamer / overclocker looking for a compact high flow case, this is worth checking out. I posted a video review of this on youtube if you want to see the unboxing and computer assembly.

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frustrating down time.1/22/2014 7:47:39 AM

Pros: Great signal stregnth, very cheap to buy.

Cons: side of the USB stick can make it hard to get mice/keyboard plugged in along side it. I bought three of these for various mining rigs and all three of them will just randomly drop connection to i remove the device and plug it back in. They have worked solid the past week, but sometimes i have to do this every other day or so.

Overall Review: none of my other brand wireless dongles required this.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Customer, Thank you for your review. We understand that USB dongles can get in the way of other USB dongles. We do have a cradle to help fix some of these issues. You can check it out on our website at: This allows for more flexibility. We are glad to see that this device works for you and we hope that you will be able to check out more of our products in the future. Feel free to contact me directly with any issues or concerns. Best Regards! TP-LINK Support Team (866) 225-8139
Love at first sight!1/22/2014 7:45:21 AM

Pros: WOW room to work! extremely high build quality, subtle classy! I went from a NZXT Phantom full tower to this, because my third r9 290x wouldnt fit in my NZXT without hitting the bottom mounted power supply. The Fractal has 9 expansion slots so if your motherboard has a bottom PCI-E slot you will be able to use it with a dual slot card. However, because of the heat of having 3 cards sandwiched together, i ended up leaving the middle one empty. I keep 2 r9 290x per rig now... besides turns out my 1050watt psu wouldnt be able to handle 3. power draw is 800 watts per rig with just two r9s mining at stock clock speeds.

Cons: its subtle classy appearance isnt for everyone.

Overall Review: I bought two of these for my mining rigs. i cant stand the idea of open bench mining rigs, especially at work where noise is a concern or at home where my kids will tamper with them.

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Great little mining board1/22/2014 7:40:05 AM

Pros: I bought this board for an hybrid gaming / mining rig. I have two r9 290x in it with an A10-5800k. I have the monitor hooked up to the motherboard and bios set to apu for primary graphics. I game from the APU while the r9 290x mine 1900kh. when im done gaming, the apu chips in another 46kh.

Cons: considering the price, none that i can think of.

Overall Review: Generally using the APU while mining is very qwerky -- i cant even get it to work on my FM2 biostar board. also discrete graphic temps and clock speeds are generally not accessible.

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cheap and it works1/22/2014 7:29:24 AM

Pros: Very cheap to purchase. it works rock solid with two video cards mining

Cons: not modular, very ho-hum packaging, short cables for cable management.

Overall Review: I have this PSU in a system that is mining cryptocurrencies with a sapphire 6870 and a powercolor 270x devil. both at stock clocks, probably drawing arout 350-400 watts at the wall. its been rock solid ,but time will tell how it holds up...

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Meh, could do better5/9/2013 11:34:49 AM

Pros: These headphones had mediocre sound quality and comfort.

Cons: Very cheap build quality. My headband broke and it no longer plays music. i suspect something within the cable broke, not worth fixing

Overall Review: MEP-839 pro headphones are cheaper, built better, sound better.

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Im impressed4/26/2013 6:07:15 AM

Pros: Quiet and works really well, pretty easy to install

Cons: Larger then the video card

Overall Review: My load temps on my 5850 went from 77 to 51C. Its much quieter, the bearings were going bad in my original turbine fan and it sounded like a motor boat. It was a tough choice to replace the fan versus just buy a newer video card, but the xfx 5850 has lifetime warranty...and handles my simple games like World of Warcraft, starcraft, call of duty flawless.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
i was ripped off by zalman4/26/2013 6:04:59 AM

Pros: I bought this cooler for my mildly overclocked AMD 1090T. idle temps went from 51 to 34C. System no longer locks up under heavy load.

Cons: My rebate was rejected because a small corner of the barcode was missing - though the entire barcode is there.

Overall Review: Price after rebate its a solid deal, but without the rebate its way to much money for what it does.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear valued customer, We sincerely apologize for the issue. Please contact our customer service e-mail or via toll free number 1-888-925-6266 for further assistance. Thank you. Best regards, Zalman USA Customer Service
fun chip to overclock11/17/2012 12:59:23 PM

Pros: unlocked, strong multithreaded performance, attractive price

Cons: higher power consumption, low IPC (single threaded performance)

Overall Review: at 24x205fsb it scored 7.93 in cinebench 11.5 and 7.21 sec in wprime 2.09v 32m but required a lot of volts to get there. might be an issue of my msi 990fx-gd65v2 board... my 24x7 settings are 4.2ghz 21.5x205 at 1.42v at 4.2ghz it plays world of warcraft better then any other system ive had. 60-110fps in dalaran, my last core i7-920 system would sometimes chug there.

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Im confused11/15/2012 5:21:02 PM

Pros: Excellent layout, tons of fan headers, msi support -- warranty based off date of manufacture don't need to worry about having proof of purchase

Cons: bios, qwerks, overclocking, windows 8 shutdown bug. My asrock boards had problems in windows 8 , a bios update fixed them. this board hangs on shutdown under windows 8. MSI control center is the utility you use to view temps, voltages, various bios settings. My control center thinks my FSB is 416 when its 200, temps shown seem way off from reality (below ambient temps)

Overall Review: On one hand I want to give this board two stars for being a pain in the rear with overclocking, on the other hand I want to give it four stars for having a great layout and working good at factory default settings. However, its a 990FX board and I expect better. MSI 990fx-gd65v2 19.9 bios AMD FX8320 Thermaltake water 2.0 pro cooler 2x4gb ddr3 1866 Windows 8

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We apologize for the issues that you are having with this product. The symptoms you've described don't make any sense, can you contact us at with more details so we can help to resolve these issues? Thank you. Best Regards, MSI Review Team |
Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
hubba hubba8/8/2012 6:57:32 AM

Pros: Beautiful / elegant case. Sound dampening, excellent fit and finish, superb cable management, roomy

Cons: I have an usual build. AMD a8-3870k with two 7970s that i use for bitcoin mining. I had this old Coolermaster stacker case that i was sick of looking at and i was looking to enhance the appearance plus reduce noise. Since my coolermaster full tower was missing the front panel and the side panel is mesh it kept my mining temps around 75C - 44% fan speed. This antec is at 48% fan speed 81C .. increased fan speed means more noise but i cant fault for this -- you have to expect higher temps versus an open air case.

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Unreliable PSU5/23/2012 5:20:03 AM

Pros: Good packaging, attractive appearance, thin cables

Cons: My first Hale 650w lasted about six weeks, first system became unstable, then refused to power on at all. My 2nd unit it fresh from RMA will not power on either of my systems. My HEC unit works fine though on both.

Overall Review: I really like NZXT cases and i wanted to like their PSU's too. They have thin cables which makes routing cables a breeze, but one thing you expect from a PSU above all else is reliablility...

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Manufacturer Response:
We want to thank you for being a customer of NZXT. We also want to apologize about your dead PSU. Check out our Less than 3 program at Hopefully this will solve your PSU issue. We appreciate your feedback and will continue to strive to make our products better. Once again, thank you for taking the time to let us know how you feel. We appreciate your business and truly want to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.
Best CPU value2/22/2012 5:16:45 AM

Pros: Black edition processor for easy overclocking, rock bottom price for a quad core, overclocks quite well, potentially unlocks. Better memory controller then phenom II chips

Cons: Still a mile behind sandy bridge in IPC (instructions per second)

Overall Review: Newegg typically has coupon codes that put these chips just a couple bucks over $100. Most of them with proper cooling and motherboard have no trouble overclocking to 4ghz and beyond. On my MSI 890FXA-GD70 it unlocked at runs six cores at 3.99ghz. I only spent about an hour tweaking so it may have a bit more in it. I run mine at stock speed as a quad core to save on watts. Combined with MSI 7970 I scored P8857 on 3dmark2011. Six cores @ 3.99ghz (210x19) MSI 7970 was at 1200mhz/1600mem

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Runs to hot/loud2/1/2012 3:03:08 PM

Pros: Excellent performance and efficiency

Cons: Fan is to loud under heavy load and runs to hot

Overall Review: I normally dont spend more then $200 on a video card, but since I bitcoin mine and calculated this card may make me about $80 a month after electric i went for it. at 925/1375 stock clocks / voltage 1.175V it heats up to 90C+ in minutes. Then the fan kicks up to 70+% to keep it from crashing. Anything over 40% fan speed is to loud for my tastes. Currently I am running the card at 978mhz/300memory with 1.03V 40% fan 74C at full load. While gaming noise/heat has not been an issue. scored P6910 at 1100mhz/1500memory with a 3.4ghz quad core AMD llano.

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Interesting chip1/5/2012 5:43:08 AM

Pros: 32nm, faster memory controller, good onboard graphics, unlocked

Cons: You would think their most expensive unlocked black edition APU would at least come with the same heatsink FX4100 does, but it comes with same heatsink bundled with a sempron.

Overall Review: Unlike everyone else, i didnt buy this chip with any intention to use its integrated GPU for gaming. Out of curiosity I did try it, and was actually impressed. CPU is clocked at 3.2ghz, GPU is clocked at 847mhz, all stock voltages and power savings still enabled. I tried borderlands 1366x768 on my 46" LED LCD settings on high and it played great, tried call of duty MW3 same resolution, settings on medium and it played very smooth as well. When I am not gaming, i bitcoin mine. Its kinda neat that my APU can hash 90m/sec -- but for this purpose alone its not worth its asking price of $145. I would of gave it 5 eggs if it had a better heatsink or lower price.

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Cheapest 990fx board11/3/2011 1:37:53 PM

Pros: two 16x pci-e slots, sharp looking board, good build quality, large heatsinks on VRMs, reset and power on buttons, tons of features

Cons: Poorly laid out. It drives me bonkers when they pack two PCI-e slots so close together that your top video card overheats since its fan cannot breathe. If you run your dual GPUs in 16x slots, then you cannot use either of the other two PCI-E slots (1x or 4x) since they will be blocked. This forces you to run 16x/4x which is fine for me since im only running 5830s. Overclocking in the bios, could be worded or documented better, i still have not been able to find the CPU multiplier.

Overall Review: Part of me wants to give this board 3 stars and the other part 5. 3 because i hate the layout of the PCI-E slots, 5 because it does everything i need very well for the lowest price 990 chipset i can find. After having a failure with MSI 970 and power issues with an asrock 970 -- im just glad the biostar works without flaw.

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excellent bang for the buck10/23/2011 8:59:36 PM

Pros: 32nm, 4 real cores, double l2 cache, faster memory controller then previous AMD chips. 4-7% higher IPC

Cons: limited motherboard support, tricky overclocking, no L3 cache, very cheap and dinky heatsink (though it works fine and is quiet)

Overall Review: I was able to get FSB 152mhz with default multiplier of 26x to work (3952mhz) At this speed i scored 9582 in fritz chess benchmark, 19 second superpi, and a 19961 3dmark06 score with a single 5830 in 3dmark06. for $89 im quite happy with it. Just disappointed in the motherboard selection. Ive found this CPU throttles unless i set pstate 0 in the bios (even when cool n quiet is disabled) at stock voltages i run 3.64ghz 24x7 and overall really happy -- though the stock heatsink is dinky, temps stay under 50C under load. If there was a black edition llano chip i would be a lot happier.

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Disappointed9/15/2011 9:16:15 AM

Pros: Shortest 6870 ive seen which means it should fit in a much larger variety of cases. Performance is very good at its price point / size.

Cons: Extremely loud. under load its running 77C with fan at 84% in a 66F ambient tempature. When I purchased this card details said it was 915mhz, amd drivers are showing at 875mhz. System hard locked when I try to set it at advertised speeds. I also did not receive deus ex

Overall Review: Overall, I think XFX is a great company to deal with. I had a 6850 go bad on me, their support was quick and a breeze to deal with. going forward my recommendation is if it will fit in your case always go for the dual fan configurations. My dual fan 6870 is nearly silent under load and runs under 70C. Very happy with my dual fan XFX 6870.

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