Fantastic laptop1/12/2010 10:34:59 PM

Pros: GT240m chip is more than enough to run virtually any game at at least mild settings at max resolution. If you wanna drop down to 1280x720, then you can easily get playable FPS out of games like Crysis almost maxed out. Slidebar navigator is useful for programs you open frequently during the middle of something else. Notepad, calculator, internet browser, IM client, etc. Audio is fantastic. Don't expect desktop 2.1 system bass, but the mids and highs are certainly there. There are 3 USB ports, 1 is a esata+USB which I've never encountered before. Totally caught me off guard, but it's placement is also well enough on the left so rightys can string a mouse/keyboard cable around the back. Fantastic battery life. Dual wifi antenna in screen bezel means I can see networks I can't connect to yet. Sound buttons are conveniently placed so I don't have to block half the screen with my arm to change the volume during a movie/game. Expresscard/34 slot easy to upgrade fast Dual microphone

Cons: Keyboard's keys are non-cupped and are a bit difficult to adjust to if your used to keyboards with such Screen could have better vertical view angles, and could offer a crisper picture Sub woofer is easily blocked by putting laptop on lap. If you want all the bass back, you've got to sit uncomfortably, or prop it up on a desk Trackpad is rough on delicate fingers HUGE fingerprint magnet. Apparently manages to attract dust and ashes in a TOTALLY CLEAN ROOM. Can get rather hot at the vent. Enough to be uncomfortable if you arm is there. Screen hinge is wobbly. Screen will not fall off any time soon, but screen often sways back and forth with enough momentum Batteries hard to find/order online Was piled up with tons of useless programs and trials (but some, like easycapture and slidenav are useful) Webcam is slow and not great quality, there are much better in-built ones elsewhere. Un-powered 3.5mm headphone jack. Won't drive earbuds, let alone headphones

Overall Review: Design looks nice to me, but some friends have commented that they find the orange/bronze trim around the top "gaudy" and I can see where they are coming from. Top attracts dirt, but not finger prints. NOT a laptop for smokers. The thing attracts ashes from all corners of the room. Even if you never smoke in that room. It's crazy!

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Great set1/17/2008 2:54:56 AM

Pros: Great sounding for games, Easy access and control of volume on remote, built in mic on remote, decent length cords, AMAZING BASS (small, but powerful!)

Cons: sub controls on sub itself instead of remote, picks up radio and interference quite easily, makes noise if left on for too long, Speakers themselves generate quite a bit of magnetism (for those still using a CRT, like me. I had to clean and reset up my computer desk to accommodate the extra space the speakers needed, because my previous speakers generated little-no extra magnetism, and I could put right up to the monitor no problem)

Overall Review: Could be better, but I have no problem what so ever recommending this to people who are looking for a relatively compact set-up that can deliver great sounds for gaming and general use. Certainly not a set-up for audiophiles or those interested in a home theater set-up.

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Best case yet1/4/2008 1:03:21 PM

Pros: rather roomy; side air vents; came with extra screws & bits; large enough without being overly large; handsome; simplistic

Cons: front end is basically see through with the metal bits torn out for drives, allowing viewers to get a nice view of my horrible wiring job; not exactly high quality materials, the front USB cover snapped off within a week of regular use; perforated front makes sticking on mod decals pretty hard; mine has quite a bit of play to the power and reset button, I've gotta really push in instead of just slide over it like I usually do; no fan on the top air vent; flimsy metal; SHARP EDGES

Overall Review: I'd easily recommend this case to anyone looking for a handsome, roomy, cheap, ATX & MicroATX case. Easily one of the best cases for the price

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