Pretty6/18/2021 1:47:33 PM

Pros: -Low profile -Quiet -Tunable -Painted attachment parts -Smooth RGB transitions -Black for dark cases -A steal for the price

Cons: -Will not work with a 12v header, obviously. -Beow average grade post insert plastic, and ring which breaks easily, should be metal. -Single clip attach design found in systems 20 years older, thin. -Lots of pressure needed to put the cip on.

Overall Review: This belongs in your PC if your motherboard has a 5v RGB header. If you dont know what that is, this is not for you. Be careful when clipping it onto the clip ring as to not damage your motherboard as you will need to get very close to it to attach it. Better to break your fingers than to slice through your PCB. Do not use the junk thermal compound supplied, of course just use Artic Silver.

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Garbage10/30/2019 5:09:57 PM

Pros: Gives a display

Cons: No 60hz at 4K, only 30. Colors washed out, limited color setting available only on Nvidia control panel. Not worth the effort and postage to return as it will cost more to return than to refund.

Overall Review: Video card: GTX1080TI, new Samsung 4K 60hz tv 55". Latest drivers. They do not list the 4K 60hz spec for a reason, unfortunately I found out why. A standard HDMI cable does 60hz, but colors look off compared to the DP port. My previous cable died so I tried this, mistake. I sort of knew it would fall short, thought I had learned my lesson with Rosewill's screaming coil power supplies, to not get the brand again, as every time I break that policy I pay the price. Cheap junk..

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Decent Machine12/22/2018 5:02:37 PM

Pros: Looks pretty Speedy hardware* Configurable BIOS for legacy modes (CSM) and allows boot from a USB drive. Touchscreen makes for a great cash register system. HDMI input and output

Cons: Windows took a dump after uninstalling their macafee trialware/bloatware then restarting, would not recover or repair. I had set bios to CSM support, remove all the multiple partitions off the drive and use a single partition per drive, like it is supposed to be in an MBR. Provided OS is Windows Home, which is bare minimum. I went ahead and installed Enterprise edition and it identified extra hardware and features otherwise disabled by the other limited OS edition. *Provided hard drive is old slow 5400rpm laptop hard drive. You need to open up the hardware and void your warranty in order to bring it up to date with an SSD, which I had to do as it was the biggest bottleneck in the system's speed. Audio is flat, external audio is recommended. Audio enhancement software has little effect. Annoying always-on tiny white power LED in the front (personal gripe) Proprietary power brick, non-universal cheater PSU. (expected)

Overall Review: No optical drive. Physical power button is on rear in odd-inward place, prone to accidental push when reaching back. Could use more USB ports, like on the sides for USB drives instead of having to reach all the way in the back. Wired keyboard and mouse looks shiny and nice, matching the system, but a wireless option would be nicer. Shipped super fast and a day early which made it all the sweeter, though the box looks like it was used as a Skyrim shield. Perfect for office use. Integrated no-frills graphics chip means no gaming with AAA titles. Webcam is on the bottom of the screen so position adjustments are required for desired frame. Worth $700-$800, not a thousand, so get it on sale if you can. I do wish ASUS used the BIOS that they use for their current gaming motherboards instead of the raw basic design of 20 years ago. :]

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Major Issues6/28/2016 7:45:09 AM

Pros: Boots up super quick

Cons: Transfer rate drops to a crawl with large files when cache runs out. Takes 15 minutes or hangs on shut down with no explanation. Conflicts with "AMD00" device (MSI motherboard overclock utility monitor hardware/driver). Of course this issue would happen day 32 of operation making not valid for return by 2 days so I am stuck with it.

Overall Review: Not worth the cost to return so a replacement is out of pocket. First order of this drive had no issues, so I bought another one and got shaft-ed. Fresh OS install on powerful new hardware, still not fixed. Stay away from TLC drives or roll the dice, is how it goes. Spend the extra few bucks and get an MLC drive. Will try a different brand.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Value Customer, Your problem seems to be only happen on the second drive purchased. It could be a result of a faulty drive. Please contact our customer service department for further assistance. ADATA Customer Service eMail Thank you ADATA Web Service
Eat this Box4/12/2016 11:42:08 PM

Pros: 4x sata ports @ 6gbps, lots of fan connectors, sturdy metal case, easy flip internal drives install. Budget/office build worthy. Put in a cheapo SSD and it'll fly. HDMI. 80Bronze cert PSU, 2-year warranty.

Cons: DDR3 1333 ONLY. A little larger than it needed to be vs internal components size so a tight fit for PointOfSale systems. Onboard COM port hardware but NO SEREAL INTERFACE CONNECTOR from board to back. Propitiatory CPU fan/heatsink, but dose the job. CPU fan is slightly noisy. PCIEx16 Gen 2 MAX, no gen 3 setting in bios. Would not install OS via USB drive no matter what boot setting/port/usbdrive, used the sata dvd drive and disc. No real way to attach a laptop sized hard drive, typically an SSD, with more than one screw anywhere in the hard drive bay.

Overall Review: Newegg is the best as all of the other hardware ordered with this barebones system arrived the day after ordered, but this box took 10 DAYS to get here, UPS ground. The wait was irritating. The box was beat up pretty badly, scaring, dents, gashes, possibly used as a Skyrim shield. The corners were beat in and it was overall dirty. The internal foam padding was great and held up keeping the system intact. Update the bios on this thing via usb FIRST. 3x SATA power connectors. MSI: Keep making these please, just include the serial port connector.

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Sweet Box3/21/2016 1:32:12 AM

Pros: Nice for PointOfSale systems, budget machine builds with cheap parts, but upgradable to high end components if desired. Many display connection options, nice for home entertainment hub. Small size and flat side operation. Intel GFX on-chip capable. Best for business use or primary home internet machine.

Cons: Proprietary CPU cooler, is why it comes with one. No Wifi/bluetooth, adaptor needed.

Overall Review: Not a gaming rig, but better than any steam machine. Nice for running old console emulators. DDR3-1333 RAM only. Proprietary riser card for expansion slots, wont fit fat gaming video card. A likeness on the old ASUS Pundit machines, useful with today's hardware. I personally love the 2x 9-Pin COM ports as I use them for experimenting and other exotic local hardware.

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AVOID8/1/2014 3:27:32 PM

Pros: none

Cons: Bought 2 units, one was DOA out of box. Wrong non-US type power plugs to US shipping address. Built china-cheap as expected.

Overall Review: Have ordered several of these over time, they last no more than 1-4 weeks, unreliable to say the least. never again.

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Mostly solid6/6/2014 8:27:39 PM

Pros: Win7x64SP1 recognized all the new hardware without puking a BSOD, but not without multiple reboots for driver installs over from my last ASUS board. M.2 SSD makes things vigorously fast, even faster than normal for the spinning sata storage drives. Photoshop runs like a dream. Good for a gamer's rig. 2x USB 3.0 front panel connection banks onboard.

Cons: Not for the lack of PC box building experience for this one. A bit stubborn with hardware config/first bios screen. ASUS software is buggy and gives error messages about not able to find components after all drivers are installed, fresh OS install, software nags the user alot. No bluetooth like previous similar board. Price. My Nvidia 660ti outruns the onboard intel gfx.

Overall Review: Needs bios update out of box, there has been two(2) updates thus far. Latest updates to latest dragon chip. Original display driver causes BSOD Stop:0x0000000A, Current intel web updated driver fixes this, use this first. Liquid cool 4th generation CPU if possible when using intergrated gfx, the chip temps jump up quicker but steadier than 3rd generation.

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Complete Junk2/12/2013 5:23:44 PM

Pros: Looks pretty, fills the room.. when it works the first time you use it.

Cons: Works for only 2-3 uses, then the rotating motor dies after minimal use. THREE ITEMS ORDERED, NONE REMAIN FUNCTIONAL. Retured one of them, they sent a new one and it still died. If you only plan to get one use out of this, its for you. One laser inside is not adjustable and were miss-aligned where one is adjustable, the other is hot glued in place. Made with the cheapest components possible.

Overall Review: Avoid this product(and others like it) and do not waste your money.

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Its alright..12/19/2012 1:02:40 PM

Pros: Works as a monitor should. HDCP support with HDMI and DVI-D. Looks great with PS3 and PC.

Cons: Top of screen bleeds ALOT, up to a half an inch downward of white when seeing an all black color, rest of the edges are fine. There was a green stuck pixel near lower right corner when using it for the first time, it went on and off until tapping it. Needs extensive color calibration beyond "splendid". Not 120hz/3D. Possibly defective? I wont pay to RMA, and I will be out of a monitor if I do so im stuck with it. :/

Overall Review: Dose not make waffles. Im used to an old Sony Trinitron 21" .21 Triangular DPM monitor(called it old Betsy) @1800x1440 via BNC connection that finally died, this is a breath of fresh air, a bit brighter than i'm used to for the nerd cave. Tried to stay away from LCD monitors as they all looked c-r-a-p compared to the CRT but this one looks alright.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
Workhorse12/11/2011 9:30:19 AM

Pros: Sturdy. One solid piece. High compatibility. Decent transfer speed(usb2.0). No driver needed! Self installs, even on WinXP. Win V/7, x86/x64. CD/DVD drive compatible for booting/running a CD with system without an optical drive such as a netbook. Takes my heavy use servicing many dysfunctional systems. Worth the price and tons better than those flimsy double-ended cheap excuses.

Cons: Laptop adapter power connection broke off from the base attached by only a wire solder, otherwise data part is good as one solid piece.

Overall Review: Have this product for 6+ years and has yet not to identify a drive. Never get an sata/ide-to-usb combo adapter, had the worst luck with those. Dont let lack of reviews keep you away, i was looking for another one because I was wondering if it was available and get the same one, not as a replacement for a failure as is has not failed yet, but the quality is there. I bought this here on newegg and may not register as a verified owner at the time of this writing. Newegg shopper for eight plus years.

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Sweet stuff5/30/2011 5:09:17 PM

Pros: Runs super speedy, all posted at 1600, black looks nice and can clip a fan on them with plastic coated twisty ties.

Cons: Can't do dishes.

Overall Review: Bought them when they were on sale, price has now gone up, glad to get them when I did. Windows experiance rating at 7.8

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Pretty good board5/30/2011 5:02:18 PM

Pros: Proforms well, looks nice, graphical bios, super speedy and ram install with memOK works great. Gives windows experiance of 7.5-7.8 with intel sandybridge i5 3.1ghx 2400 and 16gb CORSAIR ddr3 1600

Cons: Only 4 Eggs because it is INCOMPATIBLE with hard drive WD20EARS, Western Digital sata 2TB 64MBcache hard drive (used as storage drive not OS). Would lock the system not even showing bios even after the latest bios update, no matter which port pluged into or which mode the port was set at, tried them all, spent lots of time trying. Its NOT the drive as it worked with my last board and still currently works in other systems. The drive refuses to work with this spicific system board, all other drives work fine. Drive has no SMART errors.

Overall Review: BIOS update is required. If you have a system with a previous ASUS motherboard, no need to reinstall the OS, everything will reconize, both XP and Win7 drives did not BSOD and doubled my system speed giving gaming and photoshop the needed power they eat.

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junk, bad card9/9/2010 1:37:38 PM

Pros: Worked for a litte while... I wanted a 470 but got this instead, mistake.

Cons: Worked for about 2 months, but now it hard freezes with solid random monitor colors, dual monitor mode. Dose this on winXP 32 bit, AND win7 64-bit with diffrent sets of drivers. My old video card never had these problems. Sometimes bios refused to post untill COMS reset. Then, Primary monitor works and sees bios and win logo, then goes black on desktop but secondary works. Switching monitor plugs only works with the secondary but primary remains black on ether port. Primary monitor works (engages but remains black) but refuses to identify and this only started happening today. The solid monitor hard freeze has happened 5+ times since i got the card, possibly defective?

Overall Review: Its too late to RMA to newegg so i will have to send it back to ASUS, out of my own expence, and will be without a system untill a replacement is made in which I will loose business productivity and financial loss.. thanks asus, really, thanks alot. cmon, I spent over 200 bucks on this thing, least it could do is work right, and no, its not any other of my system componets, all tested fine.

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Pi-ss Poor6/17/2010 3:59:00 PM

Pros: Case looks pretty to an extent, includes built-in fans

Cons: Power supply is the ultimate cheapo, DOA. PSU is actually smaller than standard size and not readily available, had to gut an existing one and use modding skills place in a working one.

Overall Review: You get what you pay for, AVOID.

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