Love this keyboard12/13/2020 4:57:58 PM

Pros: - Comfortable chiclet keycaps - Great feeling Cherry Red switches - Awesome RGB effects - Nice USB-C cable - Full size keyboard

Cons: - Sides of spacebar sound more like a hollow *thunk* than a soft click

Overall Review: I love this keyboard so far! I've had it a week and have gotten used to the keycaps. Typing feels great; it's been a blast writing my final papers for school this semester. Some reviews say the chiclet caps are hard to get used to and their smooth faces and close spacing lead to a lot of typos. This was true for me for the first two or three days, but then I got used to it and now it feels just as comfortable as my old keyboard. Cooler Master also ships a non-chiclet keycap set upon request and submission of the keyboard serial number, so if I ever get tired of the chiclet caps then I can switch them out. My only real complaint about it is the sound of the spacebar on the sides, but it's hardly noticeable with my headphones on, the keys still feel the same. I know some people also said that the exclusion of adjustable feet on the keyboard turned them off from it, but the angle of the keyboard as it is feels comfortable to me. I'd definitely recommend this keyboard to anyone who's used to typing on a laptop keyboard or likes Cherry MX Red switches!

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Great beginner CPU!11/20/2020 9:19:19 AM

Pros: - Fast processor - Cheap price - Plenty of cores for gaming and light streaming - Widely supported because of the AM4 platform

Cons: - TDP is just high enough to cause concern if you overclock with the stock CPU cooler. If you don't plan on overclocking then it's fine, but I'd still recommend an aftermarket cooler

Overall Review: I definitely recommend this CPU to anyone who doesn't need a high-end desktop! If you're the kind of person who likes to pay for only what they need, this CPU is still relevant enough to offer an awesome price-to-performance with the B450/X470 and B550/X570 platforms.

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