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Pros: so what is meant by successfully submitted ? Is this review going to be read by someone before publishing ?

Cons: thanks

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8/16/2007 2:03:57 PM

Pros: so what happened to the review I wrote ? does it have to pass the newegg scrutiny first before before it makes it out ?

Cons: well ?

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8/16/2007 1:40:06 PM

Pros: very versatile. Instantly converts the following list of storage devices : 1. 3.5 inch Desktop HDD 2. 3.5 inch SATA HDD 3. 5.25 inch CD/DVD drives 4. 2.5 inch laptop HDD that you may have lying around into an external hard drive. No need to buy different size enclosures for each of these spare drives. Save the cash.

Cons: try to minimize usage to data backup and synchronize periodically. constantly tugging around with the interface can break or bend pins on your drive ( not a fault of the equipment however. those pins are made flimsy anyway). Also don't lift drive by holding only to the adapter. This will surely bend pins prematurely. One more important thing. When disconnecting follow the below sequence of steps : 1. Software disconnect ( stop usb device or HDD) 2. Disconnect adapter from USB port of computer 3. Disconnect the AC power supply of HDD.

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