No integrated graphics.9/1/2021 7:33:02 PM

Overall Review: Careless purchase. I was looking for an 11th gen i5 with the integrated graphics I've come to expect of Core i-series CPUs. This one does not have it.

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Manufacturer Response:
Oh, no! Looks like you got a little confused here. All Intel processors with suffix F require discreet graphics cards; they don’t come with integrated graphics. For more information on Intel processor's names and numbers, please visit You check For the list of Intel processors with integrated graphics Hope this helps.
Has a lot going for it and a little against.7/11/2020 2:44:37 PM

Pros: Lets me de-clutter my tower by leaving out the unneeded cables. Has a second +12V cable available for a motherboard that takes 2 of them, both 4+4 pin plugs to handle one 4 pin and one 8 pin effortlessly.

Cons: At least on mine, the main 24 pin motherboard power plug doesn't want to plug in as securely as it should. Plugging cables into the PSU box feels unsure of when it's snapped in good.

Overall Review: What else can I say? My pros and cons pretty much cover my opinion of it.

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Good CPU, but no Linux support for built-in GPU.6/28/2020 6:54:03 AM

Cons: With currently available firmware, runs linux without graphics acceleration. Intel only provides driver downloads for Windows and the last time I used Windows it didn't let me use the proper Intel driver for my old 4th gen i5 for more than a few hours before forcing an update to break that with an incompatible one. How long could they be trusted to let you use this one unbroken?

Overall Review: I just replaced a 4 year old Z90 motherboard and 4th gen i5 with a new Z490 motherboard and this core. I'm currently doing well enough even with the lack of graphics acceleration making cinnamon desktop run in a software rendering mode that hogs up too much cpu usage. I haven't tried rendering any video yet. All I can do is hope that linux developers come out with firmware to match this soon. Going back to Windows is not an option as my computer belongs to me, not Microsoft.

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Does what it's made for.12/27/2019 3:32:25 PM

Overall Review: I got this to use one keyboard and mouse on two computers that aren't used at the same time. The USB hub only connect to one computer at a time while plugged into two, with a little button to toggle between them. I just plug my keyboard and my mouse into the hub, plug the hub into my PC and my Mac both and use a sticky pad to mount the button on the corner of the keyboard. Works like a charm and even gives me two more USB ports in case I need them.

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It just works in my Linux PC.12/8/2019 10:57:47 AM

Pros: Fits the slot I need it to in my home build. A chipset other than Realtek, which has had recently exposed driver security issues in Linux. I put it in my linux tower and it just works.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: It wasn't easy finding a wifi card of the interface I needed that had a known chipset manufacturer other than Realtek, but this is the one I found. Most brands don't show that spec sheet on their listing with a chipset ID included. But after the Realtek Linux driver security bug became public knowledge, I went on the look for a new card with a different chipset, manufacturer. And this was the first one I found with a verification that it had a Ralink chipset instead.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Somewhat functional, but it feels like Little Brother's watching me.1/7/2019 4:43:31 PM

Pros: Good, solid platform. Easy to use. Lots of software runs well on it. Installed all needed drivers without needing the discs from my motherboard and wifi card.

Cons: When installing, comes with a long list of things to turn off information sent to Little Brother Microsoft. And still goes through an account you set up with them to log in to your own computer. It even wanted me to confirm that it was me on one occasion by texting a number to my phone to enter to the confirmation page. Another time, I was scanning some newly-made photo negatives when the Photos app I wasn't even using popped up an alert that it had created a new album for my scans in progress. Then when I put a stop to that I noticed another notice in the system tray leading me to find Photos app downloading unauthorized (by me) add-ons tied to One Drive, for which I don't even intend to set up an account. Lucky I caught that in time to stop it short of downloading that Microsoft malware/spyware. I paid to license Microsoft's intellectual property with which to operate my computer but they haven't paid me to access my intellectual property from my 35mm hobby. Just because I buy a license to use their operating system on my home-built PC doesn't make it any of Microsoft's business when I log in to my own computer or what I do with it. Then to make matters worse, it repeatedly and involuntarily "updates" my video driver to one not completely compatible with my hardware making it impossible to watch streaming video in sync with its audio until I dig up my old disc and re-install my original driver... ... until it breaks it again the next day.

Overall Review: This feels like Microsoft want's to control what people can do on their own computers, and this version of windows is the gas ring lighting up to boil the frog slowly.

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Serves its purpose.1/13/2018 7:29:29 AM

Pros: Matches the front of a standard black mid tower case. Fits decently.

Cons: The rings through which screws go to secure a device into the adapter are thicker than the metal framework in a case, so the screws that came with my card reader didn't reach and I had to scrounge up longer ones. The face of the adapter isn't quite flush in the case and looks "sunken in" by about half a milimeter. Only noticeable if you look for it, though.

Overall Review: Keep in mind when you screw this into your case that you're screwing machine screws into plastic. That means be gently and use as little torque as does the job.

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Designed for the umpteenth rebuild.1/13/2018 6:00:53 AM

Pros: Reads and presumably writes a nice variety of media. If installed before a clean install of Windows 10, it's a fully integrated part of the system.

Cons: Unless you have your build in a old case with a floppy drive bay, you need an adapter to put it in the 5.25" drive bays most cases have in abundance. Odd that it would be designed for a new enough motherboard to have a USB3 header in an old enough case to have a floppy drive bay. There have been reports of this device needing a fresh clean install of Windows to be recognized. Not an issue for a new build of course.

Overall Review: It does the job nicely if you install it in a new build or wipe you SSD and do a fresh clean install of Windows when you put it in. Add a drive bay adapter to the price tag and go ahead and buy it together.

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Lots of storage for the price.2/25/2017 11:09:15 AM

Pros: Very high capacity for a reasonable price.

Cons: Comes with just the drive and the assumption that you know why it doesn't immediately show in Windows Explorer.

Overall Review: If you think the drive is DOA because it isn't immediately seen in Windows Explorer, it probably isn't but it needs to be initialized. Open Windows Explorer to "this PC" and right click on the PC in the right menu bar. Select "Manage" from the right-click menu and go to disk management. In the bottom graph of that, you should see the drive as a blacked out volume. Right click that and you can get a wizard open to initialize the drive and format it for use.

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Not well suited to viewing video or editing graphics.2/15/2017 3:56:54 PM

Pros: Full HD resolution. Nice, big screen. Power button easy to get to (to save energy) when I turn off my computer. Ports for VGA, DVI and HDMI cables.

Cons: Default color settings look terrible next to my LED TV. The presets are all ugly from the get go, and if you get user settings that look good watching video set outdoors in daylight, then video set indoors or at night tend to look like sepia. Find user settings that look decent for video set indoors or at night, and in daylight people look light blue. No HDCP support via VGA cable. DVi port was DOA on mine. To view HDCP content I absolutely had to use HDMI instead.

Overall Review: I initially thought that the lack of HDCP would be the biggest issue with this screen, but that was before I watched enough streaming TV on it to see the bigger problem with the color issues described in the cons. Now I'm convinced I need a different monitor and to just eat the sale price at which I got this one.

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Nice motherboard, but a couple of issues.2/15/2017 3:54:53 PM

Pros: Supports Intel Core CPUs and 32 GB memory. Onboard video from Intel HD Video in the CPU with DVI, D-Sub or HDMI output. HDMI audio support with speaker unplugged from board.

Cons: To install the drivers, the program on the CD wantonly installed Google Chrome browser and Norton Security without asking, so I had to uninstall those items in order to install the stuff I prefer. Maybe Chrome can sit idle with Firefox being the default I use, but the Norton had to go for sure before I installed Zone Alarm

Overall Review: Overall, seems like a good, solid MB. Other bad software inclusions that need removal after installing the drivers include some "ASRapps" adware that butts in to everything you do on the computer and spams their unknown app over your preferred software. Also found a fast charge app for items you charge from the computer's USB ports. Not sure if I should keep or remove a "network accelerator" thing made for gaming, nor even if it works with my wifi card instead of the onboard LAN port.

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Does the job.1/28/2017 6:54:52 AM

Pros: I does the job.

Cons: I haven't found any as of yet.

Overall Review: I built my tower for use in my bedroom. The cable internet gateway is running in the living room, so I need to use wifi for my computer. Since my ATX motherboard doesn't have an onboard wi-fi adapter as they generally don't, I needed a wifi expansion card in my build. Once Windows was installed, the motherboard's drivers DVD was next and then one more driver CD for this card, and it works as well as the wifi adapter built into my laptop.

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Always did like this brand of Keyboards and mice.12/21/2016 3:22:18 PM

Pros: Nice standard full keyboard. Optic mouse included. Scrollwheel. Good price.

Cons: Takes up two USB ports.

Overall Review: I would recommend it.

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This is one big antenna.9/17/2016 2:02:49 PM

Pros: Pulls in all the local stations. Only slightly directional, but I could find a spot where it gets it all. nearly 5 foot mast included.

Cons: Some assembly required. Coax cable sold separately.

Overall Review: I first tried a very directional amplified antenna that was unsuited for my in-town location. So I got this to replace it, and wish I had gotten this one first. It's so huge that I had to handle with care to install, as power line proximity became an issue for this one where it didn't for smaller units due to sheer reach of elements sticking out. Plus side of this size is that I ran 50 feet of coax to a splitter and then two 20-foot+ cables to different rooms of the house, and once I had it bolted down in the right direction I still get every local signal with slightly less choppiness unamplified than my directional antenna had through a matching power box. And I can still add a mast-mounted pre-amp.

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Better for rural than urban usage.9/7/2016 2:53:26 PM

Pros: Picks up a lot of signals. Could extend reception range away from city stations. Puts indoor "rabbit ears" to shame.

Cons: No ground screw on antenna. Sits on end of pole with rigid plastic socket smaller than any standard antenna mast. (up to 1 1/8" O.D. vs. common mast size of 1 1/4" O.D.) I had to use a piece of 3/4 inch water pipe (1" O.D.) and rig a way to attach that to a mast. Fragile plastic pieces holding directional signal-focusing parts. Terrible rotation motor operation.

Overall Review: Might be good for rural use away from city where all stations are in same general direction, but for urban use with stations in different directions from site of use you need to use the rotation motor to re-point the thing at different stations. If you have two TVs in use as it's supposed to be designed to accommodate, this could lead to a conflict. When you do rotate it, you push the button and take your best guess, but the rotation is faster than it takes to see the results on a TV screen. To set up to best overall direction, I had to put the power box in the window and stand outside with its remote where I could watch the antenna turn, then compare remembered rotation points with their results on TV. I would recommend for use out in the country where you can point it at the city where all the stations you get from there are located and leave it there, then twist a ground wire around the big loops at the back in case of lightning.

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Unlisted requirements9/2/2014 9:30:24 AM

Pros: Looks like a nice unit. ADVERTISES great function for the price.

Cons: Unlisted system requirements demanding cable or highest spreed DSL in order to obtain map updates advertised with product. So if you live in a rental in which you can't install the wiring for one of those and are using a legacy wimax modem, you don't get everything you paid for.

Overall Review: I'll reserve comment on the product until I can update the maps and actually use it, but don't see that happening anytime soon.

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Nice learning camera12/21/2013 7:59:24 AM

Pros: Auto mode outclass all point & shoot cameras I've ever used in picture quality. Has the ability to use varying combinations of manual and automatic settings as I learn how and can improve on the automatic for better pictures yet.

Cons: The autofocus can be a little unpredictable for timer-tripod selfies and I need my reading glasses to manual focus with the LCD screen. All available viewfinders displace the flash from the hot shoe on the camera so you can't use both together.

Overall Review: I bought this because point&shoot digital cameras on the market have declined in quality over the years and I want something better. Looking at interchangable lens cameras reminded me of an old desire to learn more advance photography than the Kodak Instamatic film and point&shoot digital cameras I've owned before and at $200 for a nice Olympus at Christmas bonus time...

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Shipping fiasco3/10/2012 3:49:39 PM

Pros: Would have been a bargain had it actually shipped as sold.

Cons: Seller not to be used again.

Overall Review: My order was marked as shipped before the end of last weekend when placed. One week later, the tracking number ran on the shipper's website still indicates shipping information recieved but no package to ship. I want my merchandise within the next 6 calander days OR MY MONEY BACK.

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Works as expected.12/29/2011 6:53:37 PM

Pros: I have native USB 3.0 ports onboard, and for me this enclosure was plug & play in one of them. Just the drivers on the CD that came with my motherboard and it just works for me.

Cons: none

Overall Review: My SATA II HDD in this enclosure appears to work as quickly as it did when I had it inside the computer. If it's slower, then it's close enough I can't tell. Blows away the smaller capacity SATA II HDD in my old USB 2.0 enclosure.

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Greased lightening.12/29/2011 6:46:08 PM

Pros: Uber fast. Before I got this, it took a couple of minutes to boot Win 7 and a couple more minutes before the background stuff finished loading enough to let me open a program. Now, in less than one minute from pushing the power button I'm reading my email or watching a video on my internet home page. Boot drive data speed went from the lowest subscore of my Windows Experience Index to the highest number it goes to.

Cons: Only 120 GB. OK for my software, including Windows, but I had to configure it all to keep all my files, pretty files on a separate HDD. My iTunes library alone is over twice the data size of this entire drive. Expensive. This 120 GB SSD drive cost as more than either of my 2TB HDDs, one for store and use my data and one on which to back up said data.

Overall Review: Having read a couple of complaints of DAW, I waited until after that week to write my review. My motherboard has native SATA3 sockets and AHCA mode support for such drives as this, so all I had to do was physically install it,go into my UEFI setup and configure things there for it, then install Windows on the new drive. The hard part was figuring out how to configure all my software to use a separate HDD for data storage than the system drive on which it's installed.

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Pretty nice mobo.10/27/2011 2:34:21 PM

Pros: Good board for the price. UEFI and 6Gb/s SATA ports mean I can us those 3TB HDs I've been wanting. Takes Core i series CPU. Runs cool.

Cons: After installing 64-bit Win7 Home Prem. OEM, I inserted the drivers CD from this board and all the ASRSetup.exe did was freeze my computer up to require a hard forced reboot from the reset button. Instead I had to open to view the contents and go from folder to folder looking for installer icons to run separately.

Overall Review: I've actually had this board in storage for a couple of months saving up parts for my new computer, but only put it in and fired it up yesterday. Still ahead of schedule but my old P 58, Core 2 Duo build was getting symptoms of intermittent motherboarditis so I settled for a Core i 3 and my old computers hard drives (reformatting the system drive, of course) and TV tuner card to get my new one up and running until I can finish upgrading to what I want.

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It works.10/26/2011 6:04:26 PM

Pros: The driver install has an option to install just the driver and not the other kludgeware these things always try to put on you. Hey manufacturers, Windows manages your connections by itself. Cheap price.

Cons: When put into a new build before Windows install, Win 7 didn't automatically supply the driver like it does for some others.

Overall Review: In all fairness, I haven't tried this more than two rooms away from the wireless router, but it works at the range for which I got it: my PC in my bedroom, cable modem in the living room.

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The current Windows.10/6/2011 5:06:02 PM

Pros: It's Windows.

Cons: It's Windows.

Overall Review: I would actually prefer Mac OS-X, but Apple won't license that except for their own overpriced brand of pre-assembled computers. For most home users, Linux is a cool water sandwich on Sunday go to meeting bread: Whadda ya expect for nothin'? That leaves Windows as the standard OS for my home build projects.

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understated beauty6/28/2011 2:54:59 PM

Pros: No frivolous colored lights nor toybox styling. Just a good solid case in which to build my next PC. Looks in place on an adult's bedroom desk, not in a (whatever)-con sci-fi/fantasy convention. It looks like a computer, not an alien mothership nor a fortress of doom. No rickety tool-less fasteners to mess with, just properly placed holes and plenty of screws to install your drives. Handy harnesses for internal cable management. Easy-opening side panels with a place to padlock the one that counts. More internal hard drive ports than I ever expect to want. Reusable expansion slot covers with screws! Woo hoo!

Cons: Only USB and audio front ports. The reset button is inconveniently set in to require an instrument to push it. The arm of my glasses works.

Overall Review: It'll probably be a good year before I collect all the parts for my next computer, but seeing this understated beauty listed, I figured it would be a great place to start while it's still available.

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Not for your first build.6/11/2011 8:03:02 AM

Pros: Cheap price. Onboard video capability. Can use 64-bit Core2 CPUs. Well suited for the niche it fills in the builder mobo market.

Cons: No quick install guide or other such technical documentation. You're expected to figure out for yourself from the print on the board and configuration of pins what header is what. And the print by the front panel header took some hard looking with my nearly 50 year old eyeballs to see which wire went to which pin when it was in the case. Using the onboard VGA port, scrolling within a large photo is super choppy with 2 Gb ram to max out the 32-bit XP it's running.

Overall Review: This board is sort of a niche item among system builder mobos. Not well enough documented for somebody's first system build project, but too low-end for the good computer you'll want to build after. My first build was done on the cheap to make sure I could do it before spending the money on parts for a good one. When that computer died, I got this mobo to go with a Core2 Quad CPU and a 32-bit Win-XP Home retail I had sitting around so my roommate would have a desktop internet machine. For what he does, it's quite adequate.

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