Finally a nice looking, no frills, quiet micro ATX case9/6/2019 10:11:07 PM

Pros: -Compact. Switching from a full-ATX to this is worlds apart, I never have to lug that thing around again -The black finish and surface on this case looks great if you aren't looking for frill RGB or that isn't your thing -Has several options you can build to on this from a removable HDD bay to an optional mesh top for fan intake -Has easy to access air filters! Finally!

Cons: -My GPU's case prongs did not line up with the holes on this case (AORUS 2080 Super), I ended up having to widen the holes on this case and bend the prongs on the GPU to get it to seat properly in the motherboard. Was easily the most frustrating part of my build - why those holes are so small on this case is beyond me when they don't really need to be and don't add anything to cooling, airflow, etc., by being so small. Larger holes here would accommodate a lot more manufacturers and lose nothing in the case but would save a lot of time on builds.

Overall Review: If you want a great micro ATX tower that doesn't scream colors then look no further.

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So far so good9/6/2019 10:06:39 PM

Pros: -Has option hybrid mode to use -Seasonic is a trusted brand for power supply -Titanium standard -Runs silently -Can run in either a push or pull (fan pulling from bottom of case or from interior of case) setup, which is nice for a micro build -Plenty of cables and extras to use for a neat internal setup

Cons: None

Overall Review: Would recommend this for any high-end setup, I run a 3700X/2080Super/16GB@3200 14 CAS/X570/1TB Gen 4 Nvme/250GB SSD setup without problem with this power supply.

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Works as advertised9/6/2019 10:03:53 PM

Pros: -Plenty of compound leftover after the first CPU application -Spreads and works well -Easy to apply and use

Cons: None

Overall Review: Great compound that does its job well.

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Great RAM for the price9/6/2019 10:03:02 PM

Pros: -No RGB/extras to inflate the price -Runs at advertised 3200 without problems on an x570 and 3700X -Low latency

Cons: None

Overall Review: If you're looking for a no-frills, affordable, low-CAS memory for your setup then look no further.

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Great cooling option for your everyday need9/6/2019 10:00:10 PM

Pros: -Easy to put on the CPU/mobo and install on the case -Small radiator/fan makes it easier to fit inside any build (I have a micro build I use this with) -Is much more quiet than any stock cooler out there, and almost more quiet than many air based options -Looks good in the case -Is an all-in-one solution to cooling that you don't have to mess with or build yourself -Keeps the CPU at cool temperatures

Overall Review: Even if you're going to overclock this cooler will do the job. I used to have a 240mm setup inside a full ATX build but decided to go with a smaller form this time (because honestly, screw lugging that thing around one more time) and chose this cooler to go with my CPU because of its price and performance. It hasn't disappointed me, it won't disappoint you.

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Shreds games8/16/2019 10:53:58 PM

Pros: -Cheaper than the 2080Ti -RGB looks great -Quiet for the radiator size -Fits in my x570M

Cons: -The MB prongs did NOT line up with the holes in in the motherboard, was the most frustrating thing about my entire build and one of the worst things I've had to deal with in any build. I ended up having to widen the holes in my case with a screwdriver and bend the two prongs outward so they'd slot in correctly. -The price for these cards, and Nvidia's cards in general, is insanity. If AMD can release a top-tier card in the next generation I'll be jumping to that ship.

Overall Review: -Always buy the best you can at the price you can afford, and if this card is it, this card is it. I hope it lasts me three generations like my last card (Fury X) but we'll see where this goes with the future of graphics.

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Altogether a great gaming keyboard11/29/2014 5:16:05 PM

Pros: * Sturdy construction - this is a very well constructed piece of hardware, its extremely sturdy, I feel like I could beat an intruder to death with this thing if necessary. The cord for it (as it includes a throughput USB) is heavy duty as well, so no worries ever about fraying or getting tangled * Cherry MX Red keyset is light to the touch, performs exactly as advertised * Customization - Four different variations on backlighting (including off), it comes with regular and contoured W, A, S, D, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 keys so you may switch out as you like. You can also choose to have certain keys backlit, such as those specific keys for playing FPS games, or whatever setup you like for whatever game you like as well. * Window key lock - thank goodness for this freakin' button. Disables your Windows keys while in games so you don't get anymore of those nasty minimizations.. * On-keyboard media buttons are simple, work properly, and work very well. The two best ones are the volume roller and mute button, never minimize for this function or go into game settings again

Cons: * Key customization - the keyboard should ship with contours for all basic keys (numbers and letters). A *LOT* of people play MOBAs and MMOs, and I'm sure they would love to have these keys be contoured instead of your regular FPS gamut keysets. The WASD, 123456 keys also come with 'specialized' contours, meaning that WAD, and the 1 and 6 keys are literally formed differently from all the other keys, allowing your hand to find them immediately when you need them and not have to look down at the keyboard. This is a pro and a con, a con here because if you're not playing a straight FPS game, that gets somewhat annoying. * Light customization - it would be cool if the onboard memory could store 3-4 different custom light setups for the keys instead of all on, all off, or just one set of customized lights on. This, again, is for those of us who like to play different games where different keys do different things.

Overall Review: This is a fantastic keyboard for anyone to use, but is especially suited to primarily FPS players. If that's your dig, you will not go wrong with this. Even if its not, this is a fantastic keyboard to have, but there may be others out there with more suitable key customization configurations up your alley.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
Must buy for Homeworld fans11/1/2014 4:32:03 PM

Pros: This game series revolutionized the way RTS could be played, and even so many years later, holds up as the finest 3D space battlefield to exist. The story telling was superb, the game-play was RTS at its finest, the cinematic quality of the graphical style of Homeworld 2 still holds up today. For a fan of the series, theres no question on whether or not this is the collector's edition you would get for any game you own.

Cons: The only con here is that there has never been a true third AAA title celebrating what Homeworld had to offer gaming fans everywhere.

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Piece of garbage1/28/2014 7:47:42 PM

Pros: 120Hz refresh rate

Cons: Price Color palette DVI port went bad in four months, four months for this expensive monitor to break, how much does anyone want to bet since I paid to have it ship here, now that the product is broken, I'll have to pay to have it shipped back

Overall Review: Do not buy this monitor or benq products, there are better performing monitors out there

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9/18/2013 11:17:49 PM

Pros: It works. It's a simple keyboard - I use it for everything, gaming, typing, all of it. I didn't want a keyboard with all that frilly stuff, so I went with this.

Cons: What con could you possibly have for this price as long as it worked and the button lights came on?

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
9/18/2013 11:15:10 PM

Pros: Great cooling, was pulling below 45c on a 3.4 quad AMD. Consistently that cool under load, was great. I also had pretty good case flow, which I'm sure helped, but I've also used liquid cooling and I honestly do compare this to that - you don't have to worry about this going bad or leaking nearly as much as with a liquid setup.

Cons: I cut myself..probably four times installing this thing without noticing, had to clean a little blood up off the mobo/case after I did notice. The fins are deceptively sharp!

Overall Review: I recommend this to anyone looking for an aftermarket cooler that's not liquid cooling. I have a liquid installed now, and I notice no difference in sound. This Zalman really was amazing, and I am saving it for future builds.

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9/13/2013 1:20:51 PM

Pros: Have used these on two chips so far, worked excellent both times. These are the standard along with Arctic Silver currently.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Would recommend to anyone doing a custom build that isn't going with the factory paste...which should be everyone. I also recommend a microfiber cloth for cleaning, not a paper towel.

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9/13/2013 1:19:29 PM

Pros: It does what it does and it does it very well. Arctic Silver is the current standard.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Recommend to anyone doing a custom build. Make sure you use the thermal material remover and purifier before applying though for the best results.

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Why am I writing a review for this9/13/2013 1:16:26 PM

Pros: It's a reward card?

Cons: None? I guess?

Overall Review: Its great that there's a review section for this.

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9/13/2013 1:15:27 PM

Pros: Affordable 4.0GhZ eight-core processor. You don't really have to worry what generation your mobo is, or REV for this chip to work.

Cons: Not as quick as some Intel chips, but definitely better for the price.

Overall Review: I would've liked to get the 4.4GhZ, but couldn't justify it for the price, especially with the performance this one puts out - also considering how programs currently utilize (or don't, rather) eight cores for the moment.

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9/13/2013 1:12:06 PM

Pros: Works, good clock speeds for this card.

Cons: PCI 3.0 is not needed for this card, it doesn't use that amount of bandwidth.

Overall Review: Wish the price would go down more. The 7970 came out what, Jan 2012?

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Extremely fast, stable SSD9/13/2013 1:10:05 PM

Pros: Fast. Reliable. What's not to like about this?

Cons: None

Overall Review: I just wish the price would go down substantially on these SSDs!

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9/13/2013 1:07:55 PM

Pros: Does what it says it does. Quiet and reliable. Plenty of peripherals came with it.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Would recommend to anyone needing this much stable power.

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Great cooling9/13/2013 12:57:58 PM

Pros: Huge radiator, great, closed setup.

Cons: Doesn't come with four 120mm fans for push-pull setup. You shouldn't need it (as the stock fans are better than a *lot* of other 120mms out there) unless you're doing high overclocking/extreme testing - but if you're going to throw down on a 120mm setup you're probably already going to want the best, so why not give the best?

Overall Review: I would recommend this setup to any other builders out there. Only four eggs because it only comes with two fans with no options to get two others as they're specific to the setup, but other than that this is a great cooler.

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Very solid mobo9/13/2013 12:49:29 PM

Pros: Does everything it says it does in spades

Cons: None

Overall Review: COME ON AMD! Make a stable PCI 3.0 Mobo already! I would've liked to get the 7990 GPU but didn't want to throttle it at all on the 2.0 setup. I'm running a 7970GhZ edition on this board, but the 7970 is more than a year and a half old now. Really disappointed AMD is lagging behind in that fight.

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Huge case9/13/2013 12:44:30 PM

Pros: Huge case, enough space to fit everything inside. Cable management is easy as there are plenty of slots and space behind the mobo if you aren't lazy with your cable management. PLENTY of USB 3.0/SATA connections on here for peripherals. Very solid casing, with easy-to-access fillport on the top side.

Cons: Very heavy case. No dust shields! And the inside doesn't do much to reduce fan noise.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
9/13/2013 12:22:34 PM

Pros: Monitor is huge, good price

Cons: Refresh rate is still dismal at 60

Overall Review: I would go with another monitor with a higher rate if given the second chance

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It does what it says it does9/13/2013 12:21:12 PM

Pros: It works exactly as advertised.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Pioneer is an excellent tech company at the moment. Very trustworthy products from all lines.

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Works great9/13/2013 12:19:35 PM

Pros: Extremely fast CAS - you can't beat the timing on these for the price.

Cons: Started at 1600 native. Had to call tech support to manually configure to 1866.

Overall Review: I would recommend this RAM to anyone! 16GB is more than enough for your daily and hardcore gamer.

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Dead on Arrival8/13/2008 3:38:01 PM

Pros: Cheap price, simple 120mm case fan. No lights, speed switches, or any of the pretty glitter other, more expensive fans have. Straightforward as can be.

Cons: Dead on arrival, as bad as it gets.

Overall Review: If you want to try getting a working one for your money it might be worth a shot. But dead on arrival is as bad, for this user at least, is as bad as it can get.

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