H0ly Games Batman11/9/2017 12:31:24 AM

Pros: - Plays every game I throw at it - Doesn't draw as much power as I thought - Cooling is more than adequate - RGB (Need I Say More)

Cons: - Can Get Loud (Doesn't anymore for some reason, more on that below) - Ludicrous coil whine on my particular model - Cost

Overall Review: Good Things - I use a 3440x1440 Ultrawide display @ 75hz and this thing kills everything I play. The most demanding game is probably Rise of the Tomb Raider, which hovers right around 68-72fps the entire time with every setting cranked to the max. Games I play the most are Rocket League and Overwatch, which exceed 200fps consistently (again, with settings maxed). - Obviously this card is going to shine at 4K, but I was most worried about high(er) refresh rates at 1440p. This card taught me that I shouldn't have worried at all. - I thought this thing was going to draw 300watts at the drop of a hat, but I've found that it is very reasonable on power, unless it is being stress-tested. My entire UPS reports a 500watt draw at load, and that includes my monitor, mixer, 10 USB devices, and secondary audio interface. I haven't noticed it getting close to the 300watt max draw Nvidia reports in the spec sheet. The Meh - The biggest complaint I have is the coil whine on the card I got. It is insane. When I boot up a game, I instantly get a very pronounced and very annoying whine. It is louder than any fan in my system, and varies by what is being displayed. I've ran into coil whine before, but never this bad. I understand that this is a con that will be inconsistent and completely dependent on the individual cards, but I was unlucky here. - The cooling is beast, and the card barely gets warm under stress tests. That being said, when the fans really kick in, it sounds like a jet taking off. The weird part is that I only experienced this for one day. I'm not sure what happened or if it was even the card itself, but I have never even noticed the fans kicking in after the first day. Maybe there was some kind of driver bug or a windows update that kicked in later, but this was only an issue for the first day. I'm still confused about it. - Obviously the cost is ridiculous, but I think it's justified considering what this thing can do. It's easily the best you can get for the money. I used to upgrade my graphics card every three or so years, but I see this sticking around for a while. - The system I paired this with is an Intel 7700K (OC'd to 4.8ghz) with 32GB DDR4 3000 RAM.

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Very Fast Card2/17/2014 4:39:36 PM

Pros: Fast: Huge upgrade over my X-fire 5770s. Plays Tomb Raider maxed out at >40fps. Benchmarked >30fps average on Unigine Heaven Ultra settings. Cool: Hasn't broken 60c yet under load Somewhat Quiet: Louder than my 5770s, but not by much. Fan nearly never kicks in over 20% while gaming. After reading reviews on the noise of these cards I was hesitant, but its really not that bad. Not silent, but not "loud". One of the shorter 270x cards. I have a mid-tower antec 900 with six hard drives and it's crowded, but at least it fits. If I got one of the longer 270xs I probably would have had to move my hard drives. Solid Build Quality

Cons: Not so great at overclocking: I was only able to get about 50mhz extra without it crashing with a full load. Not so bad as it is fast enough without OC. Not sure if it is the card's fault, but recent benchmarks have had very low minimum fps scores. Don't really notice on-screen so its not an issue. Was bottlenecked by my AMD Phenom II. Upgraded to i5-3570K and got a noticeable increase in performance. (I knew this would happen before-hand I was just curious. Obviously a processor 5 years newer is going to give a performance increase)

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Great Motherboard, Lots of Features2/17/2014 4:23:04 PM

Pros: Tons of features Bios with Mouse support Lots of overclocking options RAM LED can be useful for troubleshooting. Included software offers great motherboard control from within Windows.

Cons: The amount of features on this board is almost overwhelming. The boards I've dealt with in the past had about 5 options I was concerned about. This one had a learning-curve for me. Plugged it in and would not boot with all my RAM installed. Not a big deal, I just had to install one stick at a time. RAM led lit for error when there was really no problem with RAM. PC wouldn't boot due to motherboard detecting a "power surge" from my PSU. Had to disable this feature in the Bios. GPU-Boost switch would be nice if I understood what it actually did. I have yet to tell a difference if it is on or off. Overclocking is confusing. The last time I overclocked I changed the multiplier and the voltage and that was it. This has multiple profiles, and multiple options for everything. Not really a con, but it was a learning curve for me. I thought I was overclocking like I wanted to, but I was getting very random results and boot-loops from what I thought were very simple overclocks. Took some time to understand the different profiles and auto-configurations this board has. Manual is pretty good at giving a description of what each feature/switch is, but very vague at describing what it actually does.

Overall Review: Had to give this board a 5 just because the problems I have had are most likely due to my ignorance of newer boards. A lot has changed since I last messed with configurations. Otherwise very solid board and it works fine.

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Great CPU2/17/2014 4:04:43 PM

Pros: Fast and Cool Overclocked mine easily to 4Ghz on stock cooler while maintaining 45c under load. Big upgrade for me. Noticed >20 avg fps during benchmarks over my old CPU with same R9 270x gpu.

Cons: None so far.

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Best there is2/4/2014 1:55:31 PM

Pros: Does the job and does it well. Easy to apply Lasts exactly forever

Cons: Price

Overall Review: Been using this paste for 9 years now. It has never failed me.

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Best upgrade12/6/2009 1:05:50 PM

Pros: Very Fast, Quiet, nice overclocking ability, great price.

Cons: Isnt perfect (but what is)

Overall Review: I upgraded from a well out of date sapphire x850xt to this one and is screams. Im using it on an older system with PCIx 1.0 instead of 2.0 and it runs fine, plays crysis with maxed out settings and everything else i have likewise. Very nice price considering its half the price i payed for my last card.

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It was good3/16/2009 9:01:27 PM

Pros: Sleek, Fast, Very portable

Cons: Just decided to stop working on me one day after 2 months of use along with all my data.

Overall Review: I used this as a second hard disc for my macbook, but now its gone. Not good for the long run.

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Nice Case2/19/2009 12:45:38 PM

Pros: Sleek, Easy to work with, Reliable, Cpu Vent, Has nice features. Ive had this case about 3 years and its been good. Its solid for the most part with solid mounting places for everything. I have never had problems with anything not working properly.

Cons: No Front Fan, when you open the door there looks like there is a place for one but dont let that fool you there is NO place for a fan in front. This makes for poor HDD cooling which lets my drives get VERY hot. The front door also seems like it should open the other direction (away from the clear side panel) This might not be a problem for most people but in my situation it just gets in the way. It also doesnt freely open all the way so the CD drive will hang on it.

Overall Review: It has done me very well for all these and has very little problems, but if you are a cooling freak then you might want to consider a case with a front fan slot.

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Manufacturer Response:
There is room for two 80mm case fans for the front. You would have to remove the front panel by removing four screws (two on each side) and then pulling out the front panel from the bottom. The fans would be installed between the front of the case body and the hard drive bays. You would screw them in from the front.
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A Winner10/11/2006 1:35:26 PM

Pros: Extremely stylish, as others have said it DOES look way better in real life. The dials on the front are awsome and work very well (not to mention looking sweeet at the same time) Plenty of room for all your accessories. Comes with blue LED fans.

Cons: A little on the flimsy side when compared to other cases but its not like its going to fall apart.

Overall Review: In the pictures, behind the front panel it shows what looks like a place for a 120mm fan, but the specs and pics say that it isn't. The specs are true, but there are still two places for 80mm fans behind it if you can get a screw driver in position. I think they should have made it a place for a 120, it would help out alot and the front design wouldnt be just for looks. (I also like how when you play music the volume gauge pulses)

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Awsome Sticker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!3/26/2006 6:15:35 PM

Pros: Awsome Sticker!!!!!!!! Hands Down the best sticker ive owned, the stickiness is unbeatable. will run laps around my stickers that came with my ipod, and my kswiss stickers. Get ASAP!!!!!!!!

Cons: isn't overclockable

Overall Review: nice use of colors, and this is a funny review, because it seems stupid to post a review on a sticker, but it is one bad sticker.

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Not Worth It3/3/2006 8:21:08 PM

Pros: Great Picture Quality. Excellent Recording Quality for video.

Cons: Install Disc might as well be trashed right away. Takes alot of effort and alot of broken things to install it. Sound Still Doesn't Work. Is just too much of a pain.

Overall Review: i you buy this, get the drivers off the internet from the leadtek site, and if your sound works then lucky you, but im sending it back.

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BEST FREGGIN GAME EVER!!!!!3/2/2006 7:37:27 PM

Pros: EVERYTHING! graphics, gameplay, physics, and the gravity gun. Leaves you breathless and beggiong for more, i just beat it right before i wrote this review and im probally gonna play it agian right after

Cons: honestly, how could there be any

Overall Review: you wouold think you have to have a $3000 computer to play this thing, well i'll tell you the sims 2 is slower and glitchier that this, it runs FLAWLESS. (sims 2 is far from flawless, THE SIMS 2!!!!!!!)

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Awsome2/21/2006 6:11:03 PM

Pros: Cuts startup process load time in half! runs great, but its suppost to

Cons: how can it have one if it works

Overall Review: can't beat corsair valueselect when it comes to GOOD cheap ram.

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Sweetness!!2/21/2006 5:59:56 PM

Pros: Tons of cables for everything, powers EVERYTHING perfect.

Cons: I noticed it runs pretty hot compared to my last power supply.

Overall Review: bought to power my new graphics card and all my fans and neon tubes. and it does even more than that.

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2/21/2006 5:50:47 PM

Pros: Is FREAGGIN FAST!!! Comes with tons of cables and nice software pack. Plays FEAR,Sims 2 Nightlife,Battlefield 2,NFS Undergrouns, and Farcry FLAWLESS. Also comes with overclocker software.

Cons: Runs HOTT! really HOTT! Takes Up 2 slots. Farcry will freeze after about 10min of game play if overclocked too high, but thats the only game i find to do that. Can't overclock very much over 110mhz without complete unstablity.

Overall Review: Fan Gets about as loud as a jet engine on start up, but goes right down to almost silent after about 5sec. Definatly worth a buy despite the heat it blows out the back end

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