Amazing But With 1 Major letdown2/9/2021 12:40:13 AM

Pros: -Beautiful color settings out of the box -The sidekick program works great to adjust settings straight from your PC so you don't have to fiddle with the on-monitor controls. -Bright

Cons: The only flaw my untrained eye notices is the very bad backlight bleed. This seems to be a common problem and it's weird because if I'm not mistaken, these are factory calibrated so someone has to look at this and give it the ok. Some reviews state they get no backlight bleed. Here's hoping the next one is a lottery winner.

Overall Review: -I'm returning my current one and trying for a new one. When you aren't viewing dark environments it's a dream so ill give it 1 or 2 more tries before requesting a refund. Will be sure to update with the results.

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Definitely Worth Upgrading From gtx 108012/12/2020 2:04:42 AM

Pros: Apex FPS went from 70-90 fps maxed out settings on 1440p monitor on gtx 1080, fluctuating depending on what is going on, to 165+ fps with the same settings. I imagine i can get a tiny bit more when I upgrade my ram as I am currently using 2133 ddr4.

Cons: Fans keep turning on and off. Currently trying to figure that out. Came a bit scuffed on the metal shroud on the fan side but I won't notice it now that it's in the case .-.

Overall Review: Coming from a GTX 1080 gigabyte g1 gaming, it was well worth the upgrade. Here's to another 4 years.

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Look And Work Great!11/11/2020 12:05:23 PM

Pros: The colors are AMAZING and it's all off just one fan controller (running 2 sets of 3)! I cant wait to get 3 more (buy limits smh). The fans push so much air! If you saw JayzTwoCents' video, its accurate.

Cons: 1. My only real gripe with these fans is you can not individually pick the color of fans. If it's part of a group, it's all the same color/settings, unless I'm just missing something. 2. This isn't even a con YET but I feel it's worth mentioning: A few techtubers say this type of fan with fluid bearings as opposed to magnetic/ball bearings tend to get build up in them over time and will make noise but can be given a smack to loosen it up and the sounds will stop... will update should that ever happen.

Overall Review: If you are looking for some fans, these arent TOO expensive and they look amazing. The reduction in cables is well worth it.

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