Simply Amazing!9/27/2017 8:54:19 AM

Pros: Comes pre assembled. you don't want to wrestle a stand on this thing. Very high quality construction. Very nice to look at. Image quality is awesome colors are great. Lost of features in the easy to navigate on screen menus.

Cons: no adaptive sync technologies

Overall Review: You will hear other reviews that mention pixel density and how its not high enough for the size of the screen and its really not the case. I can not identify any visible screen door affect and believe me I have had my face as close as I can. Also you will hear its not the best for productivity, LIES I tell you. You can not beat 144hz at ultra wide 1080p. The truth is is that I love smooth fps and I LOVE maxing out my settings. with this monitor you can do that. I have a gtx 1080 but there is no way I could game at the visual settings I would like while maintaining 144 fps on a higher res monitor.

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