This bundle sucks11/30/2020 10:46:21 AM

Pros: It's free

Cons: Most of the items are either "digital hats" like in Fortnite, or "Get 1/2/3 free months of our software subscription". So you don't actually get anything to keep What a let-down. There's only one piece of software that you can actually download and keep, but I was so disappointed, I didn't even bother.

Overall Review: I am disappoint. Consider this a zero dollar value IMHO.

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I am pleased5/17/2020 10:32:14 PM

Pros: -The price was reasonable -Three fan design stays pretty cool -Quiet -Card only takes up 2.5 slots, not 2.7 like some of the larger cards -Open source drivers on Linux for Proton + Wine gaming works REALLY well. -Works in MacOS Catalina with only a single additional boot parameter -Got 2 free games as usual with AMD hardware. Nice!

Cons: -Packaging was very bland, but honestly that's not a big deal -The "prongs" that slide into place (between the slots on the back of the case and the motherboard) as you line up the slot cover (the thing with all the HDMI ports) were bent a bit. If I was a noob and afraid of straightening them out myself, I probably wouldn't have been able to get the card installed because it wouldn't have physically lined up like it's supposed to. -Honestly, that's it.

Overall Review: Overall, I like this card. It was a solid purchase so far. I was a little worried about part of the slot cover being bent, but I straightened it by hand and the card has been working fine with zero problems.

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This is a solid card2/20/2020 1:08:36 PM

Pros: -It's a 2080 TI, so top tier performance -It has three cooling fans and has appropriately low temps -Relatively quiet -Dual BIOS (Normal vs Quiet) -Has it's own RGB and Fan headers

Cons: -It emits a tiny bit of coil whine -ROG software isn't great -RGB features could be better for the price

Overall Review: First of all, this card, like all 2080Ti models is WAAY overpriced. But that's Nvidia gouging us, not Asus. And I guess we can't really blame them since AMD, as of this writing, has absolutely NOTHING to offer us of equal performance, so NVIDIA can charge whatever they want. That's why they're STILL essentially selling us 1080Ti clones (2070 Super, 2080, 2080 Super). I have no real complaints with this card other than RAW price for performance. This card cost more than some people spend every month on a rent payment, and although it's MUCH faster than my RX 580, it's not RENT PAYMENT FASTER, so buyer beware: This card is indeed top tier, but considering how much I spent, I feel a little let down now that I've used it for a week or two. As for the card itself, it seems well built. I've had to install/remove it quite a few times as I've been finishing my PC build, and I'm not worried that it's going to break or fall apart from being handled fairly often. Something I didn't realize initially: zero fan mode is only available with the "Quiet" BIOS enabled, which I haven't tried yet. Otherwise, the fans constantly spin between 930-1100 RPM for me at all times on the desktop, but it's not louder than my NHD-15 (R9 3900x). Even under load, the card is not louder than my CPU cooler, so noise is a non issue for me. Another detail regarding fans: There are three fans but only two fan readouts in HwMon. I believe speeds for Fans 1 and 3 are reported together, and Fan 2 (in the middle) has it's own readout. I used the Asus Tweak tool (their version of MSI Afterburner) but it started crashing constantly after three days, so I just uninstalled it. Asus has a stand alone app to adjust the RGB settings, so there's no need to install the entire Aura software, just the GPU program will get the job done. There is just a tiny bit of coil whine in certain games under load, but it's very faint. As long as it doesn't get any worse, I'm OK with it. I've only overclocked it a tiny bit with the Asus software and it seems fine. I'm not planning to run this card overclock much, but when I do, I feel confident that the three-fan design will help keep the temps under control. Gsync SORTA works with my Freesync monitor, but not really. So if you're coming from an AMD card, keep in mind that unless your Freesync monitor is on the "Golden List" of Nvidia approved monitors, you've just lost that feature. However, considering how fast this card is, that's mostly a non issue if you're still using displays under 120Hz like I am. This is a BIG card. It's a pretty long card so double check to make sure it will fit in your case. Also, it basically takes up 3 PCIE slots in your case, so you might need to shuffle your other PCIE cards around to make sure everything fits. This card is also pretty heavy, so you might want to consider some sort of support brace or bracket to hold the card up. It's not an issue for me so far, but it's something I'll be keeping an eye on. Make sure your PSU has two free 8-pin PCIE power plugs to power this monster and make sure your PSU will support a 250W GPU. Overall, I'd say you should generally reconsider your decision to purchase ANY 2080Ti unless money is REALLY not a problem for you. Once you're sure you actually want to spend this much on a GPU, then this particular card is not a bad bet at all. I don't know if it's the best card for extreme overclockers, but from everything I've seen, heard, and experienced, it seems to be at least a step above the Founders Edition cards from Nvidia. Build quality is great and from what I see when comparing benchmarks, performance is where it should be. In summary, in reality all these cards are overpriced, but in terms of current market value, this is a solid choice because of the great build quality and the quality cooling design. I'd recommend it to anyone else looking to dive into the deep end of top tier GPUs. Thumbs Up!

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Colby, I am glad that you are happy with this video card's build quality, cooling design, and performance. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me at I'm here to assist our customers with our products and dedicated in bringing a resolution to all issues that they may come across. Your case for reference is #N200269872 Thanks for choosing ASUS Regards, Justin ASUS Customer Loyalty - US Support
Don't let the small size fool you, this card is just as capable as it's bigger siblings4/9/2016 12:53:52 AM

Pros: -Small form factor. Should fit well in tiny cases and niche applications (I'm using it in an external GPU housing) -Quiet (My power supply is louder than the card -Price This late in this card's product lifecycle, the price has fallen low enough to be a pretty decent bang-for-buck purchase

Cons: -None. No problems so far.

Overall Review: This is a really solid card. It came well packaged and undamaged. Plugged right in, started right up, and has been smooth sailing so far. It's quiet, no coil whine. This is my first EVGA product and I have to say that I'm pleased with the build quality. It's noticeably better than some of the other brands. At first, I was worried about performance and/or cooling, but this card has handled like a champ so far. Special Note: I purchased this specifically for use in an Alienware Graphics Amplifier and I can report that that it has been 100% compatible so far. Plenty of room in the housing, Power cable plugged right in and the card was recognized almost instantly. If you're worried about getting a card that will fit in the Graphics Amplifier, then this card is a safe bet.

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Ownership: less than 1 day
I am disappointed...7/17/2012 4:17:34 PM

Pros: -It looks nice -AC Adapter -USB Hub -Very Quiet

Cons: -Doesn't cool evenly, only in the center -Cheap plastic case -Not big enough for 17.3" laptop -Power button doesn't always toggle when pushed -No power LED -Plugging in the AC adapter feels like it's going to break the pin inside the cooler because it's so thin and flimsy -AC Adapter was not included -Cord on AC adapter is a little too short I own an NC1000, and it is awesome: quiet, good build quality. This is nothing like that. I'd swear it was from a different company altogether. This is basically a low budget NC1000 (the aluminum grate looks thinner) slapped into a cheap plastic case. I thought I was getting a better product, but I guess I was wrong. Plugging in the AC adapter feels like it's going to snap the little metal pin inside. The power button takes two or three tries to toggle. But most of all, it just feels cheap and fragile, unlike my NC1000 which feels rock solid.

Overall Review: I wouldn't recommend this to anyone for the price. This one is a dud.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Unstable7/11/2012 9:48:00 PM

Pros: It has three antenna's. And a USB port. And flashy lights. I can't think of any other "Pros".

Cons: In a word, Unstable. Unstable with stock firmware. Unstable with OpenWRT. Unstable with Gargoyle. And it's not just my unit because I (unfortunately) bought two of these things. If they don't just randomly reboot themselves, then the wireless just drops out and doesn't return without a reboot. Newest version of Stock, OpenWRT, and Gargoyle firmwares were all tested. I also tried DD-WRT, but the interface crashed. Apparently, this model of router is just an all around second-class citizen. The router also crashes when you are trying to use it to serve files over the network as well. Didn't try the DLNA server because it only supports up to a max library of 100 files. And plus, I could never get more than 24 megabits of throughput out of a theoretical 300. Sigh. I've had these things for over a month and I'm tired of trying to coax them into staying stable. I'm done with TP-Link.

Overall Review: After I get rid of these things, I'm going to stick with what I know works: A router with a Broadcom chipset running Tomato. For the time being, I'm forced to go back to my ROCK solid, 9 year old WRT54G. Am I getting old, or do they just not make them like they used to? Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go chase some kids off of my lawn.

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Small and Powerful4/2/2012 8:34:11 AM

Pros: -Personal preference for 14" screen -Light -Good build quality -Long battery life -SATA3 -Nvidia Optimus -USB3 -Optical drive means I can replace it with a third-party HDD tray. This allows an SSD OS drive and a traditional 2.5 drive for storage. Quite a few comparable machines left out the optical drive altogether. -The power LED is Blue when using the Intel Graphics, and Orange when using the Nvidia hardware. Very useful! -SATA3 is AWESOME if you're lucky enough to have a newer SSD to throw into this thing.

Cons: -The Nvidia 630M is basically a rebranded 540M. This is not the new 28nm chip, this is the 40nm version. -There are no hardware buttons for things like enabling/disabling wifi. It's all bone with keyboard shortcuts or the "S Bar" software. -I miss the bigger keyboard on my 15.6" notebook, (but not the additional 3.5 lbs) -Touchpad seems more sensitive than Synaptic, (but also scrolls much better)

Overall Review: I wish it had a backlit keyboard, that would have really sealed the deal at "awesome". Otherwise, it's a very solid "Very Good". Overall, this machine seems to be a good balance of Size/Battery/Performance/Looks. Size - This thing weighs almost half of what my 15.6" "Gamer" notebook weighs. Much easier to carry around the house and to meetings at work. Battery - I've consistently gotten at least four or so hours of battery life out of this thing so far without tweaking anything. That's using heavy wifi, tons of tabs open, and the occasional itunes. The big thing is to make sure you're using the Intel and not the Nvidia hardware when not gaming. Performance - Meh. I knew I was compromising on that for battery life. The lower resolution screen helps with performance. It's good enough for most games on medium or maybe high. Skyrim is still playable, so I guess I can't complain. Looks - Subtle and classy. I'm not ashamed to open this thing in meetings. Overall, I am very

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Waste of Money1/3/2012 4:54:51 PM

Pros: It's cheap...that's about it. Let me think about that for a minute...yep, that's the only Pro.

Cons: It's cheap The interface is bad Doesn't support standard playlist file types Crashes Flimsy housing You have to press the screen uncomfortably hard to interact with the UI

Overall Review: I should have saved my money. First complete and total dud I've ever purchased from Newegg. I am completely unsatisfied with these. Avoid like the plague unless you WANT a dollar-store quality device. And that's only a slight exaggeration.

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Nice Board7/18/2011 11:11:18 AM

Pros: -Intel Quick Sync -Well designed -Neat layout -Plenty of fan headers -One click easy overclocking is awesome -Plenty of SATA ports -USB 3.0 -UEFI is nice -Built in Bluetooth -Esata -SLI

Cons: -No Onboard Video -Double Post issue

Overall Review: This board is awesome. The one-click auto overclocking feature just works and has been rock solid stable. 4.4 GHz out of my 2600k with zero effort and minimal cooling. That's a win in my book. I've had a small issue with the known "double post" problem, but I seem to have gotten rid of it by tweaking a few settings in the BIOS. I've never had to deal with that before, so that was a little annoying. I would have given this board five eggs if it actually included the onboard video connector. Considering how much I spent on this board, it should have been included. It's not a deal breaker, because I can still take advantage of QuickSync, but it seems like a really big omission. Easily the nicest board I've purchased in the last 10 years. You can't go wrong with this board.

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Nice7/18/2011 8:31:23 AM

Pros: -Works well -Seems accurate

Cons: -None

Overall Review: Very useful during CPU/GPU load testing. Useful around the house as well.

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Works7/18/2011 8:27:53 AM

Pros: -Free with RAM purchase -Relatively fast

Cons: -None

Overall Review: Works OK. Faster than my other ancient 2GB drive. Even faster than my newer 8GB drive.

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Nice7/18/2011 8:24:45 AM

Pros: -Comes with software

Cons: -None

Overall Review: I bought this one solely because it came with bluray software and I didn't have any. Other that, this doesn't seem like an extraordinary product.

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Works7/18/2011 8:22:57 AM

Pros: -Works

Cons: -None

Overall Review: Seems to do it's job for my i7-2600K, so no complaints. Packaging was also OK.

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Overall nice case7/18/2011 8:19:39 AM

Pros: -Decent build quality -Plenty of space -Cable management -Large feet give plenty of breathing room under the case -Lots of thumbscrews

Cons: -Side panel doesn't fit well -Side fan scrapes my Hyper 212 Plus CPU cooler. I had to remove the fan. -USB 3.0 extenders seem flakey -Drive trays aren't confidence inspiring

Overall Review: This is a pretty decent case. Build quality is good. Very nice look. Lots O Room for goodies. If you use an enormous CPU cooler, you're probably going to have to either remove the fan completely, or replace it with a smaller one. The plastic drive trays work, but seem cheap and out of place in an otherwise very nice case. I'm very Probably the nicest case I've owned thus far.

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Nice7/18/2011 8:12:51 AM

Pros: -Fast

Cons: -When it first spins up, there's an unpleasant scraping/scratching sound. Don't know what that's all about...

Overall Review: Seems to work for now.

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Nice Quality7/18/2011 8:10:38 AM

Pros: -Great build quality -Nice design -Nice packaging -Clean power

Cons: -None

Overall Review: I was pleasantly surprised by how nice this PSU was. It works without a hitch in my setup: P8Z68 Deluxe i7-2600K 16GB RAM 2 x GTX 560 Ti 4 x SATA HDD 1 x SSD 7 x CPU/Case fans

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Nice so far7/18/2011 8:06:36 AM

Pros: -Quick -Quiet -Quality

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: I've had two Samsung drives give me problems in the past, but I bought two of these anyway because they were cheaper, but more importantly, they seemed to rate better than the WD Blacks. I went through the trouble of doing a full format on each (four hours a piece) and they seemed to be healthy. No problems so far.

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Awesome7/18/2011 8:01:06 AM

Pros: -Awesome overclocking -Runs cool compared to older chips

Cons: -A little pricey

Overall Review: This is a nice chip. I've gotten a 1GHz overclock out of it with zero effort. It's a nice upgrade from both my i7-720qm and my old Q6600. Works well in my P8Z68 Deluxe.

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Free7/18/2011 7:57:43 AM

Pros: Free with purchase of drive.

Cons: -Dunno. Haven't used them yet

Overall Review: Nice bonus

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Meh...7/18/2011 7:56:34 AM

Pros: -It works as advertised

Cons: -Fan works, but doesn't report RPM to MB -Mediocre cooling with only the 1 included fan -Support website is horrible -RMA process is slow and confusing -Live chat support was mediocre

Overall Review: -Fan needed to be relocated about 1/4" because of the RipJaws Ram -Interferes with side case fan in Rosewill Blackhawk case. The 120mm fan was rubbing against the end of the cooler. I had to replace it with an 80mm fan. -I would highly suggest going with two fans. -Because of the "meh" performance of the cooler, and the lousy support from the mfg, I'd probably go with somebody else next time. It does it's job though. Rosewill Blackhawk Case => P8Z68 Deluxe MB => i7-2600K => Ripjaws RAM

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi PopeJamal, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact us so we can get the fan replaced if it doesn't report rpm speed. Please check with your case manufacturer to make sure it will support both a side panel fan and the cpu cooler. Most Cpu coolers are over 162mm tall. This particular cooler is 158.5mm tall. So you will find yourself limited when it comes to using that case and the side panel fan. Please contact us if you have any questions or require a status update on any Part Request you made. Respectfully - CMUSA Customer Support.
External Link(s):
Live chat
Awesome7/18/2011 7:48:06 AM

Pros: -Fast -Relatively quiet even at full load -Runs cool at idle/while surfing -I -Love -These -Cards


Overall Review: These cards are awesome. I'm using two in SLI and they pretty well chew up anything I throw at them. They seem to scale REALLY well in (again, in SLI) with contemporary games and demolish anything older. DO NOT INSTALL THE OSD SOFTWARE! It caused me all sorts of performance problems in all sorts of games: stuttering, crashing. Once I removed it, everything ran super smoothly. They are currently paired with: -P8Z68 Deluxe -i7-2600K -Corsair 850TX PSU

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Nice7/18/2011 7:39:18 AM

Pros: HDMI and DVI input Built-in speakers Nice picture

Cons: -Tiny bit of backlight leakage around the edges, but it's minimal. I probably wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't been reading buying guides

Overall Review: The picture is nice, the speakers are good considering what they are. I haven't noticed alot of ghosting or lag when playing games. This has been a really solid performer so far.

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Nice!7/18/2011 7:34:17 AM

Pros: -Works well

Cons: -"Fins" interfere with the fan on my CPU cooler

Overall Review: -Works well, good speed. The "Fins" in the RAM stick up high enough to interfere with the fan on my CPU cooler. I just relocated the fan 1/4" and it seems to be fine. P8Z68 Deluxe - i7-2600K - Hyper 212 Plus

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer Thank you for your G.Skill purchase and review. Glad to hear the memory is working well in your computer. 16GB of DDR3-1600 is very powerful; your computer should be able to handle anything you throw at it. With regards to the fins, they should clear most aftermarket CPU coolers. The total height of these modules are 40mm, so make sure you have enough clearance for that. For any questions or issues, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
Nice!7/18/2011 7:30:37 AM

Pros: -Fast -Includes 2.5 => 3.5 mounting bracket -Includes Molex => SATA power converter

Cons: -Doesn't have a temperature sensor!

Overall Review: Works like a charm. Seems fast (POST to desktop in 10 secs, and that's with tons of bloatware launching at startup). Fast Windows install, my P8Z68 Deluxe MB sees it with no problem. SSDs are still relatively new tech, so make sure you have the appropriate chipset drivers installed if necessary and everything should be fine. The lack of a temperature sensor isn't really a con I guess, because in theory, it shouldn't generate much heat (if any) because of no moving parts, but considering this drive cost more than my video card, it would have been nice.

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Mostly works7/18/2011 7:11:10 AM

Pros: -Seems well constructed

Cons: -Little bit of artifacting at 1080P

Overall Review: Cable works OK for the most part. I have ZERO problems at 720P and 1080i, but at 1080P, I get a little "static" on certain parts of the screen. Hopefully, a signal booster can take care of that, but it would have been nice if that wasn't necessary. BTW, I'm using this to go from an Nvidia GTX 560 Ti => 24" Asus LCD monitor

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